Prime Minister May Speech Reveals Surrender by Installments

As we predicted in yesterday’s article, British Prime Minister Theresa May responded to the latest Muslim terrorist attack in London with deliberate evasion. Not once did she mention the word ‘Muslim’ or identify the racial and religious background of the attackers. As we said, May is a political opportunist who dare not alarm the secreted Ruling Class and its allies, and so none of the fundamentals of terrorism can she acknowledge.

Her political party – the criminally misnamed Conservative Party – long subservient to Globalist Big Business, has colluded with the anti-Christian, anti-Nationalist Far-Left, for over 50 years on the issue of mass immigration.

Once Conservative patriotic Enoch Powell was rejected and condemned by the party, it resolutely pursued Globalism at the expense of nationhood and discarded any pretense of Nationalism other than at election times.

Margaret Thatcher, confronted by the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands began her conversion to Britain-first policies. When she began questioning the consequences of EU membership (and acted against homosexuality teaching in schools), the party’s Internationalist cabal, including many in her cabinet, plotted her downfall.

From this point onward, the parliamentary Conservative Party has been virulently anti-Nationalist, has embraced the decadent social policies of the EU and UN, and resisted curbs on mass immigration from the Third World.

Even the rise of the anti-EU movement UKIP, and the withering of the Conservative Party’s grass roots, did not move the party closer to Nationalism. Theresa May climbed up through the ranks of a party comfortable with Globalism. The surprising Brexit vote cast the governing Tories into disarray, Cameron resigned as leader and prime minister, and Theresa May opportunistically switched to support of British independence of Europe.

To find a political companion for May in opportunism, we need look no further than German Chancellor Angela Merkel who moved from Communism to economic neo-Fascism, open borders, an invitation to the Third World, and the suppression of protest.

Therefore, we should not be surprised that May’s reaction to this third Muslim terrorist attack in three months, is one of serial capitulation dressed in fighting words. “Enough is enough” she prattled, intent on avoiding the thrice-laid-down gauntlet of Islamic Imperialism, whilst navigating a Thursday General Election she brought upon herself.

After the usual crocodile tears always shed by the West’s culpable politicians, and the ‘thoughts and prayers going out’, “enough is enough” and ‘things need to change” that May mouthed, were the empty platitudes of “terrorism breeds terrorism”, “copying one another” and “no safe space”.

If this verbal flatulence was not enough, she claimed that Saturday night’s attack was a “new trend”, British citizens must “come together”, “pull together”, must “turn people’s minds away”, and “united we will defeat our enemies”.

Never once did she mention the word ‘Muslim’ but she did refer to the “evil ideology of Islamic extremism” and “Islamist inspired” terrorism. It seems that the word ‘Islamist’ cannot always be avoided but ‘Muslim’ can never be uttered.

The one action the May government intends to take is against the free speech of the Internet. “These safe spaces in the real world” provide “too much tolerance of extremism in our society”.

The terrible truths that May and the rest of the West’s weak and treasonous politicians dare not admit are the following: that the Muslims who commit acts of terrorism are in their religion’s mainstream, that Islam is a religion of conquest by violence, that its dormant Imperialism has been re-awakened by Western moral degeneracy, that Islam is incompatible with every other religion and culture, and that the Muslim populations now in our midst are Trojan Horses.

The only way to halt the terrorist attacks in Europe and North America is to stop immigration, close all Mosques and Muslim gathering places, and no longer tolerate Islam in any form so that all who adhere to it will leave. Those who remain will be those who are happy to reject Islam’s teachings.

Any politician who advocates this rational response can expect incarceration in Europe, and vicious Media and Far-Left treatment here in the USA, as well as opposition in the federal courts.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch moderate politician who is awaiting trial in Holland is also being pursued by Austria’s authorities for saying (two years ago in Vienna) “Islam is an ideology of war and hatred” and “Islam calls on people to be terrorists. The Quran leaves no doubt about it”. In response to Muslim pressure in Vienna, the Austrian Public Prosecutor wants to charge Wilders with the serious offense of ‘incitement’.

Theresa May intends to do nothing to tackle Muslim terrorism at the roots. With each passing day, each new Muslim immigrant arrival, and each new Muslim birth, the power of Islam and its march to domination of the UK by intimidation and stealth will grow.

One last comment regarding British MSM reporting. Last night, the first reports cited attacks in three locations -London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall. Today only one location is mentioned. A named MSM witness reported seeing one man from the terrorist’s van on London Bridge taken into custody. Now it is reported that all three terrorists were killed. There may be an explanation for these disparities, but as these days neither the MSM nor the authorities can be trusted to tell the truth, we must be cynical.

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