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This website is committed to the truth, even when it is inconvenient to our cause. At a time when the Media is an instrument of Revolutionary propaganda; the meanings of so many good old words are officially misappropriated, and most prominent politicians avoid truth like the plague, counter-revolutionaries have a duty to be truthful at all times and commit to integrity in language and culture. We counter-revolutionaries must maintain the old standards, for they underpin a civilization that is under threat. The Revolutionaries, the perverts and the opportunistic scalawags who conspire with them, reveal their pathologies in their misuse of language and in their lying.

We frequently use the word ’brazen’ on this website and we have used it today in our headline. Other words come quickly to mind when writing about the lies and misappropriation of language by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Ernest, Carville and the Clintons. Shameless, bold, blatant and breathtaking are accurate but ‘brazen’ just seems to fit the bill best and especially with regard to all utterances by the Clintons. When Bill Clinton faced the cameras and mikes and said slowly and deliberately “I never had sex with that woman” he unwittingly defined the word ‘brazen’.

Yesterday, when Hillary Clinton faced chosen members of the Media-and the people of America- and coolly said that she used private email instead of official State Department email during her years as Secretary of State because it was ‘convenient’, her lying was ‘brazen’. No other word will suffice.

As it happens my wife, who has travelled much in her profession, has always and without inconvenience, communicated all official business and private business separately, as have millions of others who travel without aides and servants. Mrs. Clinton must know that ‘convenient’ was breathtakingly inadequate, as were the rest of her explanations, but she displayed not the slightest embarrassment or discomfort. Like her husband, she is a most brazen liar. Like him, she makes no attempt to be a clever liar but revels in brazenness.

We are not going to dissect the content of her Press statements here, for today many other commentators, including a significant number from the MSM, have done so more than adequately. Instead we want to consider what the brazenness means.

Her lack of embarrassment and her contempt for ‘clever’ lying reveals a psychopathic character. Normal people would have dreaded having to explain away to the world two years of deliberate wrongdoing. Even collusive interviewing from the comrades of the MSM would not much have eased the embarrassment and sense of guilt. Sweating, blushing, verbal stumbling, shiftiness and halting evasiveness would have revealed the presence of a conscience, no matter how undeveloped. It is likely that Mrs. Clinton, who must have from the beginning of her job at State anticipated this moment, enjoyed the opportunity to display her brazenness.

This tells us much about the Clintons as psychopathic liars but it also tells us much about their instinctive understanding of their followers. Opinion polls reveal that more than 80% of Democrats were willing to vote for Mrs. Clinton before this Press interview. The brazen lying will not disappoint them for they already knew that the Clintons are liars. We must assume that some 30% or more of the American people admire politicians who are shameless liars, provided those politicians represent and pander to the behavior and desires of the discontented, envious and amoral. Without doubt these are the same Americans who are provoked to rage by any politician’s expression of Christianity and any enduring public symbol of Christian morality. There has always been an amoral element in America but the Media Class, through its Entertainment arm, has had a pernicious effect on all who are exposed to its culture of depravity and decadence.

Today, Rush Limbaugh, in discussing Emailgate, has again been displaying his failure to understand the Media Class. As one of this website’s visitors commented, he is a ‘babe in the woods’ when it comes to explaining the power and agenda of the MSM. Perhaps he is too much a part of it to see those ‘woods’ for the trees. He correctly notes that a significant part of the MSM has embarked on ‘taking out’ Hillary as the Democrat Presidential candidate in 2016, but he attributes this to Reporters’ dislike of her and an unwillingness of some in the Media to relive and cover for the Clinton’s lying of the 1990’s.

We will reiterate here that the Media Class and its MSM reporters do not get tired of liars and lying for lying is the stock-in-trade of the propaganda that brought them the White House and an ongoing Revolution. Limbaugh also believes that the Reporters still admire Bill but are not charmed by Hillary. He may be correct about the feelings of many of the reporters but it is Bill that the Hollywood billionaire Kingmakers of the Media Class resent. His past contempt for homosexuals is the albatross around Hillary’s neck. They have not forgiven him.

In a previous paragraph we mentioned the depravity and decadence of the Entertainment arm of the Media Class. The culture it is promoting is revolutionary as well as degenerate. Indeed the Ruling Media Class is more concerned with revolutionizing culture than it is with the Leftist agenda of income redistribution, leveling down and totalitarian control. Much of that is promoted to please its allies.

As the Media Class coalesced and grew in power in the late 1960’s, so it began to abandon the old cultural standards that had restrained its expression. Comedy, movies and plays on radio and TV were purged if they represented and sustained the old values. By 1970 family entertainment had largely been replaced by either that which was juvenile or that considered ‘edgy’. The Media Class particularly favored that which was shocking and since shocking must get ever more shocking in order to shock we have now arrived at the point where a pending TV program will contain the first scenes of mouth-to-mouth kissing and sexual behavior between two 14 year old boys. There is no end to this descent into depravity for the Media Class is intent on remaking society in its own image. It is promoting anti-culture!

Music has likewise been increasingly purged. In the 1970’s the popular music promoted by the Media was infantilized and has since become increasingly shocking. Melody, meaningful lyrics, lyrics that expressed good civilized values and music that could bring normal people together in song, are all but gone.

When I was a child our neighborhood gathered in bomb shelters at night and the working class women and children would sing the popular songs of the day, for they were easily sing-able and the lyrics rhymed and made much sense. It is no longer possible for people to gather and sing songs together for they know no sing-able songs. Most people who are reading this article will not know what I mean for they have been musically brainwashed. This is why Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other conservative commentators reveal the musical tastes of juveniles.

We feature a Music Choice section as part of our opposition to the destruction of the popular culture of a civilization. It is an element of our counter-revolutionary resistance. We write mostly about jazz of the 1940’s, 1950’s and early 1960’s (by the late 1960’s jazz connected to melody, humor and happiness had been replaced by ugliness and political expression) because that is what we are knowledgeable about. We also include popular music up until adult lyrics and good melody were replaced by pimply strummers, the ubiquitous amplified guitar, screaming rockers and female whores.

In conclusion we would feature classical music if we knew it well enough but we stick to what we know best. We would welcome any contributor who would cover the destruction of culture by the Ruling Media Class.


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