Trump Gets Good Poll News

The latest national poll by NBC News/ SurveyMonkey puts Trump at 48%, Cruz 27% and Kasich trailing on 18%. Taken between March 21st and March 27th, the sample was 6,521. This may not translate into victories in Wisconsin, New York and California where the effects of massive negative Media attacks and the unprincipled alliance between Republican collaborators and the Internationalist enemy may sway nervous voters.

National Poll: NBC/ SurveyMonkey

———————————————— Donald Trump 48% (+21)

————————- Ted Cruz 27%

—————— John Kasich 18%

Cruz is now campaigning with Fiorina, the one-time recipient of his unexplained $500,000 donation. There are suggestions that one of her comrades organized the ‘rude pics of Mrs. Trump’ Media campaign that was effective in Utah, and that she may be his choice of running mate. Yesterday she took it upon herself to field and deflect from him questions about the National Enquirer allegations. It is our view that Cruz has yet to specifically deny the allegations but whether this is because of guilt, or is an attempt by an innocent man to avoid being distracted from the campaign trail, is not clear. Presumably, the NE has not yet finished its ‘revelations’.

From the beginning of the Republican primaries, Trump has, perhaps unwittingly, steadily narrowed the voters’ choice to political outsider versus insider. Cruz was one of several who, at the beginning, sought to don the ‘outsider’ mantle, along with Carson (a true outsider) and Fiorina. His claim to the ‘outsider’ mantle was based on his policy differences within the Republican Party and his Senate tactics.

For Trump and his supporters, ‘outsider’ means something much more fundamental. It means right outside of the old political framework and a truly radical approach to issues. It involves viewing issues from a common-sense, man-in-the-street starting point, devoid of ideology. This has its weaknesses unless the compass to replace ideology is simply ‘America’s National Interest’.

The latest example of Trump’s radical and common-sense approach is his dismissal of America’s need for NATO. He argues (the ‘experts’ will accuse him of dangerous simplicity) that NATO lost its rationale with the collapse of the Soviet Union. He further asks why a bankrupt USA should be subsidizing Europe’s defense. Good points! The Internationalists will be outraged and we expect that Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens of the Internationalist WSJ will lead the attack.

NATO has now morphed into a covert anti-Russian alliance and there are many who have a vested interest in its continuation. Like the EU, it provides jobs for the boys and like the UN, it is a stepping stone to world government. For the powerful homosexual cabal in our Ruling Class, Russia is an obstacle to the world-wide march of anti-Christian, anti-common sense, perverted morality. For Internationalists of all stripes, Russia under Putin represents the Nationalism that must be eliminated everywhere.

Trump’s dismissal of NATO as an unnecessary American taxpayer expense, will resonate with voters, as well as Isolationists. Trump is not an isolationist. We would hope he will go further and advocate America leaving the corrupt, maggot-ridden, UN. That too will be surprisingly popular.

Meanwhile, as Cruz willingly accepts the support of Jeb Bush and many rabid insiders and Internationalists, we see that he is driven by a desperate ambition, is unprincipled in his alliances and not at all an ‘outsider’.

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