Lindsey Graham’s Treachery

In yesterday’s article we focused on the treachery of Carly Fiorina, who went beyond criticism of Donald Trump’s (reasonable) call for a halt to Muslims entering the USA, and forecast that he would be unable to match Hillary Clinton in 2016. For our money, this amounts to giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Fiorina, along with Jeb Bush, Kasich, Rubio and Christie, in her willingness to please the Mainstream Media by denouncing (not the same as criticizing!) Trump’s Muslim policy as beyond the moral pale, is unfit to campaign as a Republican.

Fiorina however is a recent convert to giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and by enemy we mean not only Islamic Imperialism, but the Revolutionary forces that control the Far Left Democrat Party. Lindsey Graham, the unmarried 60 year old who has represented South Carolina in the US Senate since 2003, has long practiced political treachery there, along with the fellow-traveling John McCain of Arizona.

Graham and McCain have cunningly clothed themselves in patriotism by constantly beating the war drum in relation to America’s foreign policy. Every so often they emerge from Senate hibernation to indulge in empty war-mongering, always with a MSM sound-bite in mind. Their calls for military action are not made to influence Obama’s plans but to impress the folks back home that they are conservative patriots defending America’s interests. In the meantime they practice what the MSM obligingly calls ‘bi-partisanship’ but which is really treacherous collaboration with the Democrats.

Graham, like McCain and all who practice grand political deceit, reserves all his outrage for those on his Right. Graham is not a conservative but merely a seeker after political office. In South Carolina, the modern road to high political office is via the Republican Party and so the ambitious must don conservative clothes. However, once in Congress and Washington DC, the rewards await those who co-operate with the people’s enemies who are ruling and ruining the Nation.

The rewards for collaboration in the Washington DC cesspit are many and varied and can be indulged, enjoyed and hidden from the folks back home, just as long as the MSM keeps secrets. McCain panders to the MSM’s agenda because he craves the limelight and the status of a senior Statesman, but Graham’s motives are less clear.

What is clear is that Graham has seized the opportunity to please the MSM and the Republican elite with the most vitriolic attack on Trump. Here we have an allegedly conservative Republican candidate who, according to every opinion poll, cannot register 2% in his own State where Trump tops the polls, foaming at the mouth with rage over everything Trump says. Graham has been happy to ‘work with’ any and every Democrat in Congress but finds Trump unacceptable.

It is time that the Republicans of South Carolina found the treacherous Graham unacceptable.

Meanwhile we learn that Bush has spent around $30m to peak nationally down at below 5%. Curiously, Karl Rove, a Bush ally who consults opinion polls to decide policy, has written an article in today’s WSJ attacking Trump whilst managing to omit Bush’s numbers. One would have thought he was in a fine position to explain why $30m has bought defeat.

Music Choice

Ever since the Media Class in the Western World emerged and began its mission of corruption and degeneracy, all popular entertainment has relentlessly sought to plumb the moral depths. A Class that wallows in sodomy, every perversion, every decadent and outrageous novelty and the lowest common denominator, has sought to destroy in popular culture all that is normal, grown-up, dignified and connected to past traditions. Boy meets girl, romantic love, real marriage and the begetting of children are absent from all modern entertainment, from the theater, through Movies, through literature to popular music.

On this website we try to bring to the attention of our Conservative visitors, music that flourished up until the 1960’s. and was intended for a discerning, grown-up audience of civilized people. We include popular songs that could be sung by everyone and whose lyrics owed something to poetry. We also recall popular orchestral recordings, jazz and the richly rhythmic Latin music.

Here is a song that was recorded by Allan Jones in 1937 and remained popular for almost 30 years. It originated in the operetta ‘Firefly’ performed in the early 1900’s. The music was written by Rudolph Friml and lyrics by Otto Harbach. In 1937 the operetta was used as the basis for a film and most of the songs, including the ‘Donkey Serenade’, were retained. Jones, a former coal miner who came from a family of Welsh miners who had moved to Pittsburg, became a popular tenor singer and actor and performed the song in the film.

I had always assumed that it was an Italian song but now I learn that the story was set in Spain. The song was composed for an adult male with a masculine voice, and the lyrics reveal a poor man seeking to win the attention of a young lady. It is easy to see how such a song is now absolutely politically and morally beyond the pale. Reach beyond the technical deficiencies of the old recording and simple arrangement, and discover the romantic lyrics and uplifting melody. Timeless!


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  1. I can’t imagine why Lindsey the Sissy never got married. It’s a complete mystery. The only thing worse than a neocon is a fruity one.

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