The Arab Civil War

In two previous articles this website commented on the civil war in the Ukraine and the Semitic civil war in Palestine/Israel. Comments on the civil war in Arabia were postponed in order to cover the Media-orchestrated racial rioting and looting in Ferguson. Ms. This website now returns to the third of the three major contemporary civil wars and considers them all from a Western Counter-revolutionary perspective. For Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists (the 3 counter-revolutionary ‘partners’ engaged in our own resistance to the stealthy civil war that is the consequence of the rise to power of the Media Class) the dilemma is this!  Given that the USA is a world power and no man is an island, should we take sides in any or all of them? The dilemma in each case is only partly eased by seeking context.

The context in the great civil war now raging across the whole Arab world includes the following facts. The Arab states are not Nation States in the way we consider Nation States in Europe or the Orient. Unlike Japan and France – to take two dissimilar examples – Syria has no long history of existence as a State and its people have no separate language or religion. From the Lebanon to Oman and Yemen to Libya, there is not a State whose people are truly distinct from all others. The nearest States to being bona fide are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Beyond Libya to the west are Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco who owe their current borders to European Imperialism. Below the Sahara Desert the people are more African than Arab. Only one thing is common to all and that is the religion of Islam. All of the above-mentioned States, plus those squeezed between, have borders drawn by European Imperial powers in the 1800’s or by the post World Wars’ victors. The Arab world was, and still largely is, like Africa, tribal. As far as this writer is aware the Arab world has one common language –Arabic. It also has one common religion, Islam, though like Christianity in the past, Islam is now riven by two competing sects, Shia and Sunni.

If this context is not complicated enough, Islam has spread from Arabia to Iran, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, sub-Saharan Africa and parts of the former Soviet Union and China. More significantly for us, Islam has also spread (and is spreading even as you read this article) to all Western Nations via mass immigration. In order to avoid further complications we will ignore, for the purposes of this article, the Kurds, the Jews and others who exist within the Muslim Diaspora.

Long ago on this website we began to identify ‘Islamic Imperialism’ (the military conquest of the world for Islam by a totalitarian movement) as a major threat to America and the West. We have yet to see the words “Islamic Imperialism’ used anywhere else, just as we have never seen the words ‘Media Class’ used anywhere else, or the words ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘Counter-Revolutionary’ in relation to the political and moral upheavals in contemporary America and the UK. These definitions are important, because correct terminology aids understanding. It is the contention of this website that the divisions within Islam, though they complicate and fuel the Arab civil wars raging in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere, are less important to us Counter-revolutionaries than is the revival and energy of Islamic Imperialism. We must keep Islamic Imperialism central to our consideration of involvement or non-involvement in the events in the Muslim world. The important point is that often neither side of the civil wars is ‘our’ side.

On this website we have no time for the isolationism of the Libertarians. Isolationism became obsolete with the advent of the steamship, the motor vehicle and the airplane. The nails in its coffin have been the nuclear bomb and the vulnerability to sabotage of the hi-tech economy. Counter-Revolutionaries are right to be wary of manipulation by ‘Jews for Israel’ and the profiteers of the armaments industry but ‘minding our own business’ in the affairs of the world is not a sane option. Islamic Imperialism is gaining ground by the day, erupting in more places, recruiting suicidal adherents by the million, becoming increasingly technically sophisticated and insatiably homicidal. Its trumpeted aim, once the Arab countries are ‘cleansed’ of non-Muslims, is the conquest of the West and the subjection of its people.

Within the above context, what is our correct response to Islamic Imperialism, particularly in the hotspot civil wars of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Iran and sub-Saharan Africa? We might also ask what factors have fueled its revival after five centuries of slumber.

On this website we claim that the creation of Israel and the dispersal of the Palestinian Arabs (ironically including Christian Arabs) provided the spark that ignited Islamic Imperialism. But Israel now exists, it has 6 million inhabitants who face annihilation at the hands of the Islamic Imperialists, its people understandably are fighting for survival, and their defeat and massacre would be a victory for our common enemy. The Palestinian people, though they may be historic victims, appear to be in our enemy’s camp. It is possible that many Palestinians have been forced into it but they are there. Fortunately we do not have to intervene militarily for the Jews of Israel are capable of fighting their own fight and we should not be required to give financial assistance. Let Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Spielberg et al fund Israel’s military machine instead of promoting moral collapse here in the USA and funding the disarming of the American people!

If Israel’s creation was the spark, the attack on traditional morality that is the foremost agenda item of the new Ruling Media Class of America, is the oxygen that has fanned the flames. Same-sex marriage, which the Obama government, at the behest of his Media Class masters, is promoting throughout the world, along with the normalization of sodomy and an entertainment culture that is grossly decadent and truly revolutionary, is a fundamental threat to ordinary people throughout the world. The naturally conservative working people in Muslim countries are rightly viewing America and the West as dissolute, dangerously subversive and unhinged from common sense. The cruel and bloodthirsty exponents of a medieval Islam are able to point to the spiritual vacuum of a post-Christian West and seemingly occupy the moral and common-sense high ground.

