Limbaugh Sacrifices Reputation For Cruz

With the weekend’s Opinion Polls too close to the actual vote to be mere propaganda, the forecasts of a decisive Trump victory in Indiana on Tuesday, are surely dependable. The Marist/WSJ poll – never sympathetic to Trump if it can be helped – indicate he has momentum too.

Given the overwhelming unity of the poll predictions, we expected Rush Limbaugh, long the voice and leader of a massive army of intelligent, well-informed American Conservatives, to abandon his Quixotic barely-concealed campaign for Ted Cruz, and face up to facts.

Not so! This morning, on his Monday radio show Limbaugh postponed dealing with political reality for the first 45 minutes, choosing instead to wallow in the weekend’s love-fest between Obama and the Mainstream Media’s White House Correspondents. His long, repetitive ramble about the decline of the stature of the Presidential Office, whilst adopting the voice of a man who is greatly saddened, was pathetic. For Limbaugh – so he would have had us believe – the defining moment of the night was a Black comedian making a comment at the dinner using a word that Limbaugh could not repeat for fear of being driven from the airwaves.

Sorry Rush, but you hugely overplayed. All your listeners, like you, have long known that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Far Left, that these get-togethers with Obama are incestuous and utterly predictable as crap, and that the Oval Office of the President was drained of its last vestiges of dignity and lawful authority the day Obama walked in through the door.

Obama was chosen for the Presidential Office by the billionaires of the Entertainment Class and it is fitting that all events of State are now reduced to the level of a late-night TV chat show. The dirty, slangy talk, the inside jokes, the shallow witticisms, the preening and the showing off, are what the Media Class does. You never expected anything else, you were not shocked, and no new depths were reached. How could they be, when this Ruling Media Class of perverts, neurotics, psychopaths, exhibitionists and hypocrites serve up this sewage whenever they congregate.

The truth is Rush, you were postponing talk of the opinion polls in Indiana for as long as possible and thus minimizing their importance as news. When you finally got to them, you took refuge in the obscure IPFW/Downs Center poll that has no credibility (Cruz with a massive 16% lead) and then placed it alongside the reputable Marist/WSJ poll, as evidence that the Indiana polls are ‘all over the place’.

The shrinking number of bitter Cruzites who tune in to you will be appeased until tomorrow and the day of reckoning with the voters, but the rest of us will be saddened that you have willfully jettisoned your integrity. Once lost, integrity is forever elusive. Oh Well! Michael Savage has stepped into the breach and we shall just have to tolerate the occasional dog talk.


  1. I only listen to Limbaugh when I’m in the car during his show. When I turned it on today, he was going on and on about the 10-year-old kid who yelled out “You suck!” at a Cruz event of some kind. Rush’s contention was that the kid’s behavior is generally accepted by society nowadays, but I think that is not the case at all. In my experience, the vast majority of people would agree that the kid was out of line, and really should have been taught better than that – regardless of whether they agree with the kid’s statement.

    I couldn’t believe how uninteresting Limbaugh was during this overlong segment. The incident really was not even half as important as it needed to have been to receive such emphasis. One could tell he was really trying to come up with something positive about Cruz, and now he was scraping the bottom of the barrel. He even got in a half-hearted dig at Trump, but it was weak and he seemed to know it.

    I’ll never understand why so many people have hitched their wagon to Cruz. Cruz is going down, and he’s bringing a number of once influential people down with him.

    Tomorrow will be fun.

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