In Defense of the Donald

We make no apology for continuing to write about Donald Trump. In yesterday’s article we explained our conviction that his candidacy has aroused deep-seated common-sense Nationalist sentiment in the American people. Hearing a Republican candidate condemn unapologetically the invasion of aliens across America’s open borders and demand that an American President should put American interests first is music to the ears of many.

Trump’s politically incorrect plain unscripted speaking has not only struck a chord with grass-roots Republicans, but awakened many more ordinary Americans who have become cynical, even contemptuous, of Republican politicians. We believe that his original remarks about the border and criminal illegals were not made from political calculation but from the heart. His continued refusal to back down in the face of MSM and Republican establishment manufactured hysteria has encouraged, emboldened and energized a common-sense Nationalist impulse long suppressed by State-sanctioned fear.

It may be that Trump has stumbled into his role as a leader and spokesman for the counter-revolution but his personal wealth and fame have bestowed on him a freedom to speak out that is denied many who have jobs and positions where an honest word can bring persecution and unemployment. He has become their voice and thus a deadly threat to those whose intention is to silence all dissent.

On this website we see Trump’s primary candidacy based on borders and America First, as a profound challenge to Obama, the Ruling Media Class agenda and all the Internationalists of the Left who plot our road to serfdom. As long as he continues, defending him is this website’s priority.

We expect the MSM attacks on him to be relentless, misleading and plain dishonest. So it is no surprise that today’s WSJ has a front page article by their Janet Hook (a journalistic hooker if ever there was one!) that under the guise of a neutral commentary seeks to mislead in general and redefine in particular.

The title of the article is “Unhappy Voters Shake Up Contest” and the misleading begins with her seeking to equate Trump topping the Republican field and the Far Left’s Bernie Sanders gaining ground against a scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton. In Hook’s telling both are benefiting merely from Americans being “unhappy and unsettled”. You see folks, Donald has just been propelled by a ‘mood’!

Hook would have you believe that Trump’s popularity has no connection to issues, merely a public mood of vague dissatisfaction. No-where in her long article does she acknowledge the primacy for many Americans of border control, a halt to immigration and a foreign policy hostile to Internationalism.

A careful reading of this article reveals that its main purposes are to sow negativity about Trump, find a silver lining in the polls for Bush (“who has (according to the editorial) been pounded by the anti-immigrant right”) and replace real issues with generalized public sentiments.

Here is an example of Hook’s dishonesty. She writes “Among Republicans, public opinion remains fluid, with no one in the field of 17 candidates building a substantial lead ahead of Thursday’s first nationally televised debate”. Here is the latest Fox poll. Trump 26%, Bush 15%, Walker 9% Carson 7%, Cruz and Huckabee 6%, Rubio and Paul 5% and Christie and Kasich 3%. This is clearly a substantial lead for Trump! His support has consistently been higher than Bush and Walker combined.

————————– Donald Trump (26%)

————— Jeb Bush (15%)

——— Scott Walker (9%)

——- Ben Carson (7%)

—— Ted Cruz (6%)

—— Mike Huckabee (6%)

—– Marco Rubio (5%)

—– Rand Paul (5%)

— Chris Christie (3%)

— John Kasich (3%)

— Rick Santorum (2%)

— Carly Fiorina (2%)

– Rick Perry (1%)

– Bobby Jindal (1%)

X Lindsay Graham (0%)

The Democrat contest has no relationship to the Republican contest. Clinton has stepped into a position long reserved for her by the Party’s bureaucracy and reinforced by the Clinton’s ruthless network of business people and others who expect to gain favors from a corrupt Clinton presidency. The only issue so far in the Democrat contest is greater honesty versus wholesale corruption and scandal. (Note! Behind the scenes, seeking to block the Clintons, is the Media Class Hollywood billionaire homosexual cabal.)

This brings us to the WSJ’s editorial which also seeks to blatantly misrepresent Trump, blur an important issue and liken him to the Left. “Trump agrees with liberals who want to regulate politics” says the editorial, referring to Leftist calls to limit super-pacs. Unlike Leftist politicians and Far Left think tanks, Trump has said nothing about limiting contributions.

In the words of the WSJ “Trump is taunting those who attended the Koch brothers’ retreat for donors this weekend by suggesting that his competitors are puppets. What he really means is that he’d prefer if they raised less money so he can have the advantage”.

Trump makes no secret of his own wealth and the fact that it confers on him a freedom from influence. It is a fact that reassures many who support him. It is also a fact that those Republicans who accept invitations to vie with each other for the money of billionaires have to dance for it. The Koch brothers support SSM and other progressive causes and are not going to fund true conservatives. There is a difference between a billionaire searching out a candidate because he likes the candidate’s views and candidates being summoned to beg for money. In the latter situation we, like Trump, can say that he who pays the piper calls the tune. Donald is not a paid performer. He is his own man and hopefully ours too!

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