Trump Empowered. Cruz Humiliated

On this website we like old sayings for they embody the wisdom of centuries of human experience. They are in essence ‘conservative’. ‘Pride goeth before a fall’, which is Bible-based is, in my experience, one of the wisest admonitions and I am always wary of boasting and gloating. Just occasionally though, something happens which makes it impossible not to gloat a little, so here goes!

The Wall Street Journal’s gang of four, and just about everyone else working for that Internationalist propaganda sheet, will have been throwing up as last night’s primary results popped up on their computer screens. I am getting such pleasure from the thought. How Brett (Israel First) Stephens must have been gagging!

Mark Levin and Glenn Beck also had a bad night, and I am ecstatic. ‘Get off the radio, you jerk!’ I am tempted to shout, even though he won‘t hear me. And then I think of all those narcicist Hollywood line-readers and Pop warblers and strummers who are ordering packing boxes for long vacations in Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela. I can’t help it and I know it is premature, but I am gloating over their unhappiness today. I think of many others whose digestion has been ruined today by Trump’s massive win, and I could gloat madly, but the aforementioned will do for now.

Yes, I know Trump may yet be denied the White House by any number of things. The power of the Mainstream Media, for one. It has not yet been concentrated on him, but will be if he is running against the aging liar and crook, she with the face lift and fat butt. A lawless campaign by the White House and its InJustice Department, aided by the MSM, may be employed to deny him. Massive street demonstrations and attacks on his rallies by thugs paid for by billionaire perverts, foot-loose currency dealers, and Mexican Drug Lords, all misreported by the MSM, may successfully paint him and his supporters as Hitler and the Brown-shirts. And then there is the small possibility, given the political atmosphere that will be created by the Far Left, that Trump will be assassinated or Martial Law declared.

A Ruling Class never gives up its power peacefully unless it has lost its nerve after long years of moral decline. Our Ruling Media Class, hugely decadent though it is, has only just gained power and its Revolution is incomplete. Its Far Left allies are eager for violence and confident of Government collusion (see the latest violence against Trump supporters in Southern California!), but the American people are armed and the Trump campaign has energized them.

Indiana next week hopefully will signal the end of the Cruz/ Kasich campaign and seal Trump’s march to the nomination in Cleveland in July. The Internationalists in the current Republican leadership will not go away however, neither will they accept defeat and surrender for the sake of Republican Party unity. Today in the WSJ, Jim VandeHei, co-founder of Politico, has an article titled “Bring on a Third-Party Candidate”. This article has been planted to initiate a Third Party coalition.

Many years ago on this website we identified VandeHei, then a ’reporter’ for the WSJ, as a member of the collaborationist Right who has an Internationalist agenda and an anti-Christian moral agenda. Today he is calling for a Third Party movement under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg or Sheryl Sandberg and financed by Michael Bloomberg. These are the billionaires who have no allegiance to a Nation State, work to undermine Christian Nations, and who labor to destroy traditional marriage and family, normal sexual behavior and all those things that underpin a strong people and Nation.

It is reported that Ted Cruz is about to make a major announcement by naming a running mate. He would serve America and its Christian people better by publicly ending his candidacy, supporting Donald Trump, and injecting a stronger moral agenda into the Trump campaign. Last night’s primary results indicate that most Republicans want clear Nationalist policies and a return to a strong and independent America. An enduring strong America will require a moral people. It is doubtful if Trump realizes this, so it is important that Christians and moral people rally to his Nationalist banner and create an influential presence.

Finally, it was a pleasure to hear Rush Limbaugh this morning. He acknowledged the depth of the defeat of Cruz in the elections and it was as if this has freed him from an uncomfortable allegiance to the failing Cruz campaign. Welcome aboard the Nationalist Trump Train, Rush! Wave goodbye to Mark Levin and Beck as our train leaves the station.


  1. VandeHei wants Mark ZuckerBERG, Cheryl SandBERG, and Michael BloomBERG to form a 3rd party. Apparently if your name ends in BERG, you’re the cure that ails this nation.

    I don’t recall anyone with a name like those listed above as being listed among the Founders of this once great Republic. I recall them being strong anglo-saxon names. Frankly I believe we would be far better off without the BERGS and their ilk. They are anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western Civilization, anti-Traditional, and anti-Moral.

  2. When the Cruz-bots, or any others, start telling you that Trump is a liberal, here are some points you should make:

    1) Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and deport illegal aliens. Liberals hate this idea.
    2) Trump wants to get rid of the federal involvement with education and turn it over to locals. Liberals hate this idea.
    3) Trump believes NAFTA and other treaties are destroying our industry and harming Americans. He wants to re-write those treaties and punish other nations who take advantage of us. Liberals hate this plan.
    4) Trump wants to put America first and practice a foreign policy that does not engage in “nation building”. He also believes NATO is moribund and no longer relevant. Trump wants the treaty re-written so our “allies” either shoulder their proper burden or pay us for protection. Asians, too. Liberals REALLY hate this idea.
    5) Trump ridicules the idea that man-made climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind. Liberals turn blue when they hear this.
    6) Trump wants a moratorium on all Muslim immigration until we can figure out whether they are dangerous. Liberals have trouble breathing every time they hear this idea.
    7) And finally, Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. Liberals are having fainting fits over this one.

    So call Trump want you want. Trump has all the right enemies, and most of us think that is the biggest recommendation for voting for Trump in 2016.

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