Trump Decline. Fact Or Fiction

Not a weekend goes by but that the Mainstream Media (MSM) and ‘expert’ commentators record and celebrate Donald Trump’s terminal decline in the Republican polls. This weekend looks like being no exception and this time all of his enemies in the MSM are finding cause for jubilation in Iowa. For once they have something factual to grasp at, though whether it is another straw or a lifebelt is open to debate.

The NBC and Comcast headline is “GOP Candidate Surges Past Trump In Polls”. The Wall Street Journal has “Chill Winds Buffet Trump, Bush Campaigns”. For good measure, the WSJ has a picture of The Donald looking perplexed, even cornered, and directly beneath the article is a Hillary Clinton celebration article with a picture of a deliriously happy Hillary, arms outspread looking every inch the winner. Regular visitors to our website will recognize this as the MSM at work, marching in lockstep, little pretext of neutrality and pursuing a united agenda.

Some Trump supporters, and The Donald himself, are dismissing the latest Iowa polls -which show Ben Carson comfortably overtaking Trump as leader – as Quinnipiac University and Des Moines Register/Bloomberg deliberately manufacturing a false result. One poll has Carson 8 points ahead, the other 9 points. Since Trump once led comfortably in Iowa, these latest figures justify the description ‘surge’ for Carson. Even allowing for some manipulation by the pollsters these two polls suggest that Carson is the authentic challenger to Trump’s Presidential bid.

The most likely explanation for Carson’s ascendancy is the one touted by the experts – that Evangelicals, who are a force to be reckoned with in Iowa, are mobilizing for the candidate with the best Christian credentials. It may also be that Carson has been paying more attention to Iowa than has Trump. What is beyond dispute is that Carson’s quiet, respectful and principled character – assuming he is not hiding a life of secret sin, and if so the MSM will know and reveal it once Trump is defeated – has impressed many on the Right who fear and disapprove of Trump’s impulsive character, loose cannon campaign and serial marriages.

Not mentioned by the MSM and the anti-Nationalist experts as an explanation for Carson’s surge, is his recent outspokenness about Islam and Muslims. For our money his remarks were not nearly blunt enough, for not only is Islam incompatible with the duties of the Presidency, but the presence of devout Muslims anywhere in the USA is a threat to public safety, and Muslims in large numbers presage the end of our civilization.

Nevertheless, Carson was more outspoken on the issue than any other contestant, including Trump, and his remarks on this vital subject were the equivalent in non-PC terms of Trump’s on immigration from Mexico. Just like Trump he did not retreat in the face of MSM outrage. We think this has much to do with his advance in the polls, for many ordinary Christian Americans are alert to the Muslim threat, even if their leaders are not.

The thousands who rallied for Trump in Miami last night include many young people and women. They are full of energy, in stark contrast to the meager gatherings of elderly knitters and sleepers that Tippy-toes is drawing. Trump’s rallies do not suggest chill winds. However in our view he would be wise to be more explicit and tough on immigration and address the burgeoning Muslim invasion that Obama is masterminding. An un-conciliatory statement on the internal threat of Islam might eclipse Carson’s appeal and restore the lead in Iowa.

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