Trump Must Be Supported on Healthcare

As we wrote in a previous article, there is no perfect solution to the replacement of ObamaCare. The Far Left ideological architects of ObamaCare were never interested in designing an efficient or a comprehensive health care system. They had three aims. The first was to grow the power of government over citizens, the second was to destroy by increments, America’s predominantly private and fragmented system, and the third was to drive out the insurance industry that underpinned it.

Any Nation that allows substantial numbers of immigrants to enter and acquire access to insured health care – and worse, any Nation that tolerates the entry of significant numbers of illegal immigrants – cannot support an effective healthcare system.

America’s private insurance system was buckling under its burdens even before Obama calculatingly piled on more of them. The impossible burdens could be seen at any hospital urgent care facility and any hospital pediatric unit. Medicare and Medicaid were also concocted to shore up the inadequate private insurance system.

Three things can be acknowledged without fear of contradiction.

Americans will not tolerate the continuation of a system that officially allows poor or irresponsible people to die from illness and injury, without medical care.

No system based on insurance (costs spread), whether Nationalized or private, can avoid regular financial and practical crises if the eligible population significantly increases.

Market forces and the private sector produce efficiency, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Given these three truths, any replacement of ObamaCare will have to provide some service for the really poor, the feckless and the reckless.

A new system that will work is dependent on an immediate curb on immigration.

To be at least as good as the old pre-ObamaCare system, a new system must restore the roles of the insurance industry and choice. To produce an improved system, a new one must encourage more insurance by making insurance profitable and give patients more choice and power.

Good luck to those who try to tackle the tasks! Many compromises will have to be made between those who worship the private insurance system and those who recognize that the urbanized American people will no longer tolerate uninsured sick people dying without treatment and care.

Trump is neither a Conservative ideologue nor a Socialist. His motivations are Nationalism, humanitarian, common sense and solving problems by negotiation.

His new administration is functioning within an inherited hostile framework, and despite a powerful enemy Mainstream Media. There are bigger problems than Healthcare facing him, even though the MSM and the Conservative ideologues choose to think otherwise. Trump will do his best on Healthcare, and his best will take big bites out of ObamaCare. The Broad Right should trust his judgment and support him, for this is not a clear-cut fundamental issue that justifies delaying the progress of his Nationalist agenda, halting his momentum, or derailing his Government.

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