The Wriggling Pope

On September 30th we posted an article headlined “Pope Prefers Privacy”, noting how odd it was that he met Kentucky’s persecuted marriage clerk Kim Davis in private in Washington.

It is our belief that Pope Francis has a ‘progressive’ Internationalist agenda and owes his rise to the Papacy because of it. He has already nailed the colors of the Roman Catholic Church to the Man-made Global Warming (MMGW) campaign, which is a blue-print for a United Nations world government that will dismantle national borders and erase national identity. He also has nailed the Church to wealth redistribution, which when partnered with MMGW effectively demands not only redistribution within Nation States but the transfer of wealth from the West to the Third World and the world-wide leveling-down of living standards.

MMGW and wealth redistribution can, at a stretch, be presented as compatible with Christianity, and the Roman Catholic Church has always been internationalist. Given that Francis is a Leftist in Christian clothing it has been possible for him to boldly advocate these two pieces of Leftist agenda and pass them off as Christian compassion for the poor and a concern for God’s creation.

On this website we have long argued that the West’s technically-advanced societies have been the first to fall under the control of their respective Media Classes and their alliances with the Left. In the USA, where television first invaded and occupied every home, enslaving its inhabitants, and soon was driven to amalgamate with perverted, Left-leaning Hollywood, the Media Class first emerged. It accumulated great wealth for its leading individuals and pioneered the maggot of ‘decadent celebrity’ that has eaten into the minds of the enslaved.

Despite the USA experiencing the birth of the Western World’s first power-seeking Media Class, America’s unique Protestant-inspired de-centralized culture and individualistic Constitution were a formidable barrier to any aspiring Ruling Class. Consequently many other Western Nations, especially the UK, succumbed to Media Class rule before the USA. In all cases, the Media Class power lay in its control over news and mass entertainment, for they became weapons of propaganda. In all cases the Media Class, relatively small in numbers, forged a natural alliance with the Far Left of unionized Government employees and anti-Christian intellectuals.

Here in the USA, the Media Class and its Leftist allies finally took power as a Ruling Class with the election of Obama and the Democrat Party in 2008. Since that time they have completed the first step of mortally wounding free market Capitalism, replacing it with a Corporate State, captured the Federal Judiciary and set aside the Constitution and the rule of law.

All of this transition towards a Socialist totalitarianism has greatly pleased the Leftists in the Ruling coalition and has been surprisingly easily achieved. But the moral revolution, for which the Media Class lusts, has been harder to achieve, despite decades of incessant decadent propaganda transmitted through mass entertainment. The big obstacles have been human common sense and traditional Christianity, the latter having stronger roots in the USA than in formerly Christian Europe. Even in Europe, human common sense has been an obstacle to the moral revolution that seeks to destroy the traditional (natural) family and gender distinctions, and celebrate sado/masochism and its homosexual expression.

At this time, in the USA and the West, thanks to the stealthy Media Class rule, the great subterranean struggle is between normal sexual relations and perversion. Every where one looks, in Big Business, in Government bureaucracies, in public education, in the military and in politics, the dominating issue is the advancement of the homosexual agenda, which will ultimately be a stepping stone to even greater sexual deviance.

Here in the USA we have seen that even some Churches, ditching Biblical teaching in favor of ‘inclusiveness’ have succumbed to the pressure and propaganda of the Ruling Class and embraced same-sex marriage and the normalization of homosexuality. The Roman Catholic Church and traditional Protestant Churches have resisted but it would be foolish to believe that the infiltration that has captured so many institutions has not been at work within them.

Wealthy and powerful Ruling Classes have historically had many rewards and punishments to aid their victories, but the MSM is a new and formidable weapon, especially when allied to blackmail. The defenders of morality are especially vulnerable for they are human in a world now full of temptation. And so we come to Pope Francis and his Church, which with its unmarried priesthood, has always attracted homosexuals.

We believe that within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy there has been a struggle between the Bishops who resist the homosexual agenda and those who wish to advance it. For whatever reasons we believe Francis intends to incrementally add the homosexual agenda to his Leftist agenda, but faces dangerous internal opposition. His incremental approach has begun with ‘inclusion’. Recently, he effusively welcomed a long-time homosexual friend and his ‘boyfriend’.

Back in Rome and among the World’s Bishops are many who are becoming alarmed. To appease them he thought he could use Kim Davis and a concern for Christian free speech, kept secret from his Leftist admirers in the USA but revealed later within the Church. Naively, and too clever by half, he thought Davis would not seek publicity. At first his office would not affirm or deny the Davis meeting which was surely an admission of ‘guilt’. Now, when the American MSM and the powerful homosexual activists are enraged at this bad publicity the Pope is denying she ever had a private meeting or that he offered support. He is wriggling!

Expect the MSM to come to his aid and denounce Mrs. Davis as a shameless liar. Her past life will be scoured for failings and if none discovered they will be invented. Those around her will be similarly attacked and demonized, for the Ruling Media Class and its allies have much invested in this Pope’s agenda.


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