Military Has Been Purged

It has long been the contention of this website that we live in Revolutionary times. We took this view when we recognized that a new Class had emerged in many Western Nations and was powerful enough to claim political power. We named the Class ‘The Media Class’ and in the USA we attributed its rise to the marriage between Hollywood and the TV industry. We have always maintained that the mainstream News Media is the source of its power. History teaches that when a new Class usurps political power it unleashes a Revolution for it seeks to replace the old values with ones that reflect the character of the newly-dominant Class.

We are unfortunate in these times that the new Class is not representative of industry, agriculture, technology, banking or even the State bureaucracy. Any one of these Classes usurping power for itself would have been retrogressive for a Nation that was founded on a Christian-based Constitution designed to prevent domination by a Class. America has been exceptional in that its Constitution was written to deny political power to any Class and to prevent an accumulation of power in few hands.

The Founders certainly did not foresee the rise of a Class that was disconnected from all things productive, that would have control over communication, and would be dominated by people who wholly reject normal human sexual behavior, are offended by a culture rooted in traditions and whose sterile sexual tastes preclude any concern with the long-term future.

The core of the Media Class, despite the alliance with the Utopian Left, has little interest in building a new America. It is a Class whose wealth has been created by the manufacture of fantasy both in relation to the past and the future. It has attracted to its ranks those who are unable to fit into a normal community- the sexually perverted, the dissolute, the chronically discontented, the neurotic, the mentally unstable and the self-absorbed. Such people have always been drawn to be entertainers and creators. They have been called ‘bohemian’ and have usually created fringe communities, set apart from emotionally normal and productive people. Despite the presence of talents, no group of people could be more unfitted to be granted the power to remake society in its own image.

Such people are the senior partners of, and locked into, an alliance with a Left seeking totalitarian powers, and this alliance is now ruling, albeit with stealth, the USA. It is a coalition that is frighteningly revolutionary and intolerant. Its constituents are filled with hate for the past and wish to speedily destroy everything that America has represented, but most of all they seek to eliminate marriage, the traditional family and concepts of male and female.

The control over news and information (control of the Nation’s agenda) is enabling our new Ruling Class alliance to do so under the cover of slogans used to advance Black racial equality. The vast majority of Americans are unaware of the speed with which the Revolution is proceeding. Few are aware that the military leadership has been purged of all those committed to traditional norms and that the rank-and-file of the armed services is being transformed from a force designed to resist foreign enemies to one designed to eliminate enemies of social and sexual ‘progress’ at home.

Lt. Commander Wes Modder is not destined to be a household name and his persecution by the Navy hierarchy will not be reported to the American people. A former Delta Force Commander and highly decorated marine with over 19 years of military service he has been, until this last week, a navy Chaplain. He is a member of the Assemblies of God, a Bible-based Protestant Church that is committed to normal marriage and views same sex sexual relationships, along with adultery and abortion as sinful. Such views on marriage, adultery and abortion are mainstream Protestant and Catholic Christian views. They have been held by the vast majority of Americans up until the capture of the White House by the revolutionary Media Class.

Overt homosexual sexual behavior was not permitted in the USA military, a limitation that appeared to have no harmful effects on military effectiveness in two world wars and the Korean War. President Bill Clinton supported the introduction of ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell!’ a policy that continued whilst George W Bush was in the White House. Barack Obama, who was selected as the Democrat Party candidate in 2008 by the Hollywood inner cabal of the Media Class, was elected as President whilst claiming to oppose same-sex marriage. He did not reveal any opposition to DADT prior to his election, but soon after election he announced that he had ‘evolved’ on the issue of SSM. The purging of the leadership of the military, along with a raft of Revolutionary edicts and new laws made by the Federal Judiciary, resulted in the ending of DADT. There followed an influx of homosexuals, lesbians and ‘transgendered’ into the military and the displaying of overt behavior by a small number of previously ‘closeted’ sexual perverts. Some of these have taken advantage of judicial lawmaking in some States to enter into SSM.

This transition of the status of perverts within the military has been energetically enforced by the Obama-purged military leadership. The purge started at the Pentagon and has cascaded down resulting in the removal of many experienced and decorated officers. We claim most have been victims of trumped-up charges or arbitrarily selected charges. No doubt many officers with an eye on their pensions or unwillingness to terminate a career have embraced the corruption of the military. Those Americans who obtain news from sources outside the MSM may be aware of both the purging of the leadership and the ongoing transition of the ranks.

Lt. Commander Modder has claimed that a homosexual male officer, who had ‘married’ another man, was transferred to his command and then began interrogating him on his views on homosexuality and SSM. Modder professed loyalty to his religion and was eventually confronted by the homosexual officer and two ‘equal opportunity’ officers and then removed from his command. He is now being charged with being unable “to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment of the Noral Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, SC.”

Modder believes that he was ‘set up’, and no doubt he is correct. This persecution of the remaining Christians in the military will continue until all are purged and it will be matched by similar procedures in the Government bureaucracy, other public services and the private sector. The inevitable end of this process will be at best unemployment for Christians but more likely criminalization and re-education camps.

The legalization of SSM by the Courts inevitably will lead to the criminalization of opposition to it. The Supreme Court will almost certainly advance SSM for in a Revolution no-one is allowed to stand in the way of the agenda. Blackmail, intimidation and rewards are all at the disposal of a Revolutionary Ruling Class. Counter-revolutionaries should note the speed of the re-making of the military and the reach of the revolution into States that conservatives console themselves are bastions of States Rights and the Constitution. Modder may have believed that as a veteran of combat, highly decorated, with a high rank and deployed in SC he was relatively safe from victimization for traditional Christian beliefs. If he had understood that America was now experiencing a profound Revolution he would have been better prepared. His downfall will be hidden from the American public by the MSM but it will be well-publicized within the military in order to further speed up the purging process.

The website VDARE, a must read for counter-revolutionaries, this week (12th March) features an article by Paul Gottfried headlined “Al Sharpton- The Man Who Brought Us Ferguson”. It is a review of a newly published book by Carl F Horowitz titled ‘Sharpton: A Demagogues Rise’. This book, apparently exhaustively researched, will not be mentioned in any part of the MSM. I intend to buy a copy and then ask for it at my local library. All conservatives should use their own personal networks to spread its existence.

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