Muslim Stabs 4 In Merced

You will not see this headline in the Mainstream Media because it is against Media Class policy to mention Muslims, Blacks and Perverts in a negative context. It is also against the policies of journalists’ unions- an example of Leftist ideology overcoming the employer/employee divide.

Just in case our website visitors rely on the MSM for news, we can confirm that the 18 year old male who attacked with a large knife four people on the UC Merced campus, has been named as Faisal Mohammad. It is with great pleasure we can report that Mr. Muhammad was shot dead by police before he was able to stab more victims. All four victims will survive, though as two were flown to hospital as emergencies, it may well be that they will be permanently incapacitated.

Given that Merced in California is far away from the urban centers where Muslims have settled in significant numbers, it is likely that the victims were non-Muslim. Some or all may have been Christian but if we have to rely on the MSM for news, we will never find out. Indeed this chilling attack has no ingredient to interest the MSM. No guns, no immigrant victims and an Islamist perpetrator guarantees MSM disinterest, and the incident will be quickly buried, that is if it ever reaches a national audience.

The late Mr. Mohammad came to UC Merced (a newly founded engineering college) from Santa Clara, a city that is being swallowed by San Jose and Silicon Valley. It would be interesting to know where he originated and if he is an American citizen, but again, the MSM will not want to uncover anything so relevant.

We only know that he was a Muslim because of his name, for I have yet to see anything in the news that mentions his religion. We expect the authorities to conclude – after a ‘thorough’ investigation- that he was a loner, socially isolated, perhaps depressed and almost certainly mentally ill. No official will dare to assert that his attacks were motivated by Islam.

It is reported that he had no previous criminal history, so it is doubtful that he was a gang member and thus familiar with physical violence. It is likely that many of the Muslims who are rapturously sawing the heads off of fellow human beings also have no previous history of criminal violence. This is an important point, for prior to the eruption of Islamic Imperialism, the only people who were willing to slice fellow human beings were those with a history of bloodthirsty violence, such as gang members.

Modern man is likely to be squeamish about sticking a knife into another human being, unless in desperate self defense or in rage. It might be that work in a slaughter house reduces squeamishness but few do such work and it is unlikely that Mr. Mohammad ever worked in a slaughterhouse. Yet it is reported that he went about his knife work with a smile on his face. This suggests that he considered he was doing Allah’s work. Stabbing innocent people, in this case fellow students, requires greater emotional detachment than shooting them. This is truly a horrific crime for Mr. Mohammad obviously set out to kill many, and by hand. America does not need adherents to the Religion of Peace.

In the MSM reports of the Kentucky elections I saw no mention of the victory of Jenean Hampton as Lt. Governor. This might be explained by the facts that she is a conservative Republican, a former Air Force Captain, an MBA and Black. It seems that this 57 year old, who thankfully is not a career politician, had an impoverished childhood in Detroit and managed to pull herself up by her own bootstraps.

Lt. Governor Hampton can expect hostile treatment from the MSM and no congratulatory phone call from President Obama. He and Loretta Lynch are too busy helping ‘justice-involved youth’ ( a new Orwellian term substituted for ‘young Black criminals’) and releasing Black criminals from prison.

It seems that even the MSM’s polls have to admit that ‘The Donald’ is back on top. This will disappoint the Far Left Democrats but will disappoint the Republican Party elite far more. It has been pointed out by Talk Show hosts, but needs constant repeating, that the Republican leadership and its financial paymasters, are quite forgiving of those of the Far Left across the aisle, but are filled with unforgiving loathing of Trump and his grass roots conservative, patriotic followers.

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