Good News Everywhere For Trumpets

Trump’s clear-cut victories in Michigan and Mississippi, confounding the Wall Street Journal’s opinion polls, were further sweetened by his win in Hawaii. For Cruz, the comfortable victory in Idaho was not enough to prevent a renewed momentum for the pace-setting Donald. For Kasich, Ruby and the WSJ’s scribblers, Tuesday’s results were a disaster. WSJ’s Bret Stephens will have had a tortured night dreaming of Trump’s jackbooted Storm Troopers marching down Wall Street.

We never get too excited by opinion polls, for some are no more than propaganda tools, but Trump looks good for North Carolina and Florida, the latter a crap-or-bust for Ruby. So far Florida holds no promise for Cruz and even Ohio looks possible for The Donald and worrying for Kasich, its popular Governor.

Despite all this bad news for the Republican Collaborators and WSJ scribblers, the latter are again hard at it today, demonizing the affable Trump and searching for a silver lining in Tuesday’s results. Grasping at straws may be an even more apt description of their hysterical columns. The straw that is being grasped in the WSJ editorial is that Cruz did better with same-day voters and that Trump’s support was from those who voted before Tuesday and before the billionaire/pervert /Media onslaught and Romney’s slanderous attacks had time to work.

We offer another explanation. Trump’s supporters (those White, male, jack-booted bigots who haunt the WSJ scribblers) were so determined, so fired-up and so committed- and so filled with bigotry! – that they voted as soon as possible. They so despise the MSM that it has no power to influence them and they do not wait for its propaganda to appear. Romney’s attacks are not only generating hate-mail for him (How terrible Mitt! And you such a delicate and sensitive soul!) but winning supporters for Trump.

In yesterday’s article we pointed out why we consider Trump’s focus on immigration trumps (no pun intended!) Cruz’s focus on the Constitution. A Constitution is worth nothing if the Nation has been over-run. We are happy to say that someone else has explained this better than us and in excellent detail.

We refer our website visitors to Free Republic, March 9th and an article entitled “Renew America” by Tim Dunkin. The headline “You can’t have a Constitution without a nation to go with it” is a concise sentence we wish we had written, for it sums up one of the main reasons we support Trump and not Cruz. Dunkin’s article is worth reading in full even though it does not mention Trump or Cruz. It is a fine argument for the prioritization of opposition to immigration at this time. Trump should read it.

The other good news out of last night was Sanders’ win in Michigan. Poor Bret Stephens will be dreaming of jackboots marching down Wall Street on the Left sidewalk as well as on the Right, for Bernie’s support, gasp, is also lily-white. In contrast, Mrs. Clinton is about to form a group called BVM which stands for ‘Black Votes Matter’. Without the Black vote she would be losing to a drooling old Trotskyite.

As a result of the Michigan defeat, shrill Hillary will have to continue getting that fat bottom of hers out on the campaign trail and will have to go cap-in-hand to George Soros and his pals for more shekels. Our advice is that she should also tap up Bret Stephens and the WSJ scribblers who may now see her as the last defense against the marching jack-booted armies of Trump and Sanders.

One snide dig that keeps recurring in the scribblers’ columns is that Trump is supported by people without a college education. Perhaps White Americans who just worked for a living after leaving school should not be allowed to vote? The implication is that they are poorly educated and ignorant -the sort of losers who in 1930’s Germany donned brown shirts and flocked to Hitler (We said this before Bret Stephens can get into print!) – and vent their resentments through Trump’s candidacy. Surely, if Hillary’s support is made up of Blacks, then it is beyond dispute that her followers are the least educated and most ignorant. Many are without even a completed school education. Whoops! That is racist!

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