Muslims Bring Terror To California

California, long America’s trail-blazer for alien racial and cultural inclusiveness, tolerance of Third World immigration, the disarming of law-abiding citizens, open borders and a war on Christianity, yesterday tasted the fruits of progressive virtue.

Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, long snug and prosperous in San Bernardino with a newly arrived baby, consulted their Koran for its message of peace, girded their body armor, checked their guns and pipe bombs, and hastened to Syed’s place of work to kill as many of his fellow-workers as possible.

The sudden death of at least 14 Californians as they were enjoying a religiously and culturally-insensitive Christmas party, seems to have been another incident of work-place violence, perhaps provoked by the creation of a hostile Christian environment. Since, as Rahm Emmanual famously said, a crisis should never be wasted, here is an opportunity for Obama to advance the cause of citizen disarmament.

Although it was clear from early reports that the San Bernardino attack was a Muslim terrorist attack, many in the Mainstream Media, so skilled at immediate disinformation, managed to avoid the ‘M’ and ‘I’ words, insisted that there was no evidence of terrorism, and one or two reporters mentioned that there was a possibility of militia involvement.

No doubt, despite the best efforts of the Obama Administration and the Media Class, those who search the Internet will eventually glean many relevant facts about the Muslim shooters. But do not expect to get the full facts from any official source. No police chief who cares about his pension is going to risk provoking Obama’s Justice Department by mentioning Islamic terrorism. They are all aware that he never does and nor do any members of his Administration. To do so would be to invite DOJ attention and risk an investigation into systemic racism. All police chiefs know that CAIR will be watching and that CAIR has access to a friendly MSM at short notice and a hotline to Obama.

Despite the cautious official statements from San Bernardino we know that Mr. Farook was a devout Muslim and had visited Saudi Arabia. We know that he and his wife intended to film their work for Allah. We know that Muslims around the world are celebrating Farook’s blow against the USA and its infidels.

We can be sure that Obama, his Far Left Democrat Party comrades, and the Revolutionaries who infest the MSM, are always delighted when a mass shooting takes place in the USA — providing the perpetrator is White. It offers an unexpected opportunity to further impose the Revolutionary Leftist agenda on the American people, combining White guilt with grounds for more gun control. To be fair, we counter-revolutionaries dread such events for they allow the Far Left to go on the offensive.

Similarly, we can be sure that in today’s divided America, the MSM and the Far Left Democrats are constantly in dread of acts of Muslim terrorism, especially when they take place on American soil. No-one doubts that the San Bernardino massacre will bolster Trump’s poll numbers and put Internationalists and Leftists on the defensive.

Some might wonder why the Left and the Media Class aligned themselves with a religion that is obsessively anti-American, brutally anti-homosexual, anti-Feminist and totally uncompromising. By including Muslims within the protected ‘minorities’ category, they have grasped a tiger by the tail, for Islamists are not a weak-minded people, incapable of self-organization, dependent on government handouts and neatly corralled into a Leftist voting constituency. Instead they are foot-soldiers for a resurgent religion of violence with a historical quest for global domination.

We have to assume that the Far Left and the Media Class, driven by an emotional hatred of Christianity, shortsightedly saw an opportunity to ally with the enemy of their enemy. Almost always in such fundamental and unconscious choices there are several other factors coming together. On this website we believe that the Left saw an opportunity to further Balkanize America and thus make it easier to rule. It saw a religion and culture that would resist integration and would reject the old democracy of the Constitution. It saw ‘people of color’. Perverts in the Media Class saw that beneath the surface, Islam has long designated women as child-bearers and inferiors, whilst viewing young boys as sexual objects. Many Leftists are emotionally drawn to a totalitarian and brutally intolerant movement. And lurking in the perverted Media Class is a powerful undercurrent of sado-masochism that is shamelessly indulged and publicly celebrated in Islam.

If all this combined to draw the Media Class and Far Left Democrat Party into aligning itself with uncontrollable and unpredictable Islam, it unwittingly selected a community organizer to take the White House, without sufficiently investigating his background. Perhaps no-one could have foreseen that the intellectually shallow and opportunist Obama would evolve into a crypto-Muslim, who would unlawfully use his Presidential powers to brazenly import Muslim hordes into America just before a crucial election.

It is now too late for the Democrats and their masters to adequately distance themselves from militant Islamists in America. Even if they wanted to, Obama will not let them. He has tasted autocratic powers, found them addictive, and his narcissist personality cannot contemplate retreat. He will go further and further down the road of protecting and advancing Islam in America, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge its terrorist acts in the face of the most overwhelming evidence. That is the man he is and who the Far Left and Media Class are stuck with until November 2016. He will use this last year of his rule to flaunt the absolute power he has discovered. The MSM and the Democrats will have to do their best to support and camouflage his pro-Muslim utterances and policies.

The carnage in San Bernardino will have to be reported by the MSM shorn of its obvious links to a wider terrorist network in the USA. Yet it is inconceivable that Farook was a lone wolf. And what of the Third Man initially reported as one of the shooters? We can find no mention of his/her whereabouts. Farook, like all terrorists in an enemy country, will have been swimming among a community of sympathizers and active supporters. Worse for the Left (and those Republicans who are soft on immigration) is the participation of Tashfeen Malik in the cold-blooded slaughter. Only a week ago, Obama was sneering at those heartless wimps who were fearful of the harmless Muslim women and children who were entering America.

Last night the inexhaustible Donald Trump was holding another packed rally in Manassas, Richmond, Virginia. On stage with him were nine Black pastors, eager to be identified with his “movement”. They referred to the meeting in Trump Towers, validating his claim that he met with a hundred of their brethren. Richmond has a large Black population and last night’s rally must have sent shivers down the spines of Hillary, the Democrats and the Republican elite. Then came San Bernardino to validate Trump’s positions on immigration and Muslims in America.



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