The Biggest Threat

Donald Trump tapped into widespread simmering discontent when he launched his Primary campaign with a vow to close the Mexican border, halt illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America, and deport all illegal immigrants.

To his credit he has not retreated from this vow despite venomous Mainstream Media (MSM) and La Raza attacks and shrieks of anguish from the Republican establishment. Most importantly, his boldness (going where Angels feared to tread) has finally placed this issue front and center of the campaign and given a voice to the American people.

A bonus of Trump’s stand has been the forcing into sharp relief of Bush’s pro-Mexican immigration policies -ones he would have preferred to sneak past Conservative voters. Indeed it has almost certainly torpedoed his campaign and a good thing too, for Bush is a pretend Conservative and a tool of Internationalist Big Business.

Although illegal immigration from Mexico remains a major issue in terms of cultural invasion, crime, welfare spending, fraudulent voting and the impoverishment of American workers, we now live under Obama’s Revolutionary and un-Constitutional Government. One feature of his arbitrary rule is the speed and breadth of his attack on America’s institutions and native people. Attempting to keep pace with his advances and probes is exhausting and demoralizing.

Some of his probes are so full of menace that they must be pinpointed and countered with full force, if necessary refocusing from other battle fronts. If Trump was a military general he would have to constantly re-assess his tactics in what is a fast-moving war.

Obama’s recent invitation to Muslim ‘refugees’ from the Middle East is potentially the most dangerous attack on the American people this crypto-Muslim President has launched. A Muslim invasion of America is an even bigger threat than that of masses of poor Latinos.

If Donald Trump is to continue to be the defender of America’s working and patriotic citizens, he must promote to the top of his agenda, his opposition to the President and his pro-Muslim initiative. With the lessons of 9/11 and many deadly Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil, Trump must speak out as boldly against Muslim entry as he has on the Mexican invasion.

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