Muslim Migrant Invasion Must be Resisted!

We recommend you watch this video produced by the Britain First movement which sets out statistics of Muslim birthrates in Western Nations. It also sets out statistics of birthrates by the native citizens of Western Nations. If these statistics are remotely accurate and present trends continue, Western civilization will surrender to, or be overwhelmed by, Islam in our children’s lifetime.

Britain First is a ‘Far Right’ rival to the ‘Far Right’ British National Party in the United Kingdom. It is a small Nationalist group that has splintered from the small BNP. If it has a political platform other than resistance to immigration, it will probably be Socialist-leaning. Like the BNP, and like all Nationalist groups and parties in Europe, its small membership and limited impact can be largely attributed to the persecution it suffers at the hands of the British Media Class (using their Mainstream Media/MSM), its Leftist allies and International Big Business.

Comparing European politics to American politics is a dangerous exercise, for America’s history is unique and exceptional and therefore so too has been its politics. Nevertheless, since the Media Class, through its purged Far Left Democrat Party, captured control of Congress and the White House in 2008, its stealthy revolutionary agenda has transformed American politics. The awesome power of the new Ruling Class, exercised through its MSM propaganda; buttressed by the selective largess of the Federal government and its fabulously wealthy elite, and reinforced by ever-bolder official lawlessness, has reduced the Republican Party in Congress to an ineffectual herd of sheep.

One consequence is that the Republican Party of Boehner, McConnell, Jeb Bush et al has so collaborated with the Media Class/Leftist agenda that it has parted company with much of its rank-and-file, hence the support for political maverick Donald Trump and his message of resistance to immigration.. Another consequence is that contemporary American politics now resemble Western Europe’s and the UK. We can more safely make comparisons and predictions.

In both the European Union and the UK there has been a steady and stealthy policy of Third World mass immigration. On the surface this policy, just as in the USA, appears to be a Big Business response to shrinking native birth rates and labor shortages. But a closer examination reveals an underlying ideological agenda aimed at eliminating national borders, language, customs, Christianity and racial and cultural identity.

The shrinking birthrate in the West has long been officially encouraged by taxation, attacks on the traditional family, the promotion of homosexuality, Leftist Feminist propaganda in education, birth control, abortion, the abolition of gender and the substitute of the dog for the child in the Media’s ‘ideal’ family.

To enable this stealthy policy of racial suicide – potentially unpopular – to remain unopposed, the weapons of politically correct speech, bolstered by laws curtailing free speech, and savagely enforced have largely silenced dissent. Where necessary, as in the UK, the employment of violent Red mobs, encouraged by a centralized police force that looks the other way, has resulted in suppressed Nationalism. This is why the BNP, Britain First and similar organizations are so small.

Europe is now being over-run by a Muslim invasion, over-whelmed within by the Muslim birthrate and both accelerated by the abysmal native birthrate. Since the Islamic Imperialists are open about their agenda of domination and are proudly displaying their cruel ruthlessness to the world, the madness of the Western World’s Ruling Class is difficult to comprehend. The explanation offered by this website is that a Ruling Media Class composed of Godless perverts, Bohemians and Fantasists is inevitably a morally sick one, short-sighted and divorced from reality. Its Leftist ideological allies, equally Godless and divorced from the reality of Human Nature, and the greedy Internationalists of Big Business, are equally short-sighted and living for the moment.

In the USA, the same Media Class/Leftist coalition is ruling and can anyone deny that Obama and the Democrat Party seek to emulate Europe’s and the UK’s politics? To make matters worse, Obama is a crypto Muslim and intends to use his unopposed (by Congressional Republicans and a suborned Supreme Court) illegal powers to accelerate America’s Muslim population.

Fortunately for Americans there remain some differences from Europe and the UK. The Constitution exists and still exerts an influence, Americans have not been disarmed, real Christianity has not completely succumbed to fashion and compromise, and now Donald Trump has unleashed a latent Nationalism. His new and galvanized followers must demand that he publicly and un-ambivalently oppose the importation of more Muslims and the deportation of those illegally here. At the same time, American Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives must actively exercise free speech and ownership of guns lest they suffer the same official suppression that now plagues their European counterparts.


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