One More Campaigning Day To Monday

With only Saturday left for active campaigning, there is not much opportunity for the Opinion Poll ever-hopeful also-rans – Bush, Carson, Fiorina, Paul, Christie and Kasich – to make a showing in Iowa. With the main contest shaping up to be only between Trump, Cruz and Rubio, it looks like the others have expended much money and time to little effect. This is particularly true of Bush, once the favorite.

If the latest polls are accurate and last night’s debaters and absentee fail to influence much, Trump should have a narrow win over Cruz and Rubio will emerge as the Republican establishment’s best hope. That is until the following week in New Hampshire, when Trump looks certain to win comfortably. Since neither States’ primaries are considered to be very representative of the larger battle ground, all eyes will be on South Carolina and then Nevada.

What this adds up to is that although everyone has become impatient for the first shots to be fired, the big and decisive battles will still be to come. Bush can survive a drubbing in the first two skirmishes but will be finished if he fails to be up near the leaders in the South Carolina race. It will surely take a miracle for Carson, Paul, Kasich and Christie to survive if, after SC, they haven’t broken away from the pack at the back.

Only Michael Savage has drawn attention to Ted Cruz’s problem of facial appeal – or rather a lack of it. Recently he commented that Ted has a resemblance to a Movie vampire. Perhaps it is the eye-brows and the thin lips. But Savage is right. Life can be unfair and looks should not count when choosing a President, but we are in the age of TV, so looks matter. Despite what anti-Americans like Bret Stephens write, Cruz is a good and honorable man and his Christian principles have been absent for too long in the White House. If he defeats Trump and becomes the nominee he will get my vote, though I doubt he will defeat the MSM plus Clinton, Biden or The Squaw.

Donald Trump, a big man with a big face and a relaxed presence on stage, is blessed with a sunny disposition and the stance of a confident and rightful occupant at the center of things. Real humor is never far below the surface and more than any other candidate, except Carson, he seems good-natured. It is just possible that all of this is just an act and really he is a mean, bitter, humorless tyrant who will unleash a reign of intolerant authoritarianism once in the White House. Well, I don’t think so, and truthfully, none of the Republican candidates seem significantly mean-spirited, humorless or potentially tyrannical. Whether, Trump apart, they have what it takes to roll back a Revolution and secure the Nation’s territorial integrity, is another matter.

On the other side, Clinton is bitterness, meanness, humorlessness and tyranny personified. The Squaw certainly is all four plus a good dose of icy cold-bloodedness. Her feminazi Academic minions would be sitting just below the gallows, awaiting the Christian-packed tumbrels, their baskets at the ready. Bernie is the wild-eyed Trotsky of Russia‘s civil war, or is he the Marat of the French Revolution? Biden is the jolly bully with the mean streak. God save America from all of them.

We think that Trump, head to head with any of the Far Left Revolutionary Democrats, will be seen by Americans not only as a Nationalist and an achiever, but as the nice guy he is.

Here is a small but significant point! Sanders is often paired with Trump as an ‘outsider’. This is cleverly done to disparage Trump as just another loose canon. In fact the two have nothing in common for Sanders is only another life-long professional politician whose world has been dominated by politics and government. He has had minimal experience of the world of work and daily life where politics play no part. Trump has lived in the world where politics is on the fringes.

On the Democrat side are the activists for whom politics are the meat and drink of life. What government is doing and can do is a preoccupation. These people move in political circles and everything is political. On the Republican side, activists and professional politicians are likewise obsessed with politics.

But there are also many people on the Right, perhaps the majority, who have businesses to run and non-government jobs and who resent the intrusion of politics and government into their lives. For these people, a candidate’s political resume is not impressive. The fact that Donald Trump has never been a politician is precisely what people like most about him. Consequently he is attracting support from the opposite motivation of the Sanders’ crowd. In this sense, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Christie, Paul, Kasich and other Republicans are too much like Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley – a lifetime preoccupied with politics!

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