Trump Gives Jorge Time Out

Last night in Dubuque, Iowa, Donald Trump did it again. He attracted and captivated an overflow meeting of thousands and demonstrated that he is consistently winning hearts and minds. Before that however, he demonstrated he can take on the MSM and firmly handle its reporters’ hostility.

This early out from the primaries it seems that when Trump calls a press conference, the MSM’s whore reporters come a’running. It is no longer the MSM calling the shots. Trump’s Republican rivals have to buy expensive TV Media time to reach the voters but Trump could, if he wished, charge the reporters an entrance fee to meet with him. He is getting daily Media exposure from his enemies for free!

We have become used to the MSM setting the political agenda, choosing and anointing favorites, reporters selecting and ambushing ‘dangerous’ conservatives, even denying them any public visibility. Trump is the MSM’s prime enemy at this time yet they cannot help themselves panting after him and bestowing constant coverage of his every meeting and every speech. Moreover he successfully counter-attacks his way out of every ambush.

At yesterday’s Press conference in Iowa, one of the most fraudulent ‘reporters’ attempted to commandeer the meeting and agenda. Jorge Ramos of the Spanish language TV station Univision loudly interrupted another reporter’s question to inject and prioritize the immigration issue for the benefit of the Mexican border invaders his Station organizes. Ramos, whose daughter works for the Hillary Clinton campaign , is a Mexican Nationalist, a Leftist and an irredentist warrior. His intended speech was designed to embarrass and unnerve Trump, assert that deportation of illegals was impossible, and especially demonstrate the Media’s power over defiant politicians.

Trump, showing once again that he is no ordinary, intimidated-by-the-MSM Republican politician, was having none of it. He had Ramos escorted from the room by security staff. Later, in a move that was politically smart and a further demonstration of his confidence and authority, he allowed Ramos back in to the Press Conference and proceeded to best him in a discussion of the immigration issue.

It is impossible not to savor the unhappy position Ramos had to endure as he found himself shut out of the conference. Like a little boy who has misbehaved at a party and been given time out, Ramos was forced to sit in isolation and listen to everyone else on the other side of the door having a good time. That he waited around and did not storm off reveals that Trump has made himself and his agenda the not-to-be-missed real news. Ramos had to kick his heels until summoned! Trump knows how to put reporters in their proper place.

It was significant that Ann Coulter introduced Trump at the Grand River Center meeting in the evening. Coulter may not be a Republican insider but she is an excellent writer of pungent political articles and an influential voice of the Right. She obviously has no doubt that Trump is headed to the nomination, otherwise she would maintain a certain distance from his campaign. Although he continues to dominate in the Republican polls, it is increasingly his impressive public appearances that are convincing Conservative commentators that Trump is the standard-bearer. It is getting hard for Limbaugh, Levin, Steyn and others to postpone committing to him.

On this website we have previously commented on Trump’s ability to talk spontaneously, humorously and engagingly in front of the mike, the camera and the people gathered in their thousands. He reveals genuine humility in the presence of his followers. In Iowa he cleverly brought attention to his spontaneity by suggesting that all politicians should be deprived of teleprompters and the evasiveness they permit. His audience responded, no doubt with the shallow, lying Obama in mind.

For those Trumpets who have not seen the latest Gravis Marketing national poll results covering the period 21st-22nd August, the good news is as follows;

Trump 40%, Carson 13%, Bush 10%, Cruz 7%, Fiorina 5%, Kasich 4.8%, Rubio 4.7%, Huckabee 3.7%, Walker 3.5% Perry/Paul 1.5% Christie 1.4%. Lindsay Graham is off the charts!!


—————————————- Trump 40%

————- Carson 13%

———- Bush 10%

——- Cruz 7%

—– Fiorina 5%

—– Kasich 4.8%

—– Rubio 4.7%

—- Huckabee 3.7%

—- Walker 3.5%

— Perry 1.5%

— Paul 1.5%

– Christie 1.4%

X Santorum 0%

X Jindal 0%

X Graham 0%

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