Trump-Led Political Insurrection Tested And Held Steady

The Tuesday Republican primaries settled nothing but drew the battle lines within the Party even more clearly. There are now three groups standing after the smoke of battle has cleared.

Cruz was always likely to win Texas but he won more decisively than the Opinion Polls had indicated and this will encourage him to fight on. If he had lost Texas, he would most certainly have pulled out of the race. His win in neighboring Oklahoma was impressive and his victory in Alaska was a surprise. The latter proved that Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska who endorsed Trump, has lost all influence. Her support may now be a handicap and it is possible she lost Trump votes.

The smarmy Ruby, who won Minnesota easily and came close to Trump in Virginia, has prospered from the departure of Bush and cemented his support from the Party’s elite and the Internationalists with the money and behind-the-scenes power. From now on, barring something unforeseen, Ruby can expect a stream of endorsements from Congressmen eager to curry favor with the Party elite and earn campaign contributions from Wall Street, Paul Singer and the pervert billionaires.

Despite his boyish appeal, waspish attack skills and appetite for punching below the belt, Ruby may prove to be a disappointment to his new sponsors. He is over-confident, shallow, impatient and glib. The boyish looks may initially please some women voters but he would not look out of place in San Francisco and has none of Trump’s manly and mature personality. The more he prances in front of the cameras, the more will he turn off many people.

Trump’s support held firm, despite the orchestrated alliance attacks to which Cruz signed on. It is now Trump versus the rest. The big question is will he benefit from being so obviously the designated pariah of the Republican establishment, the MSM, and all the Internationalist forces of the Revolution? There is no doubt that up until now in the campaign, the hostility of the Party’s elite has burnished his shield as far as the determined Party rebels are concerned. His dominating votes in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Massachusetts showed he has a large constituency who could care less about being considered outside the fold, in the gutter, or even in the ‘sewer’ of Nationalism.

To win the nomination and overcome a future Convention conspiracy, however, he needs to recruit a larger rebel army, and the Collaborationists have already settled for shaving off a small portion of his followers and deterring new recruits. They believe that a massive campaign, tossing at him all the sewage they can produce, will halt his advance. Already the MSM is enabling the smarmy Ruby to paint Trump as a closet member of the KKK. On this website we never underestimate the power of the MSM to destroy with lies, good people. The unfounded KKK smears may influence those who expose themselves to MSM propaganda.

The departure of Ben Carson will be good news if he gives his support to Trump. A Carson endorsement would not win more Black votes for Trump, for he has not been able to win them for himself. It is clear that Blacks are determined to stay on the reservation with Clinton, and in this Revolutionary era they have shown great admiration for crooked politicians.

Carson would however bring integrity, thoughtfulness, honesty and decency to the Trump campaign, qualities that many White working class voters respect. From now on it will take a brave and patriotic public figure to openly support Trump, for the knives of America’s most powerful insiders and the MSM, are drawn and eager for blood. Christie is already discovering this. Carson, a non-politician who has earned a living but not a fortune, may not feel secure enough to step into the firing line.

The Republican establishment and its rich string-pullers have never mobilized to resist the Obama regime. The campaign to take down Trump – the leading Republican contestant, no less – at any cost, is unprecedented. It is, of course, a campaign not only against Trump and his followers. It is a campaign to take off the table of public discussion certain issues he has raised and which had been closed down by a cross-party leadership consensus. Those issues – indiscriminate immigration, its social cost, open borders and concessions to the Third World to assuage American guilt – threaten to make Nationalism a respectable cause. Worse still, Nationalism is proving to be popular with America’s working classes.

Prior to Trump’s entry into the primaries, it was becoming barely permissible to campaign for Conservatism and certainly not for traditional Christian morality. The only Conservatism that could get a respectable hearing was economic Conservatism stripped of any social, moral and populist content. If Trump had not entered the primaries, and Cruz had been the standard-bearer of Christian morality and Constitution-based government, he would have been almost as ostracized as Trump now is.

Cruz and his followers need to reconsider their position, for he and they now find themselves aiding the Republican collaborators, the billionaire Internationalists and the Media Class and its pervert core. Surely Cruz must feel uncomfortable ‘enjoying’ the comradeship of Ruby and Romney, Graham and Sasse, and finally experiencing the Party Elite‘s seal of approval. Now he has an endorsement from Romney.

