Fear Of Trump Greater Than Fear Of Hillary

In the latest Fox Opinion Poll Trump has 28%. That is a 10% lead over Carson.  Cruz and Rubio are tied at 14%, Bush is down at 5% and Kasich at 2%. In the latest ABC/Washington Post Poll Trump is at 32%, 10% ahead of Carson. Rubio is next with 11% and then Cruz with 8%.  Bush is at 6% and Kasich at 3%.

All of this is very bad news for the rich and secret Republican conspirators who are said  to be banding together to fund a destructive advertising campaign to take down The  Donald.  This coalition must be made up of those who expected Bush to ascend to the Republican nomination but who would be happy to settle for Rubio or Kasich. They have finally realized that Trump is both serious in his ambition and in tune with a significant percentage of the rank-and-file. Worse still for this shy group of conspirators is that the issues that have propelled Trump to the top are those that were never intended to get an airing and which have uncorked Nationalist sentiment.

It is instructive that the conspirators seek anonymity. We understand why in some situations  Conservatives seek anonymity when contributing to political or social causes, for offending homosexuals, Muslims and Far Leftists can result in violent assaults, economic  reprisals, Government reprisals or a loss of employment. However, no-one is at risk of harm or other reprisals for attacking Trump, or any Conservative, Nationalist or Christian. What is it that these rich contributors fear?

Their campaign, no matter how unprincipled and professional, may backfire. Trump has been adept at turning attacks to his advantage and in any case his supporters are more committed than these gutless elitists can imagine. In their world of cynical self-interest and financial calculation, back-room deals and absence of commitment to Nation and culture, and belief in being superior, it is inconceivable that ordinary people  might fight something worth fighting for.

The conspirators calculate they can dissuade Trump’s supporters from voting. We believe they are badly informed and that the more they attack him the stronger will be his support. We also believe that if they succeeded and Carson or Cruz took his place, these elitists will seek to destroy them too. They would prefer a Clinton/Democrat victory in 2016 than the victory of a Conservative, Nationalist or Christian.

From a wet and windy, but interesting St. Augustine, Florida, we call on all our website visitors to stay on guard and believe nothing that emanates from the MSM. You will be better informed and guided by what you read here!

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