Guns And Medics

On this website and soon after Obama was first elected, we have repeatedly asserted that America is experiencing a Revolution, the first in its history, since 1775 should properly be described as a rebellion.

The Revolution has ushered into power America’s first Ruling Class (the Media Class) and its junior partner (the Far Left). Since our Ruling Class and its allies have taken power by stealth and not by a bloody conflict, it is enjoying a post-Revolutionary period in which the vast majority of citizens are only vaguely aware that fundamental change is taking place.

The Revolutionary agenda, being Leftist as well as moral, includes a step by step transition of American policy to Internationalism. This requires the dismantling of borders, the erasure of racial identity and the embrace of a world ‘culture’. All of this is being advanced by stealth through a step-by-step process so that the American people will not become alarmed until it is too late to resist.

Donald Trump, a political outsider, is neither a captive of the normal political process that has been quietly compromised, nor a politician financially dependent on Internationalist contributors. He has, only half-consciously, entered the Republican primaries advocating Nationalist policies, and by doing so has disrupted an election campaign that was intended quietly to bury American Nationalism once and for all.

His public meetings have been transformed into rallies of an awakening American people, ignited by his initial and counter-revolutionary call for the defense of borders and citizenship. With each additional politically incorrect outburst reaping greater numbers of followers, Trump is bringing to the surface the previously-concealed Revolutionary agenda of Internationalism.

Because Leftist and moral Revolutionary agendas rarely appeal to the majority of people, Revolutionaries prefer ‘boiling the frog’ stealth. Always though, there is the point at which the agenda requires compulsion, intimidation, suppression and oppression.

The march of this Revolution is, like all Leftist Revolutions, toward the goal of totalitarianism, for Leftists seek to control and direct all aspects of society. Alert Conservatives and Nationalists must be aware that traditionally-enjoyed freedoms are being stealthily curtailed. Free speech is under attack and personal incomes are no longer private in any way, being subject to Government scrutiny and redistribution. Americans are increasingly being told where they may live and amongst whom they may live.

When Obamacare reaches its goal it will be replaced by a National Health Service. At that point, in the interests of apportioning scarce resources, government will decide who gets treatment and when. The ultimate and logical consequence will be Government suppression of lifestyles deemed injurious to health.

Already the Medical Profession is becoming an agent of Government and today I experienced another example of its new intrusiveness being used to advance the Leftist attack on gun ownership.

My young son’s medical provider has set up an on-line appointments system for annual medicals. Before actually reaching the appointment confirmation, a number of questions must be answered. Most of these are related to sensible details related to health but now included are a number of questions that are politically intrusive, morally judgmental and intended to create a climate of correct opinion.

The most sinister ask if we have a gun in our home and whether our son visits homes where there are guns. Failure to complete these boxes halts the process of making an appointment. It is not possible to leave the boxes blank.

Besides noting that these questions are nakedly political and outrageous, we should take note of questions NOT asked which are relevant to the health and well-being of my son. Here are some examples.

  1. Do homosexual men have access to your home when you are not present?
  2. Does your son have overnight sleep-ins and do you check to ensure that there are no homosexuals in that home?
  3. Does your son attend sport or other activities to which male homosexuals have access?
  4. Do you with your son drive through dangerous neighborhoods such as Oakland?
  5. Do you have television in your home, thus exposing him to the dangerous lifestyles of Hollywood and Pop celebrities?
  6. Does your son spend time anywhere where Muslims might carry out acts of terrorism?

I am sure our website visitors can think of other risks to the health and safety of a child. Meanwhile, the steps to Totalitarianism continue below the radar.


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  1. Does your child have unrestricted access to the internet where he could become exposed to sexual and/or politically correct content?

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