The People’s Choice

This week, Mitch McConnell planted his knife beside Liz Cheney’s knife, firmly in the back of President Trump, the rough-hewn leader of their Republican Party. No doubt McConnell, who as Senate minority leader, anticipates six well-paid years of token opposition and retreat from the revolutionary agenda of the illegitimate Biden regime and its MSM/Globalist masters, is gloating over Trump’s removal from office and imminent personal destruction.
Cheney, sired by a global imperialist and a favorite daughter of the swamp-based Republican elite, likewise saw Trump and his noisy nationalist followers as embarrassing obstacles to the liberation of America from its patriotic roots.
McConnell and Cheney, like many – perhaps most – professional Republican politicians and neoconservative insiders, enjoy the good life in Washington DC and feel superior to the rubes back home who provide the votes. Until Trump fired up the base with his ongoing campaigning, nationalism, and irreverence toward the GOP grandees, the McConnells of America were able to return home for elections, utter a few fighting words, get back to DC, and resume the Washington game of fake resistance to the liberal agenda.
Here are some unpleasant statistics that should alarm treacherous McConnell and Cheney, and encourage us.
In Kentucky last November Trump received 62% of the people’s votes (1.33m) and McConnell received 58% (1.23m). In other words Trump received 100,000 more votes than the turtle. We can assume that some of Trump’s voters held their noses and voted for McConnell and 100,000 couldn’t bring themselves to do even that.
In Wyoming, Trump received 70% of the people’s votes (194,000) and Cheney received 69% (186,000). Clearly Trump was more popular than Cheney.
On January 19th, Trump’s final day in office, the Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll recorded total Trump approval at 51% and disapproval at 48%
We are now being bombarded with positive Biden ‘news’, and unless Trump returns to campaigning, we may soon forget that he and us were cheated out of four more years, free speech and a just America. McConnell, Cheney and those who always plotted against him, and the gutless ones like Pence and Waltz who folded when the going got tough, mostly rode on Trump’s coat-tails and our gullibility.
Stay resolute and remember that Trump won.

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