Muslims on the Offensive

Thanks to the UK’s BNP website I learned early this morning the news of the outrageous and deadly attack on the Paris office of the French satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’. Much later, the news of the attack surfaced in America’s MSM. The BNP, which has long warned of the dangers of Muslim immigration into Europe, will have had no reservations about giving the news urgency and priority. America’s MSM on the other hand will have delayed the news for as long as possible, pondering how to present it with a laundered content.

We can be absolutely sure that this Paris attack has caused anxiety and disappointment in the newsrooms of the MSM, not only in the USA but all across Europe. The anxiety and disappointment is not for the victims. What will have bothered the MSM propagandists is that they know that this is a Muslim crime too shocking to be effectively concealed or minimized by the Media, that the religion of the perpetrators, even if never mentioned, will be widely understood, and that it will arouse the host peoples to the dangers of Muslim immigrants.

So far not one MSM report in the USA has acknowledged that the attackers were Muslim. Predictably, the MSM has been quick to insert comments by Obama and Kerry which ‘express’ generalized sympathy and condemnation. The Media Class purpose is to deny a platform to any politicians who might associate the crime with Islam and Muslims. It is also the MSM’s policy in all such events to give the impression that Obama is ‘on the job at all times’, cares greatly and jumps to no conclusions about perpetrators.

The truth is that the MSM and the Leftist allies of the Media Class have no sympathy for the people involved with ‘Charlie Hebdo’. Indeed they harbor nothing but great hostility towards anyone who seeks to expose the nature, danger and achievements of Islamic Imperialism, opposes immigration and tries to arouse the native populations with the truth. The Media Class and its Far Left allies in the Western World would like to end free speech and this French satirical magazine was a small voice of honest free speech. As with the case of the LA man who made an obscure video about Islam and then was blamed by Obama for the Muslim attacks that killed an Ambassador and three other Americans and who was officially punished, there is strong Ruling Class disapproval of anyone who challenges the fiction that Islam is a religion of peace.

The French President Hollande, a Far Leftist creature of the French Media Class, welcomes mass immigration from Muslim countries. He will now quickly and briefly express outrage over the killings, then call for no reprisals against the Muslims who are colonizing France with his help. He and his masters and comrades will strain every nerve asserting that the attackers are not in the slightest way representative of France’s Muslim population. After a brief interval they will return to the theme that France’s Muslims are victims of poverty, discrimination and marginalization and that by implication Muslim violence is understandable and justified. In the event that a similar Muslim outrage is perpetrated in the USA, Obama, Holder and the MSM will be propagating the same narrative.

The plain truth is that Islam is unequivocally an intolerant religion whose practitioners, under European domination have slumbered for a few centuries.  In the last fifty or so years it has experienced an awakening and revival and is now resuming its march to world domination. It has been greatly assisted in this endeavor by several phenomena. In Europe, the abandonment of Empires and withdrawal from Muslim countries unleashed guilt about past White Imperialism. This resulted in the opening of doors to a mass invasion of immigrants from Muslim countries. Those in the invaded Nations who protested were, and still are, accused of alarmism, bigotry, labeled as ‘Nazis’, intimidated, and persecuted by the emerging Media Class, its Leftist allies and sinister internationalist forces. The Media Class (through its entertainment arm) and in alliance with Feminists and anti-Christians have worked to destroy the natural and stable family, undermine proper marriage, deride child-bearing, emasculate men and murder babies in the womb. In the Muslim world, imported Western medical knowledge has led to an explosion in births and survival, and generated surplus population that can be exported to the West.

Islam is inherently incompatible with any other culture and is therefore indigestible for host Nations. It is also a religion of violence. Its practitioners seem immune to the attractions of Western personal freedoms. Muslim immigrants have arrived in the West at a time when its Christian religion is not only under attack from a newly dominant and debauched Ruling Class but has dramatically fallen in numbers. Christian leadership has retreated from muscularity to masochism, from resistance to surrender. And Muslims have arrived at a time when a new Ruling (Media) Class has corrupted the native population with an infantile, sterile and dissolute culture which is destroying the will to resist whilst simultaneously shocking and reinforcing Muslim confidence in their moral superiority.

