Planned Parenthood’s Contribution to Holocaust

A website visitor recently challenged us to comment on this deadly Leftist organization and the revelation that it profits from selling baby body parts. Since this website exists primarily to unmask our Ruling Media Class and how its Revolutionary agenda and alliances affect all aspects of American life, we must set PP (Planned Parenthood) in context.

PP is an important arm of a Revolutionary movement dedicated to destroying America’s old Christian morality. Its agenda is much broader than killing babies and selling body parts but let us deal with abortion first and be clear where this website stands on that issue.

As we always point out (and it is vital that our website visitors understand), today’s Revolutionary Class that governs us, like all Revolutionary Leftist movements, deliberately unhinges itself from truth. This is justified since its activists claim to be pursuing a greater good and propaganda is a key weapon. But being free to lie also enables the Revolutionaries to ‘pull the wool’ over the peoples’ eyes until it is too late for resistance. Honest language is the first casualty of propaganda and so the Ruling regime uses its control of the MSM to popularize words that conceal, soothe and sanitize.

In the context of abortion the Ruling Class through its propaganda machine (MSM) always refers to ‘the fetus’. The term ‘Planned Parenthood’ conceals the organization’s purpose, which is to prevent parenthood. ‘Women’s health’ and ‘clinics’ are terms used to imply the organization provides medical facilities that deal with illness and the prevention of illness. In reality PP exists to prevent pregnancy (a normal human condition and function and not an illness) and, where prevention has not succeeded, kill the ‘accidents‘. The word ‘kill’ is our pre-revolutionary honest word. The propaganda word is ‘terminate’.

Just as we ask counter-revolutionaries never to use propaganda words like ‘gay’ (‘homosexual’, a non-judgmental word is appropriate), so we ask that the words ‘baby’, ’life’ and ‘kill’ (or ‘murder‘) always be used.

There is not the slightest doubt that life begins at conception and not at delivery. An abortion involves the taking of an innocent human life. Any debate about the tolerance of abortion should be based on that truth. Christians are on firm moral and scientific ground when describing abortion as murder.

Having said that this website is willing to comment on abortion in the context of the frailties of human nature and the realities of today’s world. Two things need to be said. One is that the sexual drive, unless controlled by a Christian upbringing and a continual Christian environment, is naturally reckless, especially in the young. Consequently, many young women become ’accidentally’ and unwillingly pregnant. A small minority of women find themselves unwillingly pregnant as a result of rape. A great many citizens have no religious faith, live in a secular society, and will argue that they should not be restricted by Christian/religious practices. Medical advances have enabled abortion to be carried out safely and speedily.

In the real, largely secular, world it is clear that unwanted pregnancies often result in unwanted children, single parent ‘families’, step fathers and ‘serial’ fathers- which condemn many children to an unhappy childhood and society to too many dysfunctional adults.

The abortion factories that have burgeoned in our amoral Revolutionary America are driven not by a concern for mothers, babies and the conflicted human condition, but by a Revolutionary ideology, the hate-filled Feminism of the Left and the destruction of the natural family. Not surprisingly the Revolutionaries, rejecting the Christian morality that has civilized our brutal instincts, has culminated in abortion up to and beyond birth, a medical establishment no different than Dr. Josef Mengele and his Auschwitz assistants, and the shameless trade in baby parts.

It is probable that the great majority of people, if honestly informed, would agree that abortion be restricted to a very early stage in a pregnancy and would criminalize late abortions unless a woman’s life is in jeopardy. They would also agree that no taxpayer money be given to abortion centers. Sadly, many would be more outraged if the lives taken and the parts sold belonged to dogs!

However, as we wrote at the beginning of this article, PP is a Revolutionary organization and an arm of our Revolutionary government. Its purpose is to destroy the traditional family and the Judeo/Christian morality that underpins it. It works to destroy the Judeo/Christian belief that human life is unique thus paving the way for the masses to be managed like ants in an ant-hill. Every PP facility is a fortress of Leftist ideology and its workers are activists for the regime that rules us.

The Ruling Media Class and its Leftist coalition allies, Big Business that benefits from government and the Obama White House will fight tooth and nail to defend and publicly fund PP. They are not shocked by the recent revelations. Sadly The current Republican establishment is unlikely to mount more than a token fight. It will take a Donald Trump in the White House to stop PP’s tax dollars.

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