Fox Out-Foxed By Trump?

Today’s news continues to be dominated by Donald Trump’s refusal to take part in the Fox-hosted Republican primary debate tonight. Rush Limbaugh was spot-on when he said yesterday that Trump is ‘owning’ the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Limbaugh’s word ‘owning’ may confuse foreign website visitors. What Limbaugh means is that in this campaign whatever Trump does or does not do dominates the Far Left MSM headlines and much of the commentary. It is not only the MSM that is obsessed with The Donald. Conservative websites, including those hostile to Trump, are just as obsessed. So too are Rightwing Talk Show hosts. Indeed, the normally sane Mark Levin, a devotee of Ted Cruz, became shrilly unhinged about Trump earlier in the week.

We are convinced that Trump’s so-far rock solid support (according to all the Opinion Polls), can be attributed to his initial statement on immigration and his financial independence, and shortly after his increasingly Nationalist stance on jobs, foreign trade, military defense and security. It may be that his refusal to campaign in the orthodox way, his ‘outrageousness’ and his unpredictability are what captivates the MSM, for Far Left Media people are unwilling or incapable of recognizing the appeal of Nationalism and American self-interest.

Whether Trump’s unprecedented snub of a Media giant has helped or harmed his standing in the polls will emerge next Monday evening in Iowa and a week later in New Hampshire. It will probably make little difference to his confirmed followers but those teetering may see it as strength or cowardice. As often with Trump, what at first looks like an impulsive move soon proves to be prescient. It is becoming clear that Fox intended to ambush him with recruited hostile audience members.

It is rumored that the three recruits included an anti-Trump Muslim activist and a Latino immigrant, both no doubt chosen to wrong-foot Trump and portray him to a Nation-wide audience as a heartless xenophobe.

Here we see the Media Class at work through their MSM. It would be equally possible, and more appropriate, for Fox to have three permanently-injured victims of immigrant violence ask questions of Bush or Kasich, pointing out that they have suffered grievously as a result of open borders.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox however, like all MSM outlets, wants more immigration from everywhere, including the Middle East. If there is a motive for such madness it is either financial (cheap labor) or ideological (destroy White culture and power). To import victims of immigration into the debate would not only embarrass the elite’s favorite candidates but strengthen public opposition to immigration.

Trump, it seems, may have out-foxed Murdoch’s Fox. Meanwhile, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal continues to attack Trump with every issue. Still, Bret Stephens (he is Jewish despite the name, and a commentator whose first priority is Israel) on Tuesday took day off Trump-attacking to attack Ted Cruz who nauseates him.

Stephens is one of those Internationalist ‘conservatives’ who likes fiscal restraint but hates Christian and conservative social values. Stephens writes that “Ted Cruz is the guy who made Donald Trump look tolerant and statesmanlike. That’s saying something.” In writing “The Texan is repelling millions who believe in an America of the future, not the past”, Stephens is revealing his hatred of abortion, real marriage and Christian values. For Stephens, no doubt a holder of the New York values (and SF’s The Castro), same-sex marriage, sodomy and choose-your-gender represent the glorious future.

The downside of the Media obsession with Trump is the lack of focus on the Democrat’s little contest. Not that MSM coverage of Democrat business is anything but smoke and mirrors. Today’s WSJ has a ‘report’ on the Democrat’s Iowa campaign by Shobhan Hughes and Kristina Peterson, clearly two seasoned Far Left propagandists. A large and very flattering picture of a laughing Hillary heads a long article that manages to avoid even a hint of her email crimes or the Benghazi scandal.

It is understandable that an old Trotskyite like Bernie Sanders would feel bound by Socialist discipline, and not challenge the honesty of a comrade-in-arms, but surely honest reporters would feel duty-bound to mention elephants in the Clinton room. Well, there are no honest reporters in the MSM, only Far Left propagandists, who incidentally share Bret Stephens’ pro-gay, pro-abortion views that fit the future and not the past.

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  1. Best writeup I’ve seen on the Trump vs. FOX war. I’ve seen plenty of faux-cons repeating the predictable smear: Trump is “afraid” of Megyn Kelly. These people seem not to know what he’s been doing his entire adult life: Going head-to-head with or against people with about 20 to 30 IQ points more than Megyn Kelly, and winning. This is not Trump’s first rodeo, and I’m not sure why so many people don’t seem to understand this.

    And don’t stop covering Trump. I really don’t know what sort of POTUS he will be. I pin my hopes on no man. But if anyone can right this ship – at least to some degree – I think it may be Trump. None of the other candidates, save possibly Cruz, have the potential from what I can see. They are all just liberal-lite. Accommodators, appeasers, compromisers, and sell-outs.

    As for FOX, they are really quite reprehensible. Having a Muslim (and she wasn’t wearing a burka or hijab) come on and complain. My people founded and built up this country, and this Muslim girl gets to have more of a say than those of us who are of the founding stock. FOX would never allow a Christian to come on and ask about being compelled to service a gay “wedding.” That’s only a violation of the Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Speech.

    I can conclude nothing other than that FOX is a part of the anti-Christ system. Anti-Christ, not in the sensationalistic or apocalyptic sense, but in the being against Christ sense. They are morally obtuse and intellectually shallow. Megyn Kelly is there for one reason: because she is photogenic. But her behavior in these debates, the flirting with the camera, the over-smiling (as if it’s a sorority mixer, and the obvious attempt with her first question to get Cruz to badmouth Trump.

    The power that be are against us.

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