Inside Donald Trump’s Head

On this website we have many times written, though not in so many words, that Trump is pretty much an open book. He strolls out in front of the massive crowds at his rallies and has a chat with them. We see little evidence that, for better or worse, he holds much back. The old saying (and on this website we like old sayings) ‘what you see is what you get’, surely applies to The Donald, and there is much to be said for supporting a candidate who is transparent.

Of course it matters what the transparent candidate is standing for. Bernie Sanders might have been a relatively open book, but he stood for a highly dangerous, high-speed, revolutionary agenda.

Almost all politicians in the modern era have been anything but open books, usually concealing much of their agenda and to whom they were really accountable. In a giant, over-populated and highly centralized Nation State, money funds campaigns, and rich groups and individuals call most of the shots. The ordinary people do best when the rich shot-callers are divided among themselves.

In 2008, a very united rich group (the finally-matured Media Class) succeeded in passing off on the American people, a candidate who was a very closed book. What was seen was absolutely not what the people got. The Obama that a majority of the American people voted for, was the invention of a very skilled Hollywood industry. We believe they thought they had a visually-appealing, empty-headed, ambitious actor who had no principles but would read the lying lines placed before him.

Only now, seven years later, we are all discovering that there was more to Obama, and that he was consumed with a hatred for America, and especially White, Christian America. Even now, he conceals himself and it is only his actions that speak louder than his soothing words. He has kept his bargain with the Media Class with his Revolutionary social agenda but his attachment to the Far Left is emerging and so is his personal love of power. He is not about to leave the political scene, no matter who wins the Presidency.

Hillary Clinton is anything but an open book, but fortunately her past and character cannot be hidden, even by a MSM working flat out. The only way they can get her elected is by destroying her opponent, and this they are doing at the expense of the last pretenses of Media objectivity.

And so we come back to The Donald who really is an open book with his weaknesses on display, no secret agenda (we might wish he had a secret, furious Counter-Revolutionary agenda), and no rich string-pullers.

Since his agenda is to make America great again, which means some turning back of the clock, we should be happy. Except that his Nationalism and his Conservatism are not anchored to any ideology and he is ill-prepared for the Counter-Revolution he has found himself leading. Trump appears to have thought that he could fight an election in Revolutionary times in the same way he conducted business, supplemented by a mastery of the technology that teens use to chat to each other.

There is nothing wrong with Trump’s motives, indeed they are lily-white, and his opponent is a crook who will further the disastrous Revolution in exchange for an opportunity to loot the Treasury. But we believe that there is nothing more in Trump’s head than we have already seen. This is not to say he is empty-headed or stupid, for he has achieved much that is real in his life. He will surely make a decent, honest President, if he can avoid assassination. But we could wish he had a better historical perspective, a deeper grasp of the power of the Media Class and its MSM, and more knowledge of the Christianity that has shaped America and which would curb his impulsiveness and nurture the humility that helps correct mistakes.

Nevertheless, warts and all, he loves his country and people in general, he has put his life on the line, he has enormous energy and optimism, he speaks the truth at all times, he is no-ones pawn, his policies are conservative and not Revolutionary, he is sexually normal and he has awakened American Nationalism. All good Americans must support him!

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