Trump Can Win The Election On Wednesday

Today’s USC DORNSIFE/LA Times Poll has Trump and Clinton tied. All the other polls that have been reporting giant and growing Clinton leads, are now backtracking to reports of a tightening race. Make of all this what you will but it is clear that, for the moment, the Mainstream Media has run out of steam with its ferocious anti-Trump campaign. The most it has been able to drum up in the last week is a charge of flip-flopping on the deportation of illegal immigrants.

One reason for the MSM battle-fatigue may be that Trump has been delivering set speeches that are concise, well-constructed and delivered on target. When they contain no loose talk the MSM has a problem, for it is not willing to report and disseminate content that will be popular with voters.

It is worth noting that Trump has been remarkably energetic with big public rallies (always packed to over-flowing) and other public appearances for fundraising. His presence at a Joni Ernst annual Sweet Corn Festival in Iowa and his rally that featured Britain’s Brexit personality Nigel Farage, will have impacted in those States, as well as generating positive publicity across much of the USA. This followed on from his pre-emptive strike in flood-stricken Baton Rouge that was a master-stroke of tactics.

There is a deeper layer of public consciousness that will be affected by the afore-mentioned Trump events. Laid to rest will be the last remnants of the publics suspicion that Trump is not seriously campaigning for the Presidency, and not committed to his mission to turn America back from the Obama-led Revolution. It is noticeable that the foot-loose Globalists at the Wall Street Journal have taken Trump off the front page and confined their negativity to the inside pages.

At the same time as Trump has been popping up all over America, seemingly never jaded, and always attracting huge devoted crowds, Hillary Clinton and her now-house-trained husband, have been living in semi-retirement. Hillary is certainly not showing symptoms of any fatal or debilitating illness but she is reinforcing the image of a woman who, carrying rather too much weight between the waist and the ankles, and a lot of years that require careful make-up, has to take things easy. She is fortunate in that she is not required to campaign, for the MSM does the campaigning for her. Indeed she has retreated to the sidelines, emerging only for what realtors call ‘staging’ i.e carefully lighted photo-ops after make-overs and cozy chats with selected TV hosts.

All of this MSM production and protection works well enough, but Trump, who never plays by the old Bush rules, brings to the election campaign a contrasting energy and a street-fighter’s no-holds-barred, bare-knuckled method. It is just as well he does, for the MSM uses bare knuckles and Hillary has claws inside velvet gloves. No doubt there are many White women voters with too much weight between the waist and the ankles, who identify with Hillary, but I keep noticing that at Trump rallies there are a lot of women who hate her guts. My guess is that it is a preponderance of overweight Black and Jewish women who swell the women-for-Hillary statistics.

Let us take the polls and their ‘tightening race’ at face value, on Wednesday Trump is going to make a speech focused on his immigration policy. If he announces a clear-cut plan of speedy substantial deportations (including illegal criminals in prison and out), an immediate ban on all Obama Muslim imports, a ratcheted but humane end to welfare payments, robustly-enforced job restrictions and an immigrant-proof border barrier, he will, by signaling a reversal of past policies, win the election there and then. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are glued to unending immigration and cannot retreat.

The Huma Abedin Weiner/ Anthony Weiner separation is minor bad new for the Clinton campaign which would have preferred to keep Huma out of the news. Anthony is an addicted pervert much like Bill Clinton and so the scandal reflects on Bill also. Huma’s working relationship with Hillary is also looking more and more like a ‘relationship’ of another kind and she also has Muslim baggage. The publicized separation of Huma and Anthony is almost certainly the consequence of a Clinton campaign strategy meeting behind closed doors. Huma and Anthony, like Hillary and Bill, have had no relationship for years, just a façade.

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  1. The fact that Weiner was somewhat close to Hillary supports Bernie Sander’s contention that Hillary simply displays bad judgement. Her administration would be full of sycophants and perverts.

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