Revolutionary Hatred

Below is an email sent to this website by Mr. Jeff It is typical of many outpourings of rage and hatred from Leftists in these Revolutionary times. Rarely do those who welcome Obama’s unconstitutional lawless government attempt to answer the arguments put forward by websites like ours.

We welcome debate and rational criticism of our central thesis (the rise of the American Media Class, its Class-based revolutionary agenda, its capture of Government machinery and the White House and its control of news and entertainment). Ours are serious and radical ideas and we originally hoped for constructive criticism that would test our arguments. We now recognize that in these Revolutionary times there is no place for rational discussion with opponents just as there is no place for the old ‘politics as usual’ despite the Republican Party and many Christian Churches clinging to past habits of toleration, respect and compromise.

Mr. Goodwin (who certainly is, as he proclaims, representative of some kind of present and future) has no patience for argument. For him, the political and moral debates are now over and the forces of progress have won. Since he and his comrades of the Left and the LGBT alliance have claimed ownership of progress and the future, they believe they have every right to demand the suppression of all ‘reactionary’ opposition. For them there can be no place left for old 1952  ideas, culture and conventions. Mr. Goodwin’s tirade is proof of the Revolution, its confidence, its anger, its thirst for retribution and its hatred.

His reference to “Southern Baptist followers” and his expletive-filled sentences suggest he is one of the LGBT crowd. If so, I am afraid that there will be much more on this website to fuel his spite, though we will continue to couch our commentaries on homosexuality in the sort of English that is fit for family reading. We have omitted the full ‘F’ word from his beautifully expressed email in deference to our Christian readers and conservative ladies.

Such a classless rag, another far-right conservative nut bag website spewing doom and gloom. Go take a vacation to Camp 22 in the Far East and maybe you “holier than though” bastards will appreciate what Obama has done in 6 years. 6 years fighting to move America forwards and undoing the 8 tortuous years of W, who was driving America straight into an economic collapse. Why don’t you and your Southern Baptist followers play a game of.., hide and go F… yourselves. It’s 2015 f-holes.., not 1952,” Jeff Goodwin.

Today’s lead story on NBC News was headlined “Michael Brown Memorial in Ferguson Vandalized”. The accompanying picture of this late thug and violent thief who preyed on small Asian shopkeepers, showed him wearing a green and brown mortar board and gown.

It appears that the MSM are working to remake his image as that of a young intellectual who was on the cusp of an academic career. The important story which followed (penned by Antonio French, a Black Leftist propagandist) was “A memorial tree dedicated to Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown was cut down shortly after it was planted in the St. Louis suburb” officials said. ‘The vandals “stole a dedication plaque from its base” according to the Missouri city’s media relations department. Brown’s memorial was donated by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association in Chicago’. French’s report closes by commenting that Brown’s death “touched off unrest in the city”.

We won’t comment further on this picture of Brown the academic, or on erecting memorials to thugs or on seemingly poor cities having Media Relations Departments or on Black caucuses of the Library Association. However we must protest over French’s ‘unrest’. Nights of rioting, looting and arson, gunshots and violent punishment of snitches, deserve better than ‘unrest’.

NBC News is of course one of the foremost propaganda arms of the Ruling Media Class. No genuine journalist would want to have his name linked to it. Incidentally, the word ‘caucus’ is much-loved by Communists of all stripes. Counter-revolutionaries would be well-advised to drop it along with the words ‘gay’ and ‘activist’.

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