Mexico Deepens Rift With Trump: Peso Dives

Our headline is real news, meaning it is based on facts. The Mainstream Media (source of constant fake news and propaganda) has the title the opposite way around in its headlines. “Trump Deepens Rift With Mexico” is the headline written today by WSJ propagandist Peter Nicholas.

The fact is that the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto deepened the rift between the two neighbors by withdrawing from his planned meeting with President Trump. On a back page of the same propaganda newspaper’s Business Supplement is the headline “Peso Dives as US-Mexico Tensions Build”. This is followed by “The Mexican peso tumbled against the US dollar on Thursday after Mexico’s President canceled a visit to the US.” This headline tells us that Mexico has the most to lose in a confrontation.

Yet the MSM is working to present America as the weak and dependent trade partner who dare not offend Mexico. In this falsely constructed context, Trump’s efforts to re-negotiate inter-Nation arrangements are presented as bad news for America and evidence of Mexico’s superior bargaining position.

The truth is that the Mexican economy and Mexican social stability have been dependent on the goodwill and foolishness of its US neighbor for decades. The outward mass flow of its desperate citizens to the US is sufficient proof of a dependent relationship. That flow has been enabled by the Mexican Government’s refusal to control its northern border.

The exodus of Mexicans to America has two short-term benefits for Mexico’s ruling Class. It is a safety valve for economic discontent, and the money workers send home provides welfare payments for those left behind. Mexico needs both.

Within Mexico, crime and corruption are the norm. Consequently those who illegally enter the US are a mix of the economically desperate looking for work or welfare, and criminals – especially those engaged in the narcotics traffic. America’s prisons are overflowing with Mexicans and other Central American criminals convicted of crimes in the US. These prisoners are a burden and financial cost on American citizens and taxpayers as a result of their crimes and their imprisonment.

President Trump as a Nationalist concerned with the protection of the American people, has rightly concluded that since Mexico has a self-serving interest in its citizens actively evading border controls, a physical wall is necessary and justified. Given Mexico’s un-neighborly stance, the President thinks Mexico must be made to pay for the wall. Understandably, President Nieto and his people view the proposed wall as very bad news and would prefer not to pay for it. President Trump believes he holds a strong hand in negotiations and will begin playing his cards.

Now in this coming negotiation (for there will be one eventually), loyal Americans will be hoping for a Trump victory. There are other re-negotiations on the horizon. On all of them loyal Americans will be hoping that Trump does well for America’s interests.

But make no mistake, the MSM and its Far Left allies want Trump (and therefore America) to lose all of them. Both will cheer if the foreigners gain in any way. Both will be angry and hugely disappointed if America’s President wins! Ponder this state of affairs and understand why many on the patriotic Broad Right would welcome a civil war.

Whenever today’s political reality is recognized it becomes clear that America has been irreconcilably divided by decades of Media Class MSM propaganda and false news, culminating in the alliance with the Internationalist Far Left and 8 years of Obama.

The Pink Pussy march, and today’s giant march for life in Washington D.C. are symptoms of the divide. The Pink Pussies would deny the science of human life at conception. In its place they substitute the Revolutionary nu-speak word ‘fetus’ and celebrate dismembering babies for individual convenience. As marchers for the Godless Revolutionary view of the world, their concept of liberty is hedonism. To mask the selfishness of their choices they advocate a vague concern for the whole world and scientifically-proven destructive sexual license.

They are of course victims of Media Class propaganda and their mindlessness is apparent as they marched behind Madonna, Ashley Judd and Donna Hylton. The MSM has concealed the history of Ms. Hylton, a convicted felon whose torture and murder of an imprisoned White man in 1985 included burning him and pushing an iron bar up his anus.

The great news is that today’s giant march of America’s Christian army, though downplayed by a hostile MSM, was addressed by the new Vice President, Trump’s closest adviser, and hailed by the new President. This is evidence indeed of the rise of the Counter-Revolution.

One last pat on the back for this website. Steve Bannon of the Trump team has said these words, “The Media is the opposition party.”

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