In the early hours of this morning, unable to sleep, the word neo-con came into my mind. It is a much-used word by both Leftists and those on the Nationalistic Right since they share some common issues. The term itself is rather misleading if my understanding of its use is correct. I would have thought that ‘neo-con’ would describe activists and intellectuals who are close to being conservative but not wholly there. Certainly the term ‘neo-Nazi’, from which neo-con has evolved, means near to Nazi-ism. It is of course used as a term of abuse with the intent of smearing opponents. It is rarely used as a simple description. ‘Neo-con’ is also used as a means of abuse and to smear and I suppose it conjures up an image of extreme conspiratorial groups.

When the term is used by Leftists, by the conspiracy-fearing loons who email Pat Buchanan and by the anti-American fringe of the BNP, it is targeting those around President Bush who advocate war against Islamic Imperialism, the defense of Israel by the US and global trade. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that the neo-cons being denounced are mostly Jews and that they are accused of manipulating US policy (and President Bush) to further international and Israeli Jewish interests. I am sure Pat Buchanan believes that the neo-cons have Israel’s interests in the forefront and I am equally sure that the BNP leadership shares his view. I do not bracket either with the loons who use Buchanan’s website for their anti-Semitism, for I think it is entirely proper to question US policies towards Israel, the motives of the Iraq war advocates, and the wisdom of global economics. Some of the same people who do not like being labeled ‘neo-cons’ are quick to resort to the use of the label ‘anti-Semite’ for anyone who mentions Jewish influence in US politics. All of this makes rational discussion difficult and inhibits free speech, yet I suspect that most rational people who are interested in politics and searching for truth have mixed feelings about US policy on Israel, the wars in the Middle East, Jewish influence in Western politics and global trade. They have mixed feelings because there is some truth on all sides of the issues.

For what it is worth, I will tell visitors to this website that we believe that Israel must be supported in its struggle for survival with Islamic Imperialism, even though the foundation of Israel involved a great injustice to Palestinians. Some things cannot be put right and Israel, the Christian West, much of the non-Christian East and civilization in general has a common and lethal enemy in Islamic Imperialism. We are at war with it and the cockpit for this war is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Buchanan and those who share his anti-war views are deluding themselves when they believe that we can stop fighting without surrendering.

Last night, when sleepless, I thought I had invented a new word- ‘neo-com’. I have been re-reading Whittaker Chambers ‘Witness’ and I thought the word was a good description of Alger Hiss, Harold Ware and the other Leftists who had infiltrated the US Government and some of whom graduated to treason on behalf of the Soviet Union. (‘Pinkoes’ was an accurate word greatly used in the past but now too closely connected to homosexuality). Searching back on the Internet, I discovered that Joseph Farah of World Net Daily had written a piece in July 2006 and believed he had invented it. I then discovered that David Horowitz had used the term back on May 1st 2003. Both are excellent political commentators and always worth reading, so not surprising that they beat me by years. I expect they are both what Buchanan would call ‘neo-cons’ too!

Anyway, I have come up with a term that I believe is truly original. It is ‘neo-tots’ and I use it to describe all those political globalists who infest the UN, the European Community apparatus, the World Bank, the self-styled International Courts and those who seek to destroy national boundaries. It is short for neo-totalitarians, for these are the people who would like to have one set of rules on everything (and especially concerning speech and thought) encompassing the world. These rules would be devised   ostensibly by the great and the good, but would happen to coincide with the Media Class agenda of moral relativism. Well, you first read the word here!

In the US, the Media’s promotion of Obamania continues unabated. It is impossible to properly comment on it here for it is overwhelming in its volume. The WSJ on Thursday had a giant front page article supposedly about campaign posters but it was really an excuse to have flattering pictures of Obama and thousands of flattering words to promote his star status. A couple of paragraphs caught my eye. One began “There appears to be little demand for art promoting Sen. John McCain…art experts say”. The next began “The art world is always entirely left of center” says photo-realist painter Chuck Close”. The article reveals that the Art world is busy promoting Obama for all it is worth. Readers of this website will not be surprised by any of this for we (alone) have long argued that the Media Class that now rules has many interwoven components and that these are not accidentally linked but arise from the origins of the Class. Hollywood/Movie making, TV entertainment and news, Print Media, Fashion, Radio, Theater, Art and more recently Sport—all who own it and work in it are inexorably linked and cannot help promoting a common agenda.

The UK’s BNP did a little better in three recent local council bye-elections on Thursday, consequently the Party posted up the results on its website. The previous week it had some disastrous results in five wards and went quiet about the results. I think this is a mistake for the Party has nothing to be ashamed about when the British public cannot be bothered to leave their TV’s and vote for survival. In my book, the failure of the great majority of the native people to cast a vote for the only Party that cares about their nation only highlights the heroism of the Party stalwarts who campaign against great odds. I think the BNP would be better served by a website that posted up both the good news and bad, thus enhancing its reputation for honest reporting in stark contrast to the MSM and the BBC in particular. I  advise everyone to read the BNP website for today, 19th July, for only there will you read the truth about the epidemic of violent crime that is the result of uncontrolled immigration. At the same time as learning some facts about crime and ethnicity, the reader will also learn more about the conspiracy of the Media to misinform the public. I suppose this partly explains why the Brits fail to vote for survival when given the opportunity.

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