Democrat Contest Ignores Clinton Crimes

In the real world I live in, the dominating issue surrounding the Democrat primary contest is Hillary Clinton’s unlawful use of private email for State Department business. Her decision to ignore all the Departmental rules regarding security, breathtakingly reckless or arrogant -probably both – becomes more shocking in its scope with each passing day and each official revelation.

It seems incomprehensible that she thought she could get away with such a blatant, continuous and dangerous method of official communication. That no-one working under her challenged this, or even cautioned her as a friend, tells us that she had either surrounded herself with likeminded habitual lawbreakers, or people who were too much in fear of her to open their mouths.

Even if I had been a lifelong Democrat, this issue, once it had become obvious, would have convinced me that her candidacy was a disaster waiting to erupt for the Party. On top of this, because she has chosen to include her husband in her campaign, she continues to be burdened by his proven sexual predatory history.

And if these two things were not sufficient millstones there is the Clinton Foundation, a near criminal enterprise, driven by naked greed and predicated on the use of political office for the sale of business favors. These three very large elephants are standing in the arena where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are contesting the Democrat nomination.

On this website we have often pointed out that the Democrat Party was long ago purged of dissenters, as befit’s a Far Left Revolutionary Party intent on creating a totalitarian Utopia. Bernie Sanders, a Jewish Communist straight out of the Trotskyite movement, will feel bound, like all of his comrades, by Revolutionary discipline. It requires him to avoid any dissent that opens his Party to attack from Counter-revolutionaries. This explains his otherwise-baffling refusal to attack Mrs. Clinton’s email crimes, Bill’s embarrassing sexual history, and the corruption of the Foundation. Bernie has these three deadly weapons yet never employs them even though it would drive his opponent from the field. He understands that even if he set aside his own Revolutionary self-discipline and speared her, his Party of Far Left Revolutionary activists would not forgive him. And so he aims featherweight punches about Socialist purity against a heavyweight opponent.

The Democrat voters of Iowa and New Hampshire are not all Far Left Revolutionaries, indeed probably only a minority of activists are. The rest inhabit the real world to which I referred at the beginning of this article. This goes a long way to explain why support for Clinton is ebbing in the polls. Even though Bernie won’t mention the three elephants, these potential Democrat voters aren’t ignoring them. This is obvious to all of us normal people who are not Revolutionaries and live in a world where facts cannot and should not be ignored.

The Mainstream Media’s reporters and commentators are, as this website has always maintained, Far Left Revolutionaries and committed to setting aside reality, facts, history and human nature in order to create a Socialist Utopia of sexual license and shared poverty for the masses. We see how they deny the sexuality bestowed by Nature, insist that Michael Brown was a ‘gentle giant’, report that Ferguson’s looting and arson were political protests against racism, and insist that Islam is a Religion of Peace. All in the face of the facts!

Now the reporters and commentators join with Bernie Sanders in covering the Democrat contest without mentioning Hillary’s emails, Bill Clinton’s abuse of women, and the Clinton Foundation’s corruption. In the WSJ you can read report after report by Laura Meckler, Rebecca Ballhaus, Peter Nicholas and the rest and not one elephant gets mentioned. All MSM reporters march in lockstep as befit’s the members of a Class advancing an agenda.

But here comes Donald Trump, who whatever his many faults, is a man who not only lives in the real world but insists on telling it like it is in layman’s language. At every rally he tells his audience “Hillary should be in jail”.

Hillary’s support slips in the face of reality and Trump’s grows because, more than any rival, he speaks in the plainest words.

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