Muslim immigrants in the West, multiplying themselves with children, rejecting inter-marriage and submitting only to the disciplined oversight of unwavering religious leaders, discover that their hosts bestow on them the material essentials of life and expect nothing in return. They settle in Western societies where the admired and celebrated are shameless, shocking and amoral female exhibitionists, where the male Pop stars are rich whining protesters and mincing girly-boys with painted faces, where the Ruling Class and its politicians are indistinguishable from the entertainers, where the most popular and richest pro-Sportsmen cannot utter a grammatical sentence, where fantasy replaces reality so that young children are encouraged to choose their gender and where children have been replaced by dogs as the centerpiece of family life.

Seeing all this evidence of the decline of Western civilization, it is no wonder that Muslims in the West are on the offensive. Our enemies are not at the gates, they are already within and their numbers and assertiveness grow by the hour. Worse still, the Rulers of Western civilization are eager to collaborate and ready to submit. All they ask is that they be allowed to wallow in their perverted lifestyles and privilege for a little longer. Since our Rulers have no interest in children, care nothing for Nation and borders, have no belief in a Day of Judgment and afterlife and live only for the next orgasm, Muslims are seeing no reason for patience.

On this website we have the cartoons that Muslims use as an excuse for violence. This is not because we wish to ridicule Islam but to assert free speech.


It is reported on the BNP website that many thousands of Frenchmen are taking to the streets to protest the Paris attack. The law of unintended consequences may see widespread calls for an end to immigration into France, a stunning victory for France’s National Front in the next elections and the downfall of Hollande and his government. Better still it might also lead to demands for the re-armament of the native people. Meanwhile, also not reported in the American MSM but reported on the BNP website, in Germany the PEGIDA marches are growing. These are protests against immigration that take place every Monday evening. The first march drew only hundreds but the latest in Dresden drew 22,000. Hopefully the Paris attack will alert more ordinary Americans to the dangers of mass immigration and especially to the presence of Muslims, for it is surely clear that terrorists like those in Paris can only recruit, organize and strike from bases supplied by the greater Muslim population. Americans will also have their belief in gun rights reinforced.

Many American conservatives must have been sickened by the picture of Boehner affectionately embracing the Far Left Nancy Pelosi after his victory. We can be sure that in contrast he nurses a very different set of emotions towards the 25 Republican Congressmen who opposed him. We salute them but there is little consolation to be had from their stand. More than 220 Republican House members supported Boehner and not one of the 25 showed the determined leadership that would have suggested a genuine insurrection. A heavyweight and serious challenger would have raised the banner of resistance back in November, offered a counter-revolutionary program and campaigned with the gloves off.

Finally, who is surprised that Jeb Bush is backtracking on same-sex marriage?  He is no better-perhaps worse- than Boehner, McConnell and his own brother. It would be reassuring to think he has no chance in the primaries but given that more than 220 Republican Congressmen voted for Boehner, who now feels confident enough to brazenly pose embracing the Far Left Pelosi, who can be sure? A Jeb victory in the Republican primaries would surely be the end of the Republican Party and the Two-Party system.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Temperatures across the USA are extremely low. What about all that warming? The expected El Nino that was to have brought much-needed rain to the West Coast is now unlikely to arrive and the reason offered by the experts is that the Pacific is too cold. Yet we have been constantly warned that the oceans are dangerously warming! In the UK it is cold and wet—as always.

Music Choice

The genius Charlie Parker, around the late 1940’s, was a guest in the home of the blind pianist Lennie Tristano. A tape has surfaced of the two of them playing the tired old popular song ‘All of Me’. Parker casually displayed his mastery of chord exploration, instant melodic invention, superb timing and logic. Drummer Kenny Clarke was also present but without his drum kit. He can be faintly heard playing on a phone book with his brushes. Alto-saxophonist Parker’s playing will never be matched.

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