Greek ‘No’ Vote Good For European Nationalists

At the time of writing it seems certain that the Greek voters have decisively backed their Socialist Government and defied the EU, the IMF and the investors who were foolish enough to lend them billions of Euros.

Prime Minister Tsipras is now empowered to return to the negotiating table and demand that Greece’s international debt be drastically written down and in effect written off. The money has been spent and there is nothing to show for it other than a population that has grown to like living on Easy Street. In our opinion Tsipras and his comrades will sleep soundly tonight.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Merkel and many of her Internationalist plotters will have a sleepless night pondering a dangerous future for the EU and international money markets. They know that in their own ranks are a number of fair-weather friends led by France’s PM Hollande. As a Far Left Socialist who believes that wealth is something created by government, Hollande will advocate that Greece be accommodated. Merkel, who has to appease an electorate that works hard and has a historical fear of currency collapse, has to decide whether to advocate a deal that will please Tsipras or end Greek EU membership.

The Greek economy in itself is of little account and almost irrelevant to Europe but a debt write-off might panic a Western Banking system that is highly fragile. Contemporary Western affluence – including America’s – is built on debt, the printing press and a public confidence founded in ignorance. Monday could see the world’s stock markets spiral uncontrollably downwards though on this website we doubt there will be a collapse at this time. More likely there will be a nervous ‘correction’ and some more losses for those Americans whose pensions rely on the Stock Market.

We think it likely that over the next weeks Merkel will cobble together an EU coalition and a face-saving, waffling surrender to Tsipras. Merkel will not want to be responsible for a setback on the road to World Government. However, many Leftists and Nationalists in Europe’s south and east Nations will demand the same deal as Greece, further undermining the Euro and hair-cutting the World’s lenders.

On this website we welcome the Greek vote simply because it is a setback for the World Government totalitarian activists. The break-up of the EU would be a victory for those who believe in Nation States, small government, competition, free speech, an end to political correctness, a halt to Arab/African invasion and a gradual return to traditional values.

Russia’s Putin will also have a sleepless night, but not from anxiety. He will be examining how he can take advantage of a Greek exit from the EU. Since Putin is resisting the march of the homosexual agenda and the ‘browning’ of Europe, anything that weakens the Internationalists is good news for the Western World’s working people.

It is ironic that a Far Left Greek leadership has shaken the EU’s Media Class, Big Business and Internationalists’ control over events. The future of the West is suddenly uncertain and cracks in ’progessivism’ may appear in surprising places. Here in the US, where billionaire Trump is discovering the extent of the Ruling Media Class’s economic power to intimidate, the Greek vote will undermine its confidence.

The random murder of a White American woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant will have bolstered ‘the Donald’s’ commitment to halting immigration.  He continues to keep this decisive issue in the forefront of the Republican contest thus exposing Bush, Rubio and others as traitors to America’s working people. At the same time Ted Cruz is revealing a willingness to sacrifice personal advantage to a greater good.

We hope that the official economic persecution of Trump will both radicalize him on other issues (guns and marriage) and give encouragement to the conservative grass roots to rally against the RINOS.


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