‘Get Trumpy’ Part Two

All the knives are really out for Donald Trump. The Mainstream Media and the Media Class that owns it, their Far Left allies, all the predictable collaborators of the Republican Party who march in step with their Big Business donors, are united in their determination to prevent Trump getting the Republican nomination and are wielding their knives.

No lie, no smear, no accusation, no low-life is too unprincipled to be employed. Their latest tactic is to have Trump and his army of followers painted as the perpetrators of a violence that, they falsely claim, has never had a place in American politics, even as Trump is attacked on stage; his Chicago meeting has to be abandoned because of the massing of Red and Black thugs around and inside the venue; Far Left professional agitators are bussed in and infiltrated into his rallies to maintain a sequence of noisy, insulting and disruptive interruptions, and then a Breitbart journalist creates an incident intended to make MSM headlines and simultaneously force Trump to remove an effective aide.

As we have long written on this website, a wealthy, powerful and ruthless Ruling Class has no difficulty finding renegades, liars, publicity seekers and faint hearts. We have now learned it also has no problem finding ambitious, opportunist primary rivals willing to jump on the Far Left bandwagon, believing they can jump off again at a later date.

It is worth pausing to note how the ‘violence’ attack has replaced others. We no longer hear from Trump enemies and competitors the accusations that Trump’s financial empire is a pack of cards or worse. We no longer hear that he has ‘stiffed’ investors, welched on debts, avoided taxes and is using his campaign to retrieve his financial fortunes. Such attacks may emerge again but for the moment the alliances that have become a pack, are all scenting blood and violence in which the MSM will drown Trump’s reputation.

Up until now all the violence of the last eight years – unpunished by the Federal Government, College authorities and timid police chiefs – has been perpetrated by the Far Left and Black thugs, looters and arsonists. Ever since Obama got into the White House, the tempo of such violence has increased. America’s law-abiding and productive White citizens, most minorities and even some Blacks have had to watch and suffer in silence.

This triumphant march of the lawless, the feckless, and pampered students, is one expression of the Revolution that has advanced by stealth. Others include the corrupt and un-Constitutional decisions of the Federal Courts, the partisan use of Government agencies, the oppression of the DOJ, the manipulation of official statistics, the attacks on Christian morality and the new status of agitational organizations.

The only healthy and justified emotion in the face of all this is the rage of the many Americans who have flocked to Donald Trump’s banner. The Republican primary contest is, thanks to the unexpected emergence of a property billionaire, bringing into open conflict the forces of Revolution and Counter Revolution.

I am sure this website expresses the pent-up feelings of many good Americans when we exhort Donald Trump not to retreat, but to advance. Please Mr. Trump, hold meetings on ‘their territory’ and dare them to attack. Reclaim the ground, for they have no right to it. Uphold the banner of free speech, call out the Communists, the parasites, the traitors, the collaborators and the shadowy, sinister architects of the Revolution.

Tomorrow, if you win handily, and Rubio, Kasich and the latest renegade, Ted Cruz, are punished by the voters, the violence will be ratcheted up and you and your supporters must be prepared to resist. The open civil war, a consequence of the stealthy Revolution, is not far off unless the Ruling Class and its allies surrender to the popular will.

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