Libertarians and those on the Right who are anxious to abandon traditional morality in order to appease the Media Class and Leftists are unwittingly aiding Islamic Imperialism. The evidence is clear that many educated Muslims who come to the West are drawn to Islamic terrorism by the immorality they see seducing its people. Counter-Revolutionaries, by militantly defending traditional Christian values, will be resisting Islamic Imperialism. Just as importantly, a dissolute American culture signals to the Mullahs that the West is rotting from the inside and will soon be too weak to resist.

Similarly, Libertarians and those on the Right who would abandon national frontiers to unselective immigration are ensuring our defeat. There are many other rational arguments for closing borders, stopping immigration from the Third World and expelling illegal residents, but halting the Islamic ‘invasion by stealth’ is a prime one. It is only secondary to that of restoring America’s Constitutional Government and traditional morality. No doubt there are other forces at work fostering the growth of militant Islam around the world, but our fight for survival begins here at home and demands that the November election be used to weaken Obama’s grip on power and slow the Media Class agenda. We must vote to secure our borders.

The cruel mass murders of Christians and other victims of Islamic Imperialism confront American Counter-Revolutionaries with a dilemma. Should America militarily aid the innocent when feasible?  Should America intervene militarily by resisting Islam abroad as well as here? Just as importantly, should we support any use of our military under a Commander-in-Chief who has an anti-American agenda and who is generally incompetent? These are difficult questions and we contend that there is no blanket response, especially when taking into account the Obama rundown of the military, his purging of its leadership, its use for social experimentation and America’s economic weaknesses.

America is in no military position to stop Putin’s occupation of eastern Ukraine. It would be hard-put to stop any Russian incursion into the Baltic States, though Poland would probably be able to offer effective resistance to an invasion. America could not resist a Chinese invasion of Taiwan though it might be that Taiwan itself, like Poland, has sufficient power to resist. In the Middle East American military power is now limited by the withdrawal from Iraq. Worse still, Obama constantly and deliberately signals to our enemies that he is personally disengaged at the same time as he unconsciously signals that he is only resolute when advancing the moral collapse of his own country.

It is surely better to fight Islamic Imperialism in the Middle East but with this Commander-in-Chief will any serious military interventions simply sacrifice young men to Obama adventurism and his political domestic calculations? We welcome your views!

The Ferguson riots seem to have run their course. Presumably the looters have no room for more redistributions of wealth and there is little left to liberate without commuting to work!! In the meantime the Media continues to ignore facts and reinforce the false narrative that it used to light the fires of discontent and riot. We can assume that the Media reporters and Leftist agitators know that facts are being ignored but consider the advancement of their agenda to justify lying propaganda. On this website we always expect this. More disturbing is the attitude of so many Black Americans. On their websites it is clear that they believe what they want to believe, which is that the dead youth’s brazen robbery is no stain on his character, that he was shot in the back- despite the forensic evidence, that strutting down the center of the road was no matter for the police and that he is just the latest in White Police executions. They consider him to have been a ‘good boy’ who was about to start college. Are these people in touch with reality? What are their standards of behavior, or is it a matter of intelligence? Is there another racial group in America that has such low standards of behavior?

Today I caught a little of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program and he was boasting that he had been the first to point out the inadequacies of Barack Obama. Readers of this website would do well to go back into its archive which I just glanced over.

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Sorry Rush, but this website was ahead of you regarding Obama because it understands the Media Class revolution that is driving all events!

UK Watch

The police are now admitting that hundreds of young girls in Rotherham Yorkshire were sexually abused and cruelly treated over many years by Pakistani men. The Authorities failed to investigate fearing accusations of racism. The BNP were campaigning about this from the beginning and Nick Griffin and others were taken to Court for their efforts. The MSM will never mention this and the Leftist Councilors who looked the other way will go unpunished. Those in the USA who are now praising David Cameron for his speech on Islamic threats should remember that he is merely playing politics for he has done nothing to oppose the Muslim advance in the UK.

Global Warming Watch

Here in middle California it seems that August will end and September begin without triple digit temperatures. No evidence of global warming experienced! In the UK August has been a chilly month with plenty of rain. This is typical for UK weather going back at least to the 1960’s.

Music Choice

“How High the Moon” from the album “Modern Jazz Quartet live and at its Best”. This album was recorded live in Ljubljana, May 1960. The tune was written by Hamilton and Lewis and became hugely popular in the 1950’s when recorded by the great Les Paul and Mary Ford. That recording remains a classic but this MJQ version is a subtle piece for those music lovers with a sophisticated ear and who can pick out the interplay between Milt Jackson’s vibes, John Lewis’s piano, Percy Heath’s bass and Connie Kay’s drums. Modern Jazz improvisers have always loved this tune and its underlying chord sequence. This recording is not recommended for those who admire the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and the other strummers and whiners of the Pop world, but it is recommended for music lovers.



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