Cruz had long prepared to be the standard-bearer of the anti-Establishment movement, standing on a Christian/ Constitutional platform, in a bid for the White House in 2016. He was well placed for this role as a Washington Senator and Constitutional expert. But his preoccupation with these important issues prevented him from seeing beyond them to issues of even greater importance, but which had been banished from the public domain.

Trump, perhaps because he had been doing business in the real world and not in Washington, innocently recognized that borders, immigration, and the National interest in matters of trade and jobs, were what mattered most to America and its ordinary citizens. Moreover, he was not financially beholden to International Big Business.

It is doubtful that Trump, smart though he is, anticipated he would, by daring to raise these issues, become the leader of a resurgent American Nationalism. Only someone who had closely monitored the agenda of the MSM, the export of American jobs and industry, and the censorship practiced in Colleges and schools, would have noticed that Nationalism had been purged from all debate even before the attacks on Christianity and morality became official.

The popular response to Trump’s mild Nationalism (branded by Internationalists as ‘nativism’ and ‘bigotry‘) intensified by his refusal to wilt under MSM fire, immediately dispatched Cruz and the other standard-bearers of Conservatism to the primary sidelines. Only Cruz, the best-prepared, has survived, and he now finds himself being co-opted to support the war against the grass-roots. He should turn his fire on his new-found allies for they are merely using him. Probably, he is too consumed with ambition and giddy from his Texas victory to do so.

Back in the early 1960’s, this writer, a follower of heavyweight boxing, assembled with others at 3am British time to watch on TV the big fight between World Champion Sonny Liston and challenger Cassius Clay. Liston, a one-time street fighter, was the Mike Tyson of his era. He had destroyed, in minutes of unleashed savagery, every opponent. Now he was pitted against a big, fit, loud-mouthed Olympic athlete with no stomach for punishment. Liston threw the fight (he was controlled by mobsters who bet against him) to a ballet-dancer with a powder-puff punch. Heavyweight boxing, as a man’ s sport, was discredited for decades.

Mitt Romney was proving to be the Sonny Liston of Republican politics in the 2012 primaries. He savaged his Republican opponents and gained the nomination. In his first debate with the inept Obama, he won hands down. In the next debate he threw the fight and betrayed his country. He became the tool of people in the shadows, and he is still their tool. The man is worse than a turn-coat, he is a snake.

But given his recorded track record of fulsome support for Donald Trump and Trump’s policies, it is a sign of the desperation of the Internationalists and Collaborators that he has been wheeled out to smear Trump’s character. Trump, who is proving to be a mean fighter, will surely play recordings of past Romney endorsements at his rallies and ensure they find their way onto the Internet. The MSM will do all in its awesome power to hide them but The Donald is nimble and a swift counter-puncher. Romney may already regret being too eager to please.

In a previous article we mentioned civil war waiting on the sidelines of 2016. If it happens, it will not be caused by Trump’s followers. It will be in response to the attempts to deny them a voice. When the Republican Elite brands them inhabitants of the gutter, sewer material, modern-day Mussolini Fascists and anti-Semitic jackboots-in-waiting, this is the language of violence.

‘Good Luck‘ Donald Trump on Saturday! Stay strong! Wear body armor at all times. You are the best we have!



  1. Mitt Romney is repugnant. I could go on, but there is no need to. What form, I wonder, did his 30 pieces of silver take.

    As for tonight’s “debate,” it was not a debate. It was a setup from first to last to take down Trump. Question after question to the non-Trump candidates was an invitation to trash Trump.

    And even after Trump had answered certain questions quite succinctly, they were asked again and again. There was an obsessive quality to it all.

    The bringing up of the KKK nonsense was reprehensible. They actually asked him what his thoughts were on the KKK, which is pretty unbelievable. The FOX people are real lowlifes.

    I DO wish that Trump would bring up Goldman Sachs the next time Cruz starts talking about Trump’s campaign donations in the past – as he has done countless times now. And the nonsense about releasing an off-the-record interview is likewise ridiculous.

    As for Rubio, he is positively obnoxious. The obsession with this stupid lawsuit against Trump is ridiculous. Politicians don’t realize how good they have it. How protected they are from the real world. People like Trump have to take risks to do what they do, and to see a career politician criticizing that demonstrates the low regard they have for what private citizens accomplish.

    I’m getting madder by the day.

    I was only slightly disappointed in Trump for softening his stance on foreign worker visas. I don’t know what his reason for this is, but I hope he’ll rejigger that and get it back to where it needs to be.

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