Hispanic Turk Arrested For Deadly Mall-Place Violence

Arcan Cetin, aged 20, and a longtime resident of Oak Harbor, Washington State, was arrested by local police last evening in connection with the shooting of 5 people in a Macy’s store on Friday evening. The Authorities, who were baffled by his racial appearance are now baffled by his motive. So far they have not been able to identify his religion. They can confirm that he is an American citizen, once had a girlfriend who used to work in Macy’s, has a local criminal record, but they warn against making any reference to terrorism.

Welcome website visitors to the Revolutionary world of nu-speak and propaganda! Our headline sums it up!

We apologize that in yesterday’s article we wrongly reported that the terror-victims were all female. One unlucky man was also shot and later died in hospital. We were correct to assert that the suspect caught on camera did not look at all Hispanic, but very much like a member of a Muslim nationality. Please note that the victims are receiving little MSM attention. Not for their families the outpouring of Media sympathy and attention given to those families of Black thugs allegedly executed by police men and women.

It is possible that the alleged shooter, Cetin, was not motivated in any way by the Koran or by Islamic calls for jihad. Clearly he was not on any watch-list of America’s anti-terrorist organizations. Once again it was local police who were on the job!

Over time, in dribs and drabs, an official and Mainstream Media narrative will unfold and we shall ‘learn’ more about Mr. Cetin. The Ruling Class technique for handling inconvenient information is now established – at least until the election is over. Muslim terrorism must not be mentioned by the Authorities and the MSM until it is impossible to conceal its role. As we wrote yesterday, Muslim terror attacks at this time are likely to improve the election prospects of Donald Trump and harm the Clinton/Obama campaign.

The technique being employed is to avoid mentioning terrorism in the first reports of a shocking incident. This requires obfuscation of the race, nationality and religion of the suspect(s). All law and order people now know that to do so will bring denunciation and ultimately investigation and punishment from Obama’s Department of Justice. The same rule applies with regard to African American suspects – no mention of race or skin color

In this Burlington mall shooting, the official obfuscation involved identifying the suspect as Hispanic. This was quite a stretch of the imagination, but no matter, in our new Revolutionary America, the MSM can achieve miracles, for many Americans do not delve beyond headlines. They are in a hurry to move on to the sports news (if male) and the celebrity news (if female) and then back to Twitter. The local Authorities are now blaming un-named witnesses for this ridiculous description ‘Hispanic’!

‘Hispanic’ served the purpose of dismissing in people’s minds, and as a first response, the possibility of Muslim terrorism. Later, in dribs and drabs, inconvenient facts can be released when people are no longer paying attention. If the Authorities and the MSM had initially reported that a man of Middle Eastern appearance was being sought, everyone would have suspected or assumed Burlington was a terrorist attack. This would have been embarrassing for the Clinton/Obama campaign.

There is a lesson here for America’s Hispanics. When it comes down to the wire, the Ruling Class is willing to give them a bad press in order to protect its false narrative.

The local law and order Authorities, the White House and the MSM will really drag their heels on this investigation and its news, if Cetin’s alleged attack was in any way connected with Islam. In the meantime, much will be made of his non-religious background, his mental health problems and his social alienation. If his motivation had a connection to Islam and this can no longer be concealed, he will become a ‘lone wolf’. By that time the inattentive public will not be concentrating at all.

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  1. I also thought this man had too high of cheek bones and too pointy of a nose to be hispanic. frankly I am surprised the gave out his nationality at all. Liberals posting on facebook are citing the fact that he grew up here as reason enough that it is not terror related….they are more concerned with how he got guns and how this should be used for gun control measures

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