Transgender Insanity

It is interesting that the homosexual activists who created the ‘LGBT’ trade name, included the ‘T’ at the end. Presumably they had in mind the word ‘transvestite’, a modern medical word to replace the old and accurate description ‘cross dresser’.

In my old pre-1930’s dictionary there was no word ‘transvestite’. No doubt there were always men and women who experienced pleasure from wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, but since they practiced their perversion in private, they went officially unrecognized, as my dictionary proves.

Cross-dressing, along with wearing rubber, diapers, and craving punishment and humiliation, are relatively harmless past-times. Unlike the compulsion to inflict pain on others, the only people affected are the sad practitioners, and we can justly say such perversions are their business and no-one else’s. Unlike sodomy and other homosexual activities, there is nothing unhygienic or physically disgusting involved. We can speculate that they are the victims of unhealthy childhood experiences and inadequate parenting. Many people carry into adulthood the incurable wounds of a deficient childhood and those that do not harm others need understanding and a degree of societal toleration.

Cross-dressers and other sexual fetishists are not deluded. The problem for them is that in almost all instances they look ridiculous when indulging their perversion. Other than pity, the only reactions of normal people when confronted by them in drag, have to be either horror, or ridicule and hilarity. Consequently, cross-dressers and fetishists are well-advised to indulge in solitariness or among the like-minded in private. Until the homosexual crowd discovered political power in the Media Class, no-one encouraged them to emerge from privacy and they were able to hide their indignity in the pre-Revolutionary era.

Unfortunately for America and the Western World, the rise to political power of a small but powerful Media Class which is infested with perverts, means perversion is no longer required to confine itself to private places. Instead, our new Ruling Class seeks to transform society in its own image. This requires suppressing normality and publicly celebrating abnormality. This is a truly Revolutionary task!

On this website we have for some time acknowledged the Revolution, identified the constituent parts of the new Ruling Class, named its allies of the Far Left, revealed their combined agenda, and warned that the agenda, much of which requires a flight from reality and is unpopular, can only be imposed by the enhanced power and oppression of the State.

Thanks to the awesome power of the MSM we are now sleep-walking into the madness of an Alice in Wonderland America, that is a combination of the sexual fantasies of the Media Class and the Socialist equality fantasies of the Far Left. For these fantasies to be imposed, Bible-based Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists, (i.e. normal citizens) must be criminalized -not marginalized, but criminalized.

The madness of the Far Left constituency of the Media Class is expressed in the abolition of borders, a National welcome mat for Third World masses, the importation of dangerous aliens, the protection of resident jihadists, the dismemberment of the military, and the massive printing and borrowing of money from rivals to donate to African sink-holes. If that is not enough, the madness includes encouraging rioting, looting and arson, making martyrs of thugs, hounding police officers who do their duty, disarming the law-abiding, burning flags and re-writing history.

The madness of the Media Class constituency is expressed in the wholesale corruption of a popular culture and its replacement with a combination of juvenile tripe, noise, debauchery and fantasy. The latest Media Class fantasy is ‘transgender’. The reality of gender, now unmentionable in scientific circles, is that it is unalterable. There are only two genders, the complementary male and female upon which are based marriage and procreation. Those who are willing to set aside political correctness, have a willingness to hurt tender feelings, and stubbornly cling to reality, know that ‘transgender’ is a nonsense.

I may dress as the Queen of Spain and go forth proclaiming that is who I now wish to be. In the real world I am either suffering from a delusion and in need of treatment, seeking opportunities to use the girls bathroom in pursuit of a sexual thrill, or I am in desperate need of attention and celebrity. I may choose to be the Queen of Spain one day and the King of Spain the next day and either day I am in need of psychiatric treatment or rejection as an attention-seeking inadequate. Those who seriously treat me as a Queen or a King are as much in need of psychiatric treatment as I.

Largely concealed by the MSM, New York’s Far Left Mayor, Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio), and his misleadingly-named Human Rights and Law Commission (packed with lunatics?) have bolstered a law that requires all New Yorkers to embrace madness. From now on ‘transgender and gender non-conforming people’ (George Orwell will be turning in his grave over this 1984 language) must receive the dignity and respect they deserve.

The New York law requires that sane people must join the insane in their madness. It is imposing penalties up to $250,000 on those who willfully, wantonly or maliciously fail to address me as the Queen of Spain if that is the identity I choose on any day. You think I am joking?

The law will punish those who are “intentionally failing to use an individual’s preferred name or title, or refusing to allow individuals to use single-sex facilities not consistent with their gender identity, or enforcing dress codes, uniforms and grooming standards that impose different requirements based on sex or gender.” The new language for these criminal actions is “gender infractions”.

For the record, Mayor Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio) is a Far Leftist who is married to a lesbian. He has marched with Black Lives Matter activists carrying ‘hate (cop) speech’ placards and was elected with a large majority. Some might say that he has gained office by pandering to the Black vote, the pervert vote and the lunatic vote. For my part, (today I have chosen to be the Queen of Spain) I am glad I live in Revolutionary times.

Charlie Parker Music Choice Charlie Parker

The peerless Charlie Parker and his Quintet assembled in WOR Studios, Broadway at 38th St. New York City on October 28th 1947, long before Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio) had turned the city into a lunatic asylum. The quintet consisted of Parker on alto, the young Miles Davis on trumpet, the excellent Duke Jordan on piano, Tommy Potter on bass and Max Roach on drums.

Parker had not long returned from the West Coast, where a compulsory lengthy spell in hospital had restored his physical health. For once Parker was well-organized and chose these musicians to showcase his own playing. The recording of ‘Dexterity’, one of his own compositions, D1101-B, is worth picking out from a session full of great playing, because on the second chorus Parker introduces the bridge with 4 bars of pure genius. No musician has ever equaled his ability to toss off phrases of pure joy combined with flawless technical skill. Enjoy ‘Dexterity’ for the music of this era will never be matched unless America experiences a profound counter-revolution.

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