Get Trumpy

Donald Trump has become the Jack Carter that every Republican/ Washington gravy-train parasite is out to get. The 1971 British film ‘Get Carter’ featured Michael Caine as Jack Carter, a tough guy who returns to Newcastle to find out how his brother died, and ends up being targeted by every local maggot.

Romney is only one of a pack of Republicans, some motivated by job-protection, some by jealousy and some by ambition, who have placed a target on Trump’s back. The Wall Street Journal’s central pages, harboring their own pack of Internationalist, Republican scribblers, is obsessed with bringing down The Donald. No negative story is too flimsy to concoct and no headline too much of a stretch of the imagination if it can somehow tarnish his reputation with the unsuspecting. It hardly needs saying that the rest of the Mainstream Media is ready and willing to help ‘Get Trumpy’.

It was gleefully reported yesterday morning by ABC News that smarmy Ruby is outraged by Trump’s vulgarity. He bemoaned that no other American politician has ever reduced Presidential politics to such vulgar depths. Ruby, who likes a little dabble in verbal dirt himself, either has a short memory, poor knowledge of post-war political history, or is extremely cavalier with facts. Has he forgotten Clinton in the Oval Office with Monica, the Kennedy boys everywhere there were women, and for good measure the foul-mouthed, cruel and promiscuous Lyndon Johnson?

Trump very occasionally indulges in double entendres, but as the old saying goes “It takes a dirty mind to recognize one”! Trump, alone among all the candidates who began the contest, has a sense of humor – not even ‘earthy’ – which he very effectively shares with his audience. One of his many likeable characteristics is his off-the-cuff, simple speech. He doesn’t parrot someone else’s pompous words and this indicates sincerity.

For what it is worth, this writer has not watched TV for 25 years, other than when having breakfast on the road. I have never seen any of Trump’s TV shows and have no idea what is reality TV. Prior to this primary campaign my only knowledge of Trump was based on pictures of him in newspapers with the curious hair style. Invariably there was a commentary that for me characterized him as the White man‘s Don King – another larger-than-life Donald with a curious hair style. Needless to say, I approached this primary campaign assuming – based on MSM portrayals – that Trump was a clown in search of publicity. Since I don’t like TV personalities and celebrities in general, I more or less dismissed Trump as one of New York’s rich degenerates.

I have long since abandoned this view of him. His blunt and fearless comments about the invasion from over the Mexican border, his call for resistance to Obama’s Muslim infiltration, his denunciation of the export of American jobs, his condemnation of other similar betrayals of the ordinary American people, and his repeated assertion that Hillary Clinton should be in prison- none of them rescinded in the face of MSM outrage – convinced me that he is saying what has long needed to be said, when all others have been circumspect or worse.

I then learned that he does not smoke or drink, has kept himself fit, has a devoted and upstanding family, has no allegations of rape following him, no hints of bath-house activities – in short he has led a pretty wholesome life. This is in sharp contrast to the much-admired Kennedy crowd and their group love-ins with drug-crazed film stars at drug-crazed parties, and Bill Clinton’s exploitation of vulnerable women and Oval Office orgasms.

Now ‘Conservative’ scribblers, who were never that outraged about Kennedy, Clinton et al, are telling us that the clean-living Trump is not to be trusted in control of the nuclear button. But the Kennedys and Clinton were? Some people need a reality check.

When I took more note of his followers at the rallies and talked to working people I know, I realized that he has raised the Nationalist banner and re-established the use of the ordinary day-to-day free speech that acknowledges realities and the legitimate interests of those who are the backbone of America. He is restoring the People’s voice and unlocking their energies.

In doing so has turned the primaries into a decisive struggle between two great ideas – the Nation State and Internationalism, between the ordinary people and the elite, between traditionalists and the revolutionaries of the new Ruling Class.

In response to all the MSM-orchestrated attacks on Trump’s character, program and followers, I must re-iterate that I see and hear nothing that remotely suggests racism, bigotry or warmongering. At least, not if those words have any proper meaning and we reject the definitions that have been employed to stifle free speech and legitimize perversion, street violence, looting, rational discrimination and the abandonment of National self-protection.

Neither do I see any evidence that Trump is emotionally unbalanced, lusting for power, surrounded by crooks, radicals or sinister, shadowy cliques. His past is an open book, unlike our President. He is not a psychopathic liar with grandiose ambitions, promoted by Hollywood billionaires, who hopes to jump from small-time contruction hod-carrier to President in one move. Dare I say that if he gets to the White House he will be the most accomplished and normal occupant in decades. We need to question the character and motives, not of Trump, but of all those who now seek to ‘Get Him’.

Britan Climate Change Global Warming Watch Britan Climate Change

My son was looking at old temperature records and discovered that on August 11th 1944, Burlington, Vermont experienced its highest recorded temperature of 101F. All through the 1940’s there were exceptionally hot periods. In contrast, the 1960’s produced some of the coldest spells.

Meanwhile in the UK I am reliably informed it is seasonably cold and snowing. Here in middle California, prayers are being answered and rain is falling on a chilly day. According to the GW people, the sea is rising along the coast of Vietnam, yet over in the UK’s Starcross, for centuries mere inches above the Exe Estuary at high tide, the sea has not risen. Make of all this what you will!

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