Pope Prefers Privacy

The lawyer representing Kentucky Registrar Kim Davis yesterday claimed that the Pope arranged for her to fly from Kentucky to meet with him in Washington DC, where he lauded her for her defense of real marriage and encouraged her to “stay strong”. The meeting was surrounded with secrecy and as far as we are aware no-one in the Papal Office has confirmed the meeting took place.

We have to assume that the lawyer is telling the truth for what could he and his client gain from a lie that would soon be exhaustively investigated by the MSM? And as far as we know there has been no denial by the Pope.

This is, on the face of it, a strange business. Since the MSM, only just recovering its collective breath from swooning over the Pope’s avowed Socialism, regards complete devotion to SSM as the pre-eminent litmus test for its approval of anyone, news of the secret meeting has been buried. We can predict with confidence that the Media Class, its MSM and its Leftist allies will return the Pope and his Church to the ‘deadly enemies’ list, for the homosexual agenda trumps Global Warming, Black Rights and Income Redistribution for the inner cabal of the Ruling Media Class. Unless…

Unless that is, the Media Class has been made aware that the Pope is window-dressing on the issue and has signaled that, given time, he will publicly evolve and lead his Church in embracing homosexuality and SSM in the pursuit of equality, inclusion and Human Rights.

It is surely odd that the Pope would have Mrs. Davis flown to Washington DC for a very private meeting. Who initiated this meeting and who paid? Was Mrs. Clark asked to keep the meeting secret?

Francis, on this trip to the USA, has sought the maximum publicity for himself and his Leftist views. Why else did he come? We might justifiably argue that he has grabbed the bully pulpit to promote climate panic, redistribution of wealth, and Socialism, whilst ignoring the crimes of a brutal Islamic Imperialism and the suppression of Christianity in the USA. He also found time to very publicly plead for an American killer awaiting execution. Yet his meeting with Mrs. Davis and his exhortation to her to “Stay strong!” was kept top secret.

We believe the explanation lies back in Rome, where Francis’s ‘evolving’ agenda of homosexual advancement is stirring rebellion among Bishops and traditionalists. Here is a Pope looking in the rear-view mirror and attempting to placate the folks back home with a gesture concealed from his American audience.

The Pope’s plea for mercy for Kelly Gissendaner, aged 47, fell on deaf Georgia ears and on this website we applaud that State‘s commitment to the Death Penalty for murder. Leftists always oppose the Death Penalty for killers who have been fairly tried and found guilty. Mrs. Gissendaner conspired with her boyfriend in the brutal stabbing murder of her husband, Doug. It was a cold-blooded and premeditated killing, and she helped burn the car with his body. She deserved nothing less than the Death penalty.

Leftists who steadfastly promote the Death Penalty for ‘unwanted’ babies, and when confronted with evidence of the sale of their body parts sniff “so what!”, are consumed with pity for killers and are outraged by their appropriate punishment. Some of this is the search for a token occupation of the moral high ground by people who otherwise are uncomfortable with morality. It is also an identification with lawbreakers who are viewed through a radical lens as unconscious revolutionaries rejecting repressive and unjust Christian teaching. For the Leftist, the victims of murder are mostly law-abiding citizens who have accumulated a little wealth worth killing for, or stand in the way of some-ones lust. As respectable citizens they ‘asked for it!’.

For Leftists, Doug Gissandader’s shortened life is of no consequence and he is best forgotten. He is not forgotten by his family however and they gained some consolation from her execution.

Now the Pope and Susan Sarandon are pleading for mercy for Richard Glossip, who is about to be executed in Oklahoma for the 1997 murder of his boss. The motive was to conceal the theft of $10,000. Let us hope the people of Oklahoma are as committed to justice as the people of Georgia.

Music Choice

In keeping with the Argentine Pope’s pleas for mercy for two killers, the great tango ‘Temptation’ seems appropriate. The great jazz alto-saxophonist Charlie Parker recorded this 1930’s composition with an orchestra. There are several excellent recordings of this dramatic Argentinean theme but a Parker interpretation of anything is a work of art. Enjoy!


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