Christians Have Their Heads In The Sand

There was a time, back in the 1970’s, when the Christian Churches in the US threw up a number of outspoken leaders who were willing to confront the American people beyond their congregations. This was at a time when the Media Class was beginning to emerge as a force in politics, culture and morality and on this website we would argue that the Culture War first came into the open. I was living in the UK at that time and I remember that the tax-funded and already Leftist BBC began to do scare-mongering programs about the American Religious Right. It was not difficult to arouse antipathy amongst British viewers, for Church attendance in the UK was already relatively low and getting lower by the year. Most Church-goers attended the Anglican or Catholic Churches where services were very formal, the participation of congregations minimal and those who attended largely did so out of habit. The US ‘born again’ type of Christianity that had evolved out of Frontier Revivals and Southern Gospel meetings was alien to the British people, perhaps with the exception of the small, worthy but non-Establishment Salvation Army activists. Consequently the BBC was able to portray the American preachers who trespassed into political and social issues as bigots, exhibitionists and religious fanatics. Like all the multitudes who believed that the BBC was an honest and objective reporting service, I swallowed its propaganda and assumed that America was in the grip of extremists. And then one evening, by chance, I saw a program that was intended to reinforce my BBC-acquired prejudice. In the middle of it there was a clip of the Rev. Jerry Falwell addressing a large congregation in Australia. It was only a couple of minutes long but I was stunned for it hit me that the man was telling the truth, like I had never heard it before, about what was going wrong with Western Societies. I was still a Leftist at that time, but working in Social work I knew in my gut that he was revealing the deceitfulness and dangerous consequences of the permissive society.

This was one of those moments on my personal political road to Damascus (the other ones being an excerpt from a victory speech by the Rev. Ian Paisley in Belfast and President Ronald Reagan’s inaugural address) for each time, just a few short sentences from the lips of the victims of relentless Media attack told me that I had been fed lies and propaganda and fallen for them. I tracked down more of the Falwell speeches and realized that here was a man who, by combining religion and politics, was making more sense than any politicians. In the following years, Falwell, and religious leaders like him, had a profound effect on politics for they did for the social/moral issues what Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayek did for economics, and that was to put common sense and confidence back into conservatism. The Reagan and Thatcher regimes, which benefitted from this new-found intellectual conservative confidence, gave the appearance of a turning of the tide in the developing Culture War.

It was the middle 1980’s and many more experiences, before I really began to make sense of the great Culture struggle and to realize that the news Media had its own agenda and was a force to be reckoned with. Even then I did not realize that the news Media was only a part of a larger and more complex Class and that the emerging Media Class was a revolutionary force intent on remaking Western Society and destroying all the old moral concepts and their underpinning Christian Faith. Ultimately I understood how in situation after situation the Media Class triumphed and in each case more of its agenda was revealed. In some 30 short years we (those who hold traditional views of right and wrong) have travelled a long way and all of it backwards. It has been one long retreat and the Thatcher/Reagan years flattered to deceive. I am not claiming too much for Thatcher, for she only dimly understood what she was getting into and was too preoccupied with economic free market issues at the expense of social and moral ones. Nevertheless she must have had some things right for, like Reagan, she experienced the unremitting hostility of the Media Class. She was ultimately politically destroyed by the Media campaign and her replacement, John Major, led by his Arts-loving wife, was eager to accept one Media agenda item after another and in doing so made the victory of the Media’s Labour Party inevitable. Thatcher was never much of a Nationalist either, failing to halt the EU train, the immigration flood and the UN legal juggernaut and she lacked the communication skills of Reagan. Reagan for all his greatness failed to provide a conservative replacement and was followed by a Republican President without a compass or an ideology. Under Bush senior, Clinton and then Bush junior, the Media Class and its Leftist allies have been able to capture much ground, culminating in the revolutionary Obama/Democrat regime that is now in a position of such strength that free speech and the freedom to worship and practice Christian teachings are about to be removed. Thanks to its control of information and news, the Media Class is able to advance its revolutionary program in leaps and bounds whilst the people both in the US and UK concentrate on Soaps, TV Sport and TV talent contests.

If anyone thinks I exaggerate let me mention two items that this week are under the people’s radar yet are revolutionary. In the UK, a Parliamentary report called the Badman Review of Elective Home Education in England has just been issued. (See BNP website for 15th June.) Its recommendations will force the small band of Home Schooling parents to submit their children to endless Government tests, some of them carried out without parental presence. The official justification is that children need to be regularly supervised by the State in order to prevent abuse. This brazen deceit is made against a background of regular child abuse scandals in which children are tortured, starved and murdered by carers whilst attending public school and under the supervision of State social workers. Whilst the pending new laws will result in religious parents’ children (Home Schooled) receiving constant State interrogation and tests, vast numbers of children already in the public system and neglected, will be truanting for months and sometimes years at a time without anyone lifting a finger. The real purpose of course, dear to Leftist activists and the perverts of the Media Class, is to end Home Schooling and force all children to be indoctrinated in homosexuality, environmentalism, Darwinism, multi-culturalism and the rest of the Leftist/Media Class agenda. There is no concern from these people if many children receive no education, but they are outraged at the thought that some children might receive a Christian education.

In the US, thanks to the website World Net Daily and posted on June 12th, is an article entitled ‘Kids Attend Prom from Hell’. I strongly recommend that all should read it for the MSM (Mainstream Media) will ensure that the contents never surface where the masses might read or hear about it. The article is by Chelsea Schilling and reveals that every year in Boston City Hall, a group known as BAGLEY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth) holds the Massachusetts Youth Pride Day Event for children and young adults. This year, the event of May 9th was hosted by Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino. The event was infiltrated by a young Christian who took photos of young boys in female clothes and make-up with their ‘boyfriends’ kissing, embracing and wearing T-shirts with slogans like “grope me”. Fat lesbians and other sad perverts were there spreading their message to kids and no doubt, recruiting for the future. Some children present were reported to be as young as 12.

Under the guise of the prevention of bullying, and ‘empowering’ young children who are supposedly aching to reveal their homosexual inclinations, adult homosexual activists are commandeering the public school system and indoctrinating the Nation’s children. Only some private schools and Home Schooling prevents the process from being complete and no doubt the Media Class and its Leftist allies intend that the US should follow the legislative road mapped out by the (aptly-named) UK’s Badman Review.

This brings me back to the title of this article. The Media Class succeeded in smearing the reputations of the Jerry Falwells of the Christian Churches and driving them out of political life. The Churches that spawned these outspoken preachers and opponents of the Cultural Revolution, have withdrawn into themselves and are more and more reluctant to speak out against the Leftist/Media Class agenda. Some fear for the tax breaks that Churches now enjoy. Others believe that if Churches keep out of politics, politics will keep out of the Churches. They are quite wrong for Leftist revolutionary movements tolerate no opposition and this revolutionary movement is eager to groom the Nation’s young people, not only for their minds but for their bodies too.

Here in mid California, the cool weather continues and this must surely be a record-breaking cold Spring across the US and Canada. Yet today’s Wall Street Journal has a whole Supplement devoted to dealing with global warming. The Media Class is now confident that it can ignore glaring facts and continue to advance its agenda in pursuit of totalitarian control of all aspects of the life of American citizens.

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