On this website we have long argued that all political events and social trends in the USA and the UK must be viewed within the context of the acquisition of political power by the Media Class. All those who try to explain the unfolding of events in some other way are simply wrong. Even the great Rush Limbaugh and his imitators all get it wrong when they try to blame the modern triumph of US liberalism on Leftist politicians or faulty education of the young. In the UK, the BNP gets it wrong when they ascribe the decline of the nation to the Labour Party Government and the phony opposition Parties in Parliament. Of course, the Leftist politicians, the Leftist academics who use public education to indoctrinate the young, and the International Big Business cartels that conspire with them to eliminate Nation States and impose multi-racial multi-culturalism, all do their bit. However, Radical and Right argue that these Leftist and anti-national forces can only prosper because they help to further the agenda of the ruling Media Class.

Anyone who believes that politicians of any stripe can reap electoral success without the approval of the Media Class is simply not seeing the wood for the trees. There is no business, not even the biggest, that can thumb its nose at the Media Class and prosper for long. Even WALMART will cave to media pressure sooner rather than later. At this very moment, we are seeing the power of the Media Class over the political process. In the UK, the Media Class, that withdrew its support for Tony Blair because he supported the ‘Bush’ war, is now pulling the plug on his successor, the bumbling Gordon Brown. David Cameron, who has embraced the social agenda of the new ruling class, is experiencing the rewards of uncritical Media reporting and his Conservative Party is being groomed for office. It will do nothing to halt the UK’s drift into disaster, but it will play its part in deceiving the British people that they are voting for change that will benefit the Nation. The change they will actually get from a Conservative Party Government will not benefit them, unless one thinks that same-sex marriage, a speedier march into a European totalitarian state and continued mass immigration from the Third World is progress.

In the USA, we are witnessing the clearest ever exercise of power by the Media Class. Way back on this website, I forecast that Hillary Clinton would win the Democrat presidential nomination. Although I did not say so explicitly, I believed she would win it in a canter for I believed that she had already been endorsed and crowned by the Media Class. She thought so too! I guess her surprise and shock is felt much more deeply than mine. Now, she would find it hard to open any newspaper or watch any TV program and discover a positive reference to herself and her campaign. Everywhere the MSM is demanding she withdraw from the contest and is exhaustively amplifying her every flaw, of which there are many. This must be both painful and shocking to her, for these flaws were ignored and buried for so long and the public was told that she was the cleverest and most honorable woman in the world.

Now it is Obama whose problematic past, shady networks and continual mis-steps and lies are being massaged, ignored or explained away and whose every little success is magnified in every column and on every screen. Mrs. Clinton could still win, and one has to admire her tenacity and strength, but I do not believe she can overcome the Media Class switch of support from herself to him. Her continued campaign, which is bloodying the empty-suited Obama, will surely earn the undying hostility of the Media Class and poor Bill will likely be consigned to oblivion. How he will survive as a non-celebrity is anyone’s guess.

The mainstream media switch of support from Clinton to Obama was sudden and swift. CNN, MSNBC and Associated Press led the way, but with the exception of Murdoch’s Fox News, all others soon followed, leaving only the New York Times to play catch-up. None of the networks and major newspapers (except the relatively even-handed Fox) has anything good to report for McCain and I can predict that his treatment will be poisonous long before November. I am told by Mr. Radical that Britain’s BBC is marching in lockstep on Obama and Clinton.

How can it be that the Media in all its various outlets is so uniform? One can pick almost any topic and find the same uniformity. The decision of a Californian Appeals Court to allow same-sex marriage has been greeted with rapture all across the US Media, and not just in California. The rapture has now turned into multiple orgasms with the news that Opinion Polls are showing that Californian voters are now likely to approve. On the Death Penalty issue it would be near impossible to find a Media outlet that supported Capital punishment. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is treated in defeatist fashion in every report every single day. The pre-occupation with AIDS is another Media trait and every MSM outlet portrays wasters, welfare scroungers and criminals sympathetically. In the UK, no MSM outlet will willingly reveal the color of a killer or rapist unless the victim is Black and the perpetrator White and ordinary people now know the racial components simply by the absence of a description.

There are only two possible explanations for this uniformity, especially when a sudden change of reporting bias occurs, as in the case of Clinton and Obama. One is that there is a conspiracy by the Media controllers. It certainly is likely that many Media people meet in the same social networks and even possible that sometimes more formal meetings and contacts take place where political issues are settled. However, the Media centers are scattered across the nations and I find it impossible to believe that CNN, NBC, the NYT editor, the Washington Post editor, the editors at Associated Press and Reuters, et al are communicating every day and adopting a ‘Party’ line.

The other explanation is the one we submit on this website and that is that we are experiencing the power of a ruling Class. Because this Class has evolved and combined with an agenda of its own, what we see is the equivalent of Adam Smith’s invisible hand. Just as free enterprise leads to a multitude of goods appearing in the market place without any master plan, so the Media Class pursues its self-interested agenda both with and without a conscious effort. At this point in history, the newly powerful Media Class that has been accumulating political power since the late 1970’s, demands an overwhelming victory in the US Congress and a President of its own choosing. Most of its agenda is not about economic issues, for it is already a rich Class and growing richer by the day. In order to legitimize its constituents, it is driven to transform society in its own image. If November brings the total victory that the Media Class craves, we can expect to see a mass of social legislation that will transform society. The US Constitution and the current Supreme Court will probably not be an obstacle for long and impediments to revolutionary social change will be swept away. Those Christians and conservatives who out of pique stay away from the ballot box in November will soon find themselves completely marginalized. The change in Californian public opinion on same-sex marriage that so excites the homosexuals and the Media (mostly one and the same!) does not surprise me, for the Media Class is able to change public opinion in general and that of the young in particular. All it needs is time and the suppression of opposition. The Media Class is very impatient, as befits a Class composed of people who are controlled by their appetites, do not believe in an after life, prefer fantasy to reality and consider themselves to be masters of the universe.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

California remains cool with only fleeting evidence that summer has arrived. I suppose this will not impede the Global Warming Agenda.


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