Hey Mr. Trump! We Want Payback!

First, a few words to upset the college snowflakes, the anti-Christians and the pansy-boys.

  • “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
  • “Discrimination is good! Discrimination is good! Discrimination is good!”
  • “Homosexual! Homosexual! Homosexual!”
  • “President Trump! President Trump! President Trump!”
  • “We Won! We Won! We Won!”
  • “Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!”

In a previous post we said the Trump Administration should not be magnanimous. Let’s have no talk about ‘forgiving’, ‘letting bye-gones be bye-gones’, ‘ bringing America together’ and ‘toleration’.

Rather, lets have some talk (and action) about revenge, payback, getting even, cleaning out the stables and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We on the Broad Right have been punch-bags for long enough and in 2017 we want the shoe to be on the other foot! Better still a heavy boot!

For sure, this website speaks for many when we tell The Donald that we don’t want him to be a ‘healer’, a ‘uniter’ or a ‘compromiser’. We want him to give it to them hard and mean. If they don’t like it let them clear off to Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia or anywhere but the USA. And please Donald use at all times, and especially officially, that old-fashioned language that calls a spade a spade, a pervert a pervert and a terrorist a Muslim.

That hasn’t gone very far to getting things off the chest, but it will do to start with.

One positive thing about the Berlin outrage, fiasco and cover-up. It will do no good for the election prospects of that old witch Angela Merkel and may help the German anti-immigration Right. Neither the lying German Mainstream Media or our own equally despicable MSM can any longer hint that the driver/killer of the truck was a Polish Right-winger. All the sources of propaganda now admit that the police are looking for Anis Amri, a Tunisian ‘asylum seeker’. He is yet to be described as a Muslim, a religious description that can never be used in the same MSM paragraph as the vague word ‘terrorist’.

In all cases where the traitorous authorities and the MSM are controlling information about Muslim terrorism, homosexual crimes and Black-on-White violence, the initial reports must be vague and then facts must trickle out so that the impact of them is diffused and dots are not connected. This happened in the Philadelphia Amtrak crash, the German plane crash, numerous American race incidents and now this massacre in Berlin.

The owner of the truck used to kill and main the shoppers was a Polish construction worker, which makes him one of us. He was a big, fit, powerful man who would not have allowed his truck to be commandeered without a fight. His dead body was still in the truck after the slaughter of the innocents. This good man had been beaten, stabbed and shot and must have put up quite a fight.

Clearly Anis Amri, the alleged Muslim Tunisian terrorist the police are now searching for, and who is swimming in the friendly waters of Europe’s numerous Muslim enclaves, could not have commandeered the truck by himself. Yet there is no mention of a terrorist gang!

In all MSM reports, the focus is now being put on German police mistakes. This is intended to take the focus off the real culprit, Angela Merkel.

Music Choice

It is some while since we found time for this pleasure, as writing a daily article leaves little opportunity to remind visitors that back in the early 1960’s and earlier, popular music was performed by grown-ups and for grown-ups.

In March 1963, the tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, who was on a roll playing Brazilian bossa nova music, recorded in New York the Jobim composition ‘So Danco Samba’. The Bossa Nova rhythm is a form of samba.

This recording never got the international fame that ‘Desifinado’ and ‘Girl From Ipanema’ enjoyed but it is a fine tune and Getz’s solo is one of his very best, in turns soft and fiery and full of exuberance. Guitarist Joao Gilberto supplies the vocal, Jobim is on piano, Tommy Williams is on bass and Milton Banana on drums. Enjoy!

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