Secession/ISIS. How is it Sustained?

Yesterday I wrote about the sense of being overwhelmed by the Obama regime’s unlawful and largely unchallenged dismantling of America. This feeling of helplessness is surely being experienced by all Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. The explanation is that we and our Country are being attacked by a Revolutionary Ruling Class that successfully hides behind the empty shell of ‘politics as normal’. This Ruling Class consists of the wealthiest and most connected people in the history of the world and its best weapon is near-total control of the Media. Its second best weapon is now control of the machinery of Government. Its third best weapon is ownership of the Judiciary at Federal level and the Supreme Court. Its fourth best weapon is successfully keeping the American people and the Republican Party unaware that the old rules of the political game have been dumped and that the Ruling Class can make up new rules as it pleases. We are in the midst of a revolution and no-one on our side knows how to restore the situation.

There is a movement developing among those who want a return to traditional moral values, small government and a reversal of the Revolutionary ‘America without Borders’ policy that is leading to cultural and racial swamping. It is called secessionism and its proponents call on those States that remain in conservative hands to opt out of the Federation. This is a revolutionary response to our revolutionary government, and for reasons I will not go into here, will lead to civil war in every State.

A less radical movement is calling for a national convention of all the States to re-assert the Constitutional limits of the Presidency and Federal Government. Such a convention would surely fail to attract those States that are securely in the hands of the Revolutionary Government. Since the new Ruling Class and its Government will not tolerate a reversal of its concentration of power, such a convention would also lead to civil war.

Here in California, where millions of people have no interest in who governs, and millions more in the big cities and the Bay Area are only too willing to abandon the Constitution, tradition and Christian morality, the Right (count me in!) is scattered in the urban areas but strong in the rural areas. I am sure this is true of New York State, Florida and many other States that are Leftist-dominated.

Trying to envisage how a conservative minority here would organize, arm, and sustain itself in a military conflict was beyond me. In some countries where uprisings have succeeded in surviving, militants have taken to the mountains to establish bases but they have always faced weak and struggling Governments. The problems for an insurrection include attracting and holding fit men who would have to abandon their families, maintaining a supply of sophisticated weapons and providing food, clothing and medical support.

A civil war would probably be ignited by America’s Washington Leftist Government, citing any challenge to its power as justification for a military crack-down. Obama may be irresolute and tawdry on many things but he and his revolutionary comrades would surely reveal great enthusiasm and energy in crushing a moral and traditionalist movement. The MSM would prepare the ground and the Government would assuredly close down the Internet as a means of communication. Republican legislators in Washington would mostly cave and denounce resisters. In my view, America’s contemporary military, increasingly purged of patriots, would likely respond enthusiastically to orders, though some might defect. The odds do not look good for the Right if the Left controls the Presidency. In any case, civil wars are always bloody, have terrible unintended consequences and an America at war with itself would certainly attract foreign enemies.

The problems of sustaining an insurrection led me to ponder the insurrection being successfully waged by ISIS. This Imperialist Muslim army, despite the denial by our Rulers of it having a home at the heart of Islamic life, has no shortage of volunteers. It is a growing army and I cannot fathom its logistics. It is conquering large areas of territory at great speed. Mostly it is barren territory, offering nothing but subsistent agriculture and its few towns are small and impoverished. There is virtually no air cover, unlike the jungles of Vietnam and Laos which sheltered the Vietcong. ISIS has no air force and cannot be defended or supplied from the air. It has no access to the sea as yet.

Its possession of oil is no mystery but where is the source of its transport, its food, clothing, water, ammunition, and medical supplies? Where is it’s HQ and how does it function, for its armies are co-ordinated in the field? ISIS may get big donations from oil States but how does it manage to buy and transport the supplies that are continually needed? How does it staff and administer the territories it captures unless it is occupying friendly peoples? Has it yet encountered a properly-armed resistance? Unlike the Islamists of Afghanistan, ISIS is not waging a guerilla war but one with a clear front-line.

All these questions puzzle me. Is there a website visitor who can supply convincing answers?

Meanwhile, as the brutal forces that have vowed to conquer America and Europe march on, the decadent West indulges in sick, erotic fantasies. A website visitor from the UK directed me to the website of Exeter’s Express and Echo newspaper. This Media source is gleefully supporting and advertizing a coming ‘Pride Festival’.

It seems that the country town of Exeter, once a bastion of conservatism, is about to welcome its third annual ‘Pride Festival’. According to organizers who, through the friendly columns of the newspaper, are announcing details for the event on May 16th, this march will be over 2,000 strong and will feature the largest rainbow flag parade. Marching in the parade will be firefighters, policemen, students, Trade Union groups, business LGBT groups and individuals.

Roads will be closed along the route of the parade and Rainbow flags will adorn some streets and buildings. Devon County Council will be raising a Rainbow flag at County Hall.

I am told that Exeter’s authorities and its newspaper are outraged when the BNP, a patriotic and legal political Party, attempt to distribute leaflets in the town. Its members are harassed by the police and are unable to advertize indoor meetings for fear of attack from the Red Mob UAF. We can be sure that if the BNP attempted to hold a parade in the main street with patriotic flags flying, all official hell would break loose.

It is likely that the organizers’ claim of over 2000 expected marchers is an exaggeration and maybe one firefighter and one policeman from some far-off place will actually march. It may also be that the predicted 2000 will consist of a travelling band of the perverted and the pathetic, eager to enjoy a weekend of anal hooking-up. Perhaps Exeter’s normal citizens will give the city center a miss though the newspaper will undoubtedly report the parade as a huge success.

Many wonder why the Islamic Imperialists now despise the West and its culture and consider its people ripe for conquest. Maybe the explanation can be found in events such as this one!

America’s MSM reporters are like a pack of rats, for like rats, they are driven by an instinct. That instinct is Class interest. When Rudi Guilliani remarked that he had concluded that Obama does not love America, he was stating the obvious. Who would want to remake a country he loved? Reporters, like the rest of us, know that Obama has no love for America or most of its people. Most reporters share his view otherwise they would not have made it through journalism school and certainly not been granted entry into the profession of propaganda.

It never takes the MSM to find a renegade on the Right. As we recently commented regarding John McCain, there are those who crave a moment under an approving Media spotlight and will crawl through dog-crap to get it. Now we know that Marco Rubio is another Republican dog-crap crawler who cannot resist an opportunity to stab a comrade in the back in exchange for a moment of MSM approval.

The Media Class cannot let Obama’s hostility to America be revealed to all those voters who pay no attention to events other than sport, dogs and burgers. The reporters know it only takes one prominent Republican to be a stabber and so they find the rat and magnify his voice. This silences all those who might have added a voice to Rudi’s.


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