No Boots On The Ground

When George Bush gave the orders to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, this website supported him. We believed then, and still do, that it was the most appropriate response to 9/11. His isolationist critics on the Right have never set out an alternative effective counter-attack against the Islamic terrorism of that time. Iraq and Afghanistan were ruled by belligerent and dedicated anti-Americans who were more than happy to provide a safe haven for anti-American terrorists.

Iraq had an Iron Curtain as impenetrable as Stalin’s ever was. No-one knew what deadly weapons Sadam had developed but he was as blood thirsty as ISIS, the only difference being that like Stalin and Hitler he concealed his crimes from the world. Today, ISIS wants the Western world to witness them and be terrified into submission.

We subsequently criticized Bush for failing to follow up his courageous and patriotic decision with a relentless campaign against peaceniks and Leftist enemies at home. We expect a Commander-in-Chief who sends American troops into combat, to stomp the Nation from one end to the other, fighting defeatism and those who are giving comfort to the enemy. Bush retreated into his shell and thus failed to properly prosecute the war.

The Mainstream Media, the anti-American Left and Right-wing isolationists have since been allowed to write a false history of that war and its origins. They have claimed that it was only about Big Oil, or was a Bush personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein, or that Bush was a hostage to the armaments industry. Bush, for all his faults (and we have no liking for the spineless, accommodating Republicanism of the Bush family), was a decent man and a patriot despite his inadequacies as a President. (For the record we had no liking for his VP either.)

Whatever George Bush’s many shortcomings, he was not motivated by an animus towards America, its core people, its traditions and its Constitution. Nor did he promote the interests of America’s rivals, critics and enemies. Moreover he was and is a Christian.

His successor is an opposite in every way. We say that Bush failed to prosecute war with sufficient vigor but he was genuinely burdened by the American casualties. His successor cannot be trusted with the lives of young Americans. He sees more good in America’s enemies than in ‘his’ country. He has purged the military of patriotic fighting leaders and replaced them with his lackeys and perverts, deliberately reducing its effectiveness. He has constantly praised the religious beliefs of our main enemy and seeks to import their adherents into our cities.

No patriot can trust him to wage a victory-seeking war against the Muslim enemy. He cannot be entrusted with the lives of our best young men whose families he has constantly denigrated as Bible and gun loving bigots. John McCain, who never misses an opportunity to please the MSM; strut before its cameras; and undermine the Republican Party’s grass roots, has denounced those who oppose Muslim immigration whilst calling for ‘boots on the ground’ in the Middle East. He is a vain man so consumed with a hunger for the MSM spotlight that he has become unhinged.

We say that as long as Obama is Commander-in-Chief and the military leadership he chose is left in place, no American soldier should be asked to fight abroad. Let Russian soldiers fight ISIS for there is no doubt that Putin will wage war against Russia’s Muslim enemies with ruthless determination and without ambivalence. Meantime, here in America, Nationalists can do everything in their power to obstruct and prevent Obama’s Muslim invasion.

Donald Trump, the emerging Nationalist campaigner, grows by the day and so do his poll numbers. He is now saying that if elected he would consider closing Mosques and would send back to the Middle East those who Obama has imported. Yes, he qualifies these statements with conditions, but he is moving the debate further in the Nationalist direction with every utterance, driving his competitors into public commitments and enabling the working people to find their voice.

One last comment to support our previous claims that the Muslim terrorists swim in the Muslim communities of the West’ s big cities. The surviving Paris terrorists were tracked down to a Muslim neighborhood. In Brussels, the masterminds of the Paris attack lived in a Muslim neighborhood.


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