Scalia. Death Of The Republic?

The sudden death of Antonin Scalia on Saturday night was a disaster for the Republic, its Conservative, its Christian and its Nationalist people. Despite the treachery of John Roberts over the Obamacare legislation, the Supreme Court has continued to be a brake -albeit a fragile and unreliable one – on Obama’s un-Constitutional Presidential rule.

There are a number of cases awaiting a Supreme Court ruling. The decisions in each will make the difference between a further impetus for the Revolution’s advance, or a crucial pause pending the outcome of the November elections. Scalia, supported by Thomas and Alito, was the intellectual rock whose arguments for Constitution-based law firmed up the wavering Justices Roberts and Kennedy.

Obama has been brazen in his appointments, bolstering the Far Left’s Ginsberg and Internationalist Breyer, with two openly social radicals whose political pasts guaranteed support for anti-White racism and anti-Christian homosexual ascendancy. With both appointments he had no problems finding Republican Collaborators in the Senate.

The Supreme Court was devised by the Founding Fathers to be the obstacle to arbitrary lawmaking by Congress and the Presidency, but the Founding Fathers never anticipated America’s unique democracy expiring under the rule of a Revolutionary new Class. As we have seen in several Nation States that sought to emulate America’s separation of powers, the capture of parliamentary power by a Far Left Revolutionary government discarding the old consensus, results in either a packing of the Court with members who swear vows intending to betray them, or the arrest of recalcitrant Court members. Venezuela is a prime example not only of the abandonment of Constitutional law, but of the speedy descent of the people into poverty.

Here in post 2008 Revolutionary America, Obama has appointed two Justices who swore, with fingers crossed, to uphold the Constitution. Someone in his Administration was also able to suborn another Justice who had a skeleton in the cupboard. Despite this, thanks to Alito, Thomas and most of all Scalia, there was hope that a semblance of lawfulness would be maintained until the arrival of a new President Trump or Cruz.

The Senate Republican leadership has said, rightly anticipating Obama will nominate another Revolutionary Justice, that it will not consent to an Obama appointment. Obama has already made it crystal clear that in these last months of his Presidency he will do everything to advance the Revolution beyond the point of no return. We now know his psychopathic personality will exalt in the opportunity to show his disdain for traditions, conventions, restrictions and opponents, and that he will be compelled to show his mastery by nominating a Far Left activist.

The Mainstream Media will campaign as never before to ensure the domination of the Supreme Court by Justices eager to sweep away the Constitution and destroy Christian morality once and for all. It will not be difficult for this ruthless Administration to find sufficient Republican Senators willing to sell their souls for 20 pieces of silver or to conceal past indiscretions.

Any real resistance to Obama and the MSM will have to come from the people in the South and the hinterland, who are mobilizing for the Republican primaries. If ever there was a need for a strong leader to emerge from outside of Congress, it is now. Donald Trump has an opportunity to seal his leadership of the Counter-revolution.

In a previous article we asserted that The Donald had a right to blow his own trumpet regarding the size of his crowds, since no-one else would give him credit. Now we are going to blow the trumpet for this website.

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan wrote “ What is happening in American politics? We’re in the midst of a rebellion. ……..This is not politics as usual ….There’s something deep, suggestive, even epochal about what’s happening now”.

“I have thought for some time that there’s a kind of soft French Revolution going on in America”.

On this website we have for several years asserted that America is experiencing a Revolution by stealth, that it now has a Ruling Class and that ‘politics as usual’ have been set aside.

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