The Democrat Show

On Monday I accidentally deleted a long article I had written about the approaching Democrat ‘debate’, so it never made it to our website.

Briefly what I wrote was that the Democrat Party, the political vehicle for a coalition of the Media Class and America’s Far Left, is committed to fundamentally changing the USA. It is a Party of Revolution that regards America’s past as one of reaction and intrinsic unfairness that must be systematically repudiated by word and deed. It considers property rights to be theft, traditional marriage to be oppression of women, children to be the property of the State, and borders to be an obstruction to world government.

It is a Party that seeks a future unshackled from the past, from traditions, from the Constitution, from Religion (God) and from accumulated wisdom. In its place and as a Party of Progress, it believes that human nature can be transformed by a centralized Government, with unlimited powers and guided by the ideology of Socialism. Since it is the Party of Progress, those who oppose it are enemies of Progress with whom there can be no compromise.

On this website we have constantly proclaimed that America is now experiencing a Revolution and that those Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians who oppose any or all of the Revolutionary policies are deemed to be Counter-Revolutionaries and deserving of justice by punishment.

Decades ago, the Democrat Party, aided by the Mainstream Media (MSM), purged itself of social conservatives, patriots, authentic Christians and ‘moderates’. Because its Revolutionary policies are unacceptable to so many ’old’ Americans, the Democrat Party, with the aid of the all-powerful MSM, has continued to wear the clothes of a traditional Party whilst stealthily advancing Revolutionary policies . Their Obama in the White House has been ‘boiling the frog‘.

The Democrat Party’s inherent aim is a totalitarian society, where all march in lockstep and there can be no dissent. After all, who would oppose the building of the Socialist Utopia other than thieves, bigots and reactionary wreckers? Certainly no decent citizen in his right mind would want to turn the clock back to injustice, unfairness and a world of survival of the fittest?

Not all rank-and-file members of the Democrat Party are consciously totalitarian but the Party attracts, and only retains, those who emotionally detest free speech, reject differing opinions and are outraged by facts that are inconvenient. It is a Party that considers the ‘ends justify the means’. Not surprisingly, just as in the old Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes, idealists are attracted to the ranks but so are opportunists, the unscrupulous and psychopaths.

A Party whose members march in lockstep and who are intolerant of external dissent, is more than uncomfortable with internal dissent, especially in public. We can see in China and in North Korea that leadership competitions and ideological disputes are carried on only by intrigue, for open dissent would tear the Party apart and encourage enemies of Socialism and progress.

It is in this context that we must view the Democrat ‘Debates’. They cannot be compared to the Republican debates. They are chalk and cheese! The Democrat TV events now unfolding are primarily ‘Shows’ of ideological unity. All involved MUST refrain from any hint of criticism of the Party’s past 7 years in office, must lavishly praise Obama, must commit to extending past Revolutionary policies into the future, MUST avoid impugning the integrity of comrades and MUST present the Party’s only task as the completion of unfinished work.

Because the Revolution is incomplete, the Democrat Party has to go through the motions of debate whilst at the same time avoiding real debate. The complicity of the MSM’s Anderson Cooper enabled this charade to be safely accomplished last night and Hillary Clinton was able to sweep aside her crimes. Sanders excited the rank-and-file audience (and ensured his own future in the Party) by demanding that his opponent’s biggest crime ( official emails) be buried.

Since real criticism in public is tantamount to treachery, Biden (a genuine contender) dare not enter the contest until Hillary is driven out by public opinion and/or criminal proceedings. Public opinion is largely in the hands of the MSM, and criminal proceedings are in the hands of Obama. The selection of a leader will be decided by intrigue.

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