Our Crypto-Muslim President

The latest MSM-orchestrated and wholly invented furore surrounding Donald Trump is a sign of Media Class desperation. Until now he has been chided for things he has said. Now he is being chided for literally saying nothing.

According to CNN’s homosexual Anderson Cooper, he who was born with the silver spoon in his rectum, The Donald should have sprung to the defense of Obama during a Trump rally in Rochester, New Hampshire on Thursday. At a packed meeting, the first questioner began by stating that Obama was not a citizen and was a Muslim, and then referred to Muslim terrorist training camps in the US. He finished by saying “we have a problem in this country. It is called Muslim”. He invited Trump to say what he would do as President in response to these problems. Without commenting on the man’s statement other than that these were widely held views, Trump said he would be looking into them.

It is reassuring that a President Trump would be looking into the existence of Muslim training camps. I also would like to think that a President Trump would initiate a real investigation into Obama’s birth records, though I doubt this will happen simply because there will be too many pressing problems facing him. I am sure, though he did not say so, that Trump recognizes that as we have over 3 million Muslims in the US, we have a Muslim problem. Any Western country with a Muslim population has several major problems.

On this website we try to be exact in our choice of words, for in contemporary America, where official MSM propaganda has replaced news and entertainment, and the language is corrupted by New-Speak, it is essential that we stubbornly resist the theft of true meaning. We have described the Muslim invasion of the West as Islamic Imperialism. We think this is the most accurate description of a movement that seeks to colonize us by numbers and birth-rate, impose Sharia Law and silence opposition with violence and terror.

We do not call Obama a Muslim, because, as far as we know, he does not attend a Mosque and he has not stated yet that he has ‘evolved’. We monitor his policies and personal actions and have concluded that he is a ‘crypto-Muslim’. We consider this to be the most exact description of him. ‘Crypto’ means ‘hidden’, secret, ‘not apparent or prominent’ and ‘inconspicuous’.

Website visitors familiar with the history of Soviet Communist Imperialism from the 1930’s through to the end of the 1950’s, will know why we use the word ‘crypto’. In the years when many Western anti-Christian intellectuals admired Marxism and it looked as though the Soviet Union’s military, in combination with the West’s homegrown Communists, would conquer Christendom, there were many in High Places who denied their Communist sympathies but promoted the Soviet Union’s agenda at every opportunity

In over-riding immigration quotas in order to bring to America tens of thousands of Muslim Syrians, Obama is once again promoting Islamic Imperialism. His speedy invitation to the White House of the 14 year old Muslim youth who took to school an invention that had every appearance of a bomb, was a coded signal of friendship and special treatment to the Muslim world.

Obama’s White House invitations and his friendly phone calls are intended to send brazen signals to both his friends and enemies. The invited friends are transvestites, homosexuals, perverts of all descriptions, Black celebrities and law-breakers, and Muslims. Those who are excluded are his enemies –Christians, diligent police officers and wounded and heroic soldiers.

With the aid of the MSM, the Muslim youth who took to school a replica of a bomb disguised as a clock, and was removed to a police station, is being heralded as the victim of Islamo-phobia. The youth has a Muslim name and his father is a Sudanese politician and active Muslim lawyer. All those who treated the youth’s suitcase as a potential Islamic terrorist bomb and took precautions, were behaving rationally.

Islamic Imperialist terrorists, all across the world, constantly use youths, children and women as suicide bombers. The terrorists swim amongst the bigger and generally sympathetic Muslim population, waiting to strike. We might ask how the father gained entry to the US. This writer has a relative who has now waited over 8 years on the legal waiting list and will probably wait another 8 years whilst America’s potential enemies, hostile religionists and criminals are allowed by Obama to gain immediate entry and citizenship.

Trump was diplomatic when he navigated around the question in Rochester but he could quite properly have congratulated the man for his courage and patriotism. Some conservatives are speculating that the man was an agent provocateur but we think not, for he included the terrorist training camps in his list of Muslim threats. We speculate that the youth and his Muslim Sudanese lawyer father set out to arouse alarm and create a victim for publicity. Their stunt has made it easier for Muslim terrorists to take bombs into school without scrutiny.

The Morning Consult Poll today released its post-debate results and they show that Trump has increased his support from 33% to 36%. Carson has fallen to 12% and the Fiorina ‘surge’, much celebrated by the MSM and Elitists, has peaked at 10%. ‘Tippy-toes’ Bush remains at 6% despite his devastating surge of energy. Trumps refusal to apologize to Bush’s wife and now his refusal to apologize to Obama’s wife, the wife of every Muslim in America, and Anderson Cooper’s gay-bar-owning ’wife’ Benjamin Maisani, will further cement his support from America’s sane and informed conservatives.

——————–—————- Donald Trump 36%

———— Ben Carson 12%

———- Carly Fiorina 10%

——— Marco Rubio 9%

——- Ted Cruz 7%

—— Chris Christie 6%

—— Jeb Bush 6%

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