Common Sense and Transvestites

Many years ago, back in the UK, I worked as a Mental Welfare Officer. I was employed by the State to visit adults suffering from mental illness, monitor their progress, offer counseling to their families and generally guard the welfare of such vulnerable people. My clients included depressives, manic-depressives, schizophrenics and people with serious eating disorders. As a MWO I was legally empowered to commit to mental hospital people who were ‘a danger to themselves or others’ because of mental illness.  Alone I could compulsorily commit a person to a mental hospital for 72 hours for observation. For longer periods of compulsory hospitalization that included treatment I had to have the agreement of one or two doctors.

The law is now much changed and the purpose of this article is not to debate the law and the treatment of mentally ill people although I would comment that truly mentally ill people are very unfortunate and extremely handicapped in their lives.

The following sad case was in many ways typical of those that involved a severance from reality and might be classified as evidence of psychosis.

A woman contacted our clinic by phone to refer her husband who was previously unknown to us. She said he had lately begun claiming to her that he was a descendant of the Spanish Royal family and was increasingly living his daily life as though this was his reality. In due course the psychiatrist in our community team arranged for her to visit us and give more information about her concerns.

She said her husband, who was in his late 30’s, had no family connections to Spanish Royalty and although his personality had been changing and becoming stranger for some time, he was now becoming fixated with his belief that he was a Spanish nobleman. He was quite unwilling to see his doctor and irritated by her refusal to acknowledge his regal status.

I visited this man in his home. He was more than willing to tell me that he was a member of Spanish Royalty and that at some unspecified point in the future it would become clear to everyone. As long as I colluded with his claim he welcomed my visits.

Since at this point in time he was not a danger to himself or others, there was no question of a hospital admission or compulsory treatment. His mental condition could be seen as harmless. Nevertheless, his wife moved out of the home and his family, disturbed by his increasingly bizarre behavior (he began to dress in ways that made him look more Spanish and regal), broke off contact. He not only looked odd and became a figure of some ridicule in the neighborhood but he looked and behaved in ways that were mildly frightening. The symptoms of his mental illness served to isolate him socially.

I continued to visit him at home over some two months, encouraged him to reveal to me his beliefs and reported back to our community team. The ‘patient’ saw no reason to consult with a doctor or seek treatment. Finally, in one of our conversations he revealed to me that he ‘knew’ his wife was plotting with enemies of the Spanish Royal family and that he would have to stop her. This was a dangerous new symptom and I brought in the psychiatrist to interview him. The patient would not reveal these thoughts to the psychiatrist and only revealed them to myself and to his estranged wife whenever he met her in the street. Many months later his threats to his wife took an extreme and violent turn and he was compulsorily admitted to a mental hospital for observation and eventually for treatment.

If his preoccupation about membership of the Spanish Royal family had not taken a more violent turn, his mental illness (for what else can such a denial of reality be called?) would not have justified medical interference in his life. Even though his behavior was setting him apart from family and neighbors (normal people) and would have precluded him from most employment, he was only harming himself. Walking the streets dressed in what he considered appropriate dress for his ‘real’ identity made him look grotesque, frightening some and providing sniggering entertainment for others.

At a friend’s place of work in progressive Silicon Valley there is a man, around 50 years old, who comes to work dressed as a woman, complete with pencil skirts, and high-heeled shoes. He insists he is a woman despite a large muscular frame, big hairy legs and arms, five-o-clock shadow and a deep voice. All across America in this post-revolutionary epoch there must be others, similarly dressed, in places of work and in public places.

It is part of the official Ruling Class campaign that such people not only be tolerated but treated by others as perfectly normal. This is one of the latest demands of the homosexual movement which seeks to create a morally revolutionary America. Their new reality is that natural physical characteristics count for nothing and that anyone’s fantasy must become the reality of all. On this website we have long argued that America is being governed by a Media Class whose bizarre core membership owes its wealth and power to its ability to present fantasy as reality. We are not surprised that bizarre behavior is being encouraged and that those who claim “the emperor has no clothes” are risking extreme punishment and judicially-imposed re-education courses

Those confused males who are encouraged to deny the reality of their bodies and adopt a female life-style may be able to look in the mirror when young and self-deceive but after ‘pretty’ adolescence and Media celebrity a grosser physical maturity sets in. At that point comes, not only disillusion in the mirror, but social isolation and the evidence of mental illness. Today there are clothes that represent no gender – jeans and shirts for example – but these are not enough for those driven by the fantasies of mental illness to change gender.

There is no easy or painless solution for many forms of mental illness and society needs to avoid punishing that which is harmless to others. However it is cruel to the individual and harmful to society to normalize and encourage that which denies reality. We invite our website visitors to explain the difference in the mental condition of the man who thought he was a member of Spanish Royalty and the hairy man with testicles who insists he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

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