Hillary And The Media Class

It now seems certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Party nominee for the Presidency in 2016. The campaign from within the Party’s elite to take her down, has ended.

On this website we once forecasted that she would not be the nominee because an important element in the Media Class nursed a long-standing grievance against her husband. We believed that the Hollywood billionaire perverts, key benefactors of the Far Left Democrat Party, and extremely powerful within the Media Class, could not forgive Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy for their past open contempt for homosexuality.

It was this group whose funding and influence snatched the 2008 nomination from Hillary and bestowed it on Obama, a man who had never sneered at their unnatural sexual practices. Indeed Obama was a frequent homage-paying visitor to Beverley Hills before and after election and has rewarded their investment in him by relentlessly advancing the homosexual agenda throughout the last 7 years.

Although Hillary may never have annoyed the Hollywood clique, its members always knew that the notoriously heterosexual Bill would be entering the White House backdoor (no pun intended!) if she went through the front. In the last few years, aware that Beverley Hills money and influence had promoted her Nemesis Obama, Hillary has been assiduously cultivating the billionaire perverts in Hollywood and San Francisco. She has made many trips to California and lost no opportunities to attend LGBT gatherings everywhere, assuring the activists that their cause is hers.

Despite her efforts, when the primaries approached, many parts of the MSM began shining a harsh light on her email scandal and the near-criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. MSM attacks on a Democrat front-runner are highly unusual and significant. We thought that she was about to be taken out and that the MSM campaign was a prelude to a White House-inspired DOJ investigation that would end her campaign and perhaps lead to prosecution and prison.

There is much dirty work that goes on within the Far Left but thanks to MSM collusion never gets into the public arena. We outsiders have to guess and speculate. It seemed that Elizabeth Warren was going to emerge from her teepee and be crowned by the MSM. For reasons not clear to us, the descendant of Hiawatha who had seemed so politically ambitious, did a war dance with the Vice President and then retreated back into her teepee.

Next Biden twirled his hat many times, as though about to toss it into the ring, only to place it back on his head. Meantime, the DOJ, almost overwhelmed with grounds for a Hillary prosecution, has dillied and dallied, and presumably on orders from Obama, has lost interest.

We can only assume that lacking a credible alternative, the Media Class has decided that Hillary (and Bill) must be entrusted to continue the lawless Revolution that will transform America. Thus, from now on, Hillary will benefit from a fawning Media and Sanders will be allowed to play the role of a powder-puff opposition.

Do not expect the MSM to ever again mention the email scandals, the near-criminality of the Clinton Foundation, or Hillary’s catalogue of failures as Foreign Secretary. Expect all MSM pictures to present her as young, smiling, warm and vivacious 40-something, a female Peter Pan. And do not under-estimate the propaganda power of the MSM and its ability to rewrite even the most recent history.

Finally, it is possible that a new source of Media Class power has emerged in Silicon Valley. It may rival, even eclipse, Hollywood, both in wealth and propaganda skills. Its power-brokers are Far Left, spiritually dysfunctional, anti-Christian, anti-American and heavily invested in Internationalism.

Britan Climate Change Global Warming Watch Britan Climate Change

The MSM is busy telling us that hot weather on the East Coast is breaking records. Maybe and maybe not, but here in middle California it is unseasonably cold. And this last week I checked sea levels at Starcross in the UK and can report that the rise long predicted has not yet affected the Exe Estuary.

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