Seething With Rage

I watched only a fragment or two of the debate last night so have no idea who ‘won’ or ‘lost’. From what I see and hear of these TV debates, all the contestants have something good to say and all are outstanding when compared to any of today’s Democrat politicians. In particular they are paragons of virtue when set against the lying crypto-Muslim in the White House and the lying crook who is the current Democrat front-runner.

Having said that, only Donald Trump comes near to expressing the emotion that I experience every day. Even he is not plain-speaking enough for my liking, though when he says that Hillary Clinton should be in jail and that he is tired of the domination of political correctness, I am willing to set aside his faults and conservative deficiencies. But what binds me to Trump are his followers.

I try to live a life beyond politics but it is hard, when every day, what I read and hear in the news, has me seething with rage. The seeds of my rage began way back in the last century when I realized that the Mainstream Media was saturating its news and entertainment with lies and propaganda. But at that time I believed that the USA had a framework that could withstand the attacks from the Revolutionaries in the Media Class and their Left allies.

I had confidence in the strength and wisdom of the Constitution as a barrier to dangerous radical change and lawless government. I also considered the American people to be unique in their fealty to Christianity and its time-tested values. I took comfort in the people’s right to gun ownership and thus the legitimate right to defend family and property. I assumed that the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court would abide by the Constitution they had sworn to uphold. I was excited by the free speech, guaranteed in the Constitution, that was being exercised daily on Talk Radio. And I assumed that there was a large army of Republican politicians, even a few survivors on the Democrat side, who would prevent the Media Class and its allies from gaining control of government and imposing a Revolution.

It is now clear that the election of Barack Obama in 2008 marked the ascendancy to power of America’s first Ruling Class and over the ensuing seven years the obstacles to Revolutionary change have been stealthily set aside – not least the Constitution.

Much of the Revolutionaries’ agenda has been achieved under the public’s radar, thanks to the MSM’s power of concealment and distraction, but along the way there have been crystal-clear lawless events that should have resulted in an uprising of civil resistance led by the Republican Party.

The corrupt Democrat tactics that engineered the Affordable Car Act through Congress; John Robert’s treacherous departure from the law when the Act came before the Supreme Court; the abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act, the subsequent un-Constitutional Supreme Court decision ‘legalizing’ same-sex marriage; too-numerous to list here over-reaching Federal Court rulings that reveal how the Federal Judiciary has been fully politicized; the unpunished IRS partisan attacks on conservatives; the political purging of the military leadership and the infiltration of the military with homosexuals; the judicial persecution and punishment of Christians; the Government’s moral support for Black rioting, looting, arson and mob rule; the Government’s diversion of tax-payer’s money to Leftist organizations, the reckless printing of money that has stolen good people’s savings and made parasites rich; and Obama’s brazen boast about his pen and phone.

That all of the above and much, much more, has unfolded day after day without formal opposition, indeed without a whimper, from a Republican Party that has captured Congress, has fueled my rage. That too many Americans who should know better are perpetually distracted by TV Sport, squalid Pop stars and their dogs, yet are indifferent to the cruel murder of babies and the selling of their body parts, also has me seething with rage.

And now the unopposed march across the Nation’s schools of perverts brainwashing children with the nonsense of gender-choice, global warming, Islam, flag-banning and American guilt. Boy, am I seething with rage!

And when, on the Internet, I see the Donald Trump rallies, I at last see tens of thousands of others who are, like me, seething with the same rage about the same things. Some of his competitors seemingly are outraged by his remarks and I have no doubt that some, like Bush, Fiorina, Graham and Kasich are privately outraged by Trump’s supporters but they have failed to get enraged about the things that REALLY matter.

Donald Trump may have many shortcomings and he may or may not perform well in the debates, but he has mobilized the right-fully enraged and I intend to march with them.


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  1. Paul Ryan and the rest of the backstabbing Republicans have probably now just increased that rage several-fold. I can’t see how having a Republican-majority Congress is any different than having a Democrat-majority one. With this latest spending bill, not only are they importing a massive number of muslims, and not only are they sending money to sanctuary cities, and not only are they giving Obama and Harry Reid everything they want, but they’re also funding Planned Parenthood. Do they honestly not understand the concept of “representative government”? It is astonishing. Something very very strange is going on. This is not simply bad government or incompetence. This level of awfulness can only be committed on purpose. It’s deliberate, and it’s diabolical. They’re not even trying to hide their contempt for us anymore. It’s out in the open. I’ve known for a long time that the Democrats hate our guts, but it is increasingly clear that the Republicans do too. Our government is Luciferian.

    The Lord will not be mocked. Fasten your seatbelt.

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