Georgia Today, France Sunday: Nationalism on Trial

Rich Internationalist and Far-Left Revolutionaries continue their attempts to de-legitimize President Trump and halt the Counter-Revolution he is leading. Following last weekend’s street marches, today they switch to the ballot box in Georgia where promoted Republican Tom Price’s seat for the House Sixth Congressional District presents an opportunity to maintain an atmosphere of political instability.

On the surface, this District is said to be a Republican stronghold, but it was not an easy Trump victory in November, and this suggests the ‘conservative’ voters are not all typical Georgians but preponderantly very affluent elitists.

For some reason, the Far-Left has smelled blood here. Whilst the large Republican candidate field is very evenly divided, the seven Democrats have yielded a clear front-runner. Jon Ossoff is a mere 30 years old, does not live in the District, and is a Media Class aspirant with the non-work history of documentary film maker.

His occupation will have provided him with an early start as a propagandist and plenty of spare time to pursue a Revolutionary’s career in politics.

He is Far-Left, young (with the minimal life experience that breeds confidence, arrogance and a mission to put the world to rights) and on the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party. Most significantly, he alone of the Democrat hopefuls, has attracted a huge war chest of well over $8 m – 90% of it from outside Georgia!

This war chest, plus Mainstream Media propaganda, and a visiting army of Show-biz celebrities and Democrat big names, has given him a clear advantage over all others. Opinion polls suggest he will get more than 40% but not the 50% required to avoid a run-off in May.

As a Republican is likely to be runner-up and Ossoff’s sole competitor in the House election, nothing is certain. For momentum in the Counter-Revolution we hope he fails to reach even 40% today.

On Sunday, the French electors go to the polls in the first round and Ms. Le Pen, leader of the National Front is expected to make it to the May 7th run-off. Her opponent will likely be an anti-Nationalist of the collaborating ‘Right’. Le Pen faces not only the French MSM, the Far-Left, and the French elite, but also the bureaucrats and parasites of the EU. For the latter, her victory in the run-off would result in the derailment of their EU gravy train.

On this website we hope for a National Front victory, a decisive rejection of immigration by French voters, a crack-down on Islamic Imperialism and endless nightmares for the WSJ’s Bret Stephens.

This morning I caught a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh once again congratulating himself for just discovering that it is the Media (Class) and not the Democrat Party that is opposing Trump’s Presidency. For more than 10 years on this website we have pointed this out, but we have also identified the Media Class behind the MSM, described its immoral composition, its Revolutionary agenda, its Alliance with the Far-Left, its early purge of the Democrat Party and Public Service Union leaderships, its historic aim to become America’s first Ruling Class, and the Revolution that this has necessitated.

As we continually point out, Trump’s White House victory has interrupted a Revolution not wholly completed, by temporarily depriving the new Ruling Class (Alliance) of legislative powers. This new Ruling Class (Alliance) remains intact and powerful and, as a Revolutionary force, is incapable of compromise.

On this website we criticize Michael Savage when he is contradictory, and when, stung by no call from Florida, he attacks Trump as a trimmer. But today, acknowledging Trump’s executive orders on ‘Buy American, hire American’, Savage was at his very best. No other Talk-Show host dares to name and shame the billionaire globalists and perverts of hi-tech, or to so specifically point out that the Indians being imported into California bring no commitment to the Nation.

For the next 6 days George Wellor will be in Southern California on business and traveling, so articles will be irregular and brief. Have gun, will travel and always ready to defend America against a Far-Left takeover